Tuesday, May 15, 2007

YouTube Anonymous

I get my political views from YouTube. One of the funniest videos shows Obama and Hillary (LisaNova) discussing the 2008 elections. Really cute and, well, from this video, I know who I am voting for already.

Of course, if I wanted to really know about politics, I would hop on over to "25th of July." (m3xlc4n)

Once I get done figuring out who to vote for, I start talking to myself, sort of like BlossomingViolet. You can see her in the "Dear Body" video. Her voice is in my brain, as I walk around my office. Right feet. At least she did not talk about her butt.

Then I go to a more reputable source – Geek Girl. This issue concerns the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and the inverse relationship between the number of pirates and average daily temperature.

Of course, then I wander over to some child who has more talent in her little finger than I have mustered in years. Yeah, she is nine years old, and she really plays wonderfully. I wonder what Reinhold would have thought?

Once I am feeling completely bad about my lack of talent because of some 9-year-old's piano-playing ability, I hop on over to "The Resident." She is talented, too, but at least she has a few wrinkles. Thank goodness.

So then I go over to Community Chanel and the best Aussie video maker.

Well, I have another favorite Aussie. Hugh's News. He is so informative. I wish I would have watched his video before starting dating. His STD video is extremely informative. After all, he is a scientist. Plus he has a video in which he, Caitlyn Hill and Natalie (community channel) chase two huge testicles. Hugh's News and huge testicles. After all, he is a scientist.

And afterwards, I head over to "I've Got a Theory" and see if they have a new episode of Betty Homemaker. When I was a child, we put on plays. Now, girls post on YouTube. Welcome to the 21st century. I am not ready for it.

Oh, and for me, I am looking for some YouTube anonymous group to join. Do you think I can find it online?


RWA said...

YouTube Anonymous, huh? Well, they say that the first step is admitting you have a problem - so I guess you're on your way to recovery.

Leesa said...

thanks, sweetie.

John said...

Didn't I correct the "25th" thing before? Nothing happens on the 25th... as if.

Have any rooms for rent?