Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Field Trip

Today, on the way to work, I passed a school bus full of middle school or high school students. They were going on a field trip, and I always wave and smile at school buses that look like they are field-tripping. Let me explain.

When I was in eighth grade, I went on a field trip to Tybee Island – to view the lighthouse. I think it was to give the teachers a break. Perhaps the students a break also. Anyway, we all piled in the bus, and I don't know if you can remember field trips, but for me, the worse part of field trips was dreading having a seat in an "uncool" part of the bus. Now, for me, I did not want to be in the ultra-cool part of the bus, for I did not want to be in the lower quartile of coolness, which I would have almost certainly have been. But I just did not want to be in a boring part of the bus.

Anyway, on this trip to Tybee Island, I sat in a nice area, having guys behind me, my girlfriend beside me, and other good friends in front of me. You see, I did not have to turn around to chat, which added to the experience.

I do not remember the conversation; what I remember is that the guys behind me, at some point, were waving at some woman in a car below. She was flirting, and they completely ate this up. Here I was, a few feet from these boys, and they were flirting with a woman in a car they had no chance with. Ever.

So since I have graduated from high school onward, I have wanted to be that woman in the car. I have innocently flirted with boys in buses ever since.

So here I sat, this morning, earlier than I remember field trips, waving and smiling at the boys. And they always hoot and holler back. Always. Not sure if they are doing this for my benefit or because they are with their peers, but you know, it really doesn't matter. For this is a rite of spring, Le Sacre du printemps. And I am not talking about the Igor Stravinsky composition.


LarryLilly said...

Firts Bitches.

Leesa, your such a slut LOL

But I remember same things when i was a kid in HS, yeah I would dream of you then.

LarryLilly said...

It doesn't happen to men drivers, unless your really hot, driving in a convertible, top down, and you are passing a bus headed towards a womans maximum security prison LOL.

Ian Lidster said...

Flirtation adds delectable and (usually) harmless spice to life. I love it.


Prata said...

I only ever sat in the back of the bus with the cool kids once, no hot chicks in cars went by. =-( I feel cheated.

And Larry is so right, you never get flirted with by chicks on a bus. Little girls at the back of school buses always wave and make funny faces at me though. I somehow feel like that's not safe or right though, I'm harmless but some pedophile may follow that bus one day or find out where that kid gets off and steal her (or him for that matter).


Anonymous Boxer said...

Once while driving South on a somewhat long car trip, I passed a caravan of army guys; all piled in jeeps, etc. I spent my entire trip waving and smiling to guys who waved and smiled back.

It made my whole weekend.

~Deb said...

I remember looking at the women passing by in their cars...but I couldn't hoot & howl at em', because then I would have been 'outed'! *sigh*

RWA said...

Flirting with boys on school buses. Exactly how long have you been participating in this hobby?

Leesa said...

larry: yeah, but guys can pee standing up. Fair trade.

ian: I normally don't flirt, but for guys in a bus, every time.

prata: apparently the hot girls were not out that day.

boxer: I have seen such caravans. Tanks and Humvees and such. And, yeah, they wave too!

~deb: but now it would be more cool.

rwa: don't worry, no touch-y.

Leesa said...

Funny, I always get the ones sticking their tongues out.

Leesa said...

leesa: they know you like a little tongue.

kathi said...

I don't remember waving at boys on buses, but I remember having some fun with boys on buses.

Video X said...

I was only scared of boys on the bus. Not when we lived upstate NY though...everyone was nice there...but when we moved here, people were mean and the boys on the bus (actually two specific boys whose names I still recall) called me Moron (it sorta goes with my real name...although I like me real name much better than moron).

RWA said...

No "touch-y."

That's good to know.

Leesa said...

kathi: Hmmmm. Sounds more fun than waving to me.

vx: sad, sweetie, just sad. Sorry for the memory I stirred up.

rwa: yeah, that is important.

T said...

In my former life as a school teacher, I used to take my junior high kids on field trips... what a crazy age.... The boys ALWAYS got the back of the bus and I could always tell when a hot woman was driving near the bus by the hoots and laughs. The girls couldn't understand why I never yelled at them to settle down. Glad to see you are keeping the tradition alive. Now, if I could only figure out how to be on a bus when you drive by... LOL

Warrior said...

Gee we didn't do field trips but I often stared out the window to see the legs of the ladies in cars.
Some I am sure hitched their skirts up a little higher when a bus was around ;-)