Thursday, May 17, 2007


I did not post yesterday. I read something that disturbed me, well, made me think, and then the day took over. So I did not post.

When I was growing up, we had three television stations. Well, there were really four, if you count PBS, and then a fifth after a while, but you get the picture. We had few stations, few programs, few choices. We did not need to filter what was on television – we were able to take in all of the choices and make decisions. Now, there are hundreds of video outlets, cable, satellite, whatever. Most people can't take in that much information and filter choices. Not all of the time.

Again, growing up, there was one primary newspaper delivered. Perhaps two in some cities. There were three nightly news programs. Again, not many choices, but it is not hard to take in that information and know what is going on. Now, we have the three news stations, CNN, other cable outlets, the Internet with access to most local papers, and literally thousand of other sources. Some even get their news from talk show hosts, morning television shows. We are getting information about lots of gruesome things. Things that were happening a long time ago. But when you here more about them, you assume these things are more "regular." Again, it is hard to filter the news.

Part of the reason I did not write yesterday was a comment about YouTube. It said something about YouTube getting worse, getting to where everything is "same old same old." I would have posted something that was "same old same old" and I just did not want to do that.

YouTube, in which Google paid billions of dollars, has many faults. Its biggest fault, and a fault of blogging sites as well, is that there is not good filtering. There are good videos on YouTube, but most of the videos are, well, not so good. Blog entries are probably the same. Out of a week's worth of posts, I probably have one good post. Well, less than one per week right now. More than one per week on good weeks.

I held the "Battle of the Blogs" to find other good blogging sites, and I really did not find a bunch of sites. At first, I thought it may have been because blogs are getting worse, on average. And then I began thinking, "Is it me?" Perhaps I am the one who is off of my game.

I still think those who can filter better will do well in this new world (with Web 2.0 and all). Me, I don't know. I think I have given myself permission not to post when I think all I can write is a crap post. That might not mean much to some, but for those of us with compulsions about doing something every day, this is a big deal. I just don't want someone to filter some of my crap posts. I will do that myself.


Dr. Deb said...

I think blogging is in a bit of a blip these days. Not as many blogpals are writing, and same goes for visiting. I wonder if the trend is slowing down.....

Anonymous Boxer said...

When television news went to 24/7, I started heavily editing how much I watched. Nowadays, I prefer to read the news.. at my own pace.

To Dr. Deb's comment.. didn't I READ that "blogging is dead"?


TrappedInColorado said...

I stopped watching news when Bush got into office. Had to for my sanity. I am no worse off without it, too. Less stressed but aware. Your posts are not crap. I enjoy them. Maybe I should comment more just so you know someone is reading?

RWA said...

I agree. I enjoy reading your posts - even if there is a day or so between them.

You just need to do what you want to do, post when you want, and read other blogs that you want.

You'll find a new one now and then you like; you'll find some new ones you don't.

Joe said...

I, for one, can say that my blog is getting worse. I'm just trying to hang on until I cut a deal for the film rights.

Leesa said...

~deb: I have been told it is going strong, but not in my world.

boxer: wow, it is dead? I did not know.

trapped: I did not know you still read me.

rwa: I guess I am just tired.

joe: have your people call my people.

GW Mush said...


I dont care if you have some bad post days. Its kinda like the marriage vow thingy, I take you for blog better or worse, in blogger sickness and goood health.

Leesa, we are stuck with each other , hehe

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I think there's something in the air...a lot of regular blogger (myself included) are taking days off when it comes to blogging.

Anonymous said...

I liked it when there were only two or three TV channels, everyone watched the same thing, you could ask people "did you see ... last night?" and they had - when there was something good on, it was an event like a passing circus in the old days - now everyone has everything.

Gosh I sound old.

There´s good stuff in its place though, and YouTube fits into that bag - check out Off The Wall, very clever.

~Deb said...

Hmm. Who's to say what's a good post and what's a bad post? I think it's a matter of opinion. I believe that youtube has way too many idiots holding the video cameras these days, (including myself here), but somebody, somewhere, enjoys viewing it.

I remember once, you had mentioned that even if you didn't feel like posting something, you still wrote. And the posts that you didn't feel like writing were usually your best ones. Go figure, right? Don't get discouraged about what other people view as 'good' or 'bad', get inspired and write your heart out.

In my personal opinion, and not just because I like you, I think your writing content is incredible --even if it's small things you talk about, it's still so interesting to read. Honestly.

TrappedInColorado said...

I just got around to reading your erotica. Note to self: Do not read Leesa's erotica at work. Could not go splash cold water on my face until I could get up from my desk. That was good stuff.

kathi said...

One thing that my kids can't believe is that t.v. didn't use to be a 24 hour thing. They can't understand that it would go 'off' and just have static on for several hours.
Can't begin to imagine how many times I've woke up to static in my life.

Janejill said...

I have only just found your spot through Mr Z's bloglist and I've been blogging for several months now. I find the bloggers I read just very interesting, funny, quirky, compassionate, whatever .. sometimes the posts are excellent , sometimes not entirely stunning but that is good too; to me, it's getting to know and understand a little bit about the personality behind the posts as well as being entertained and stimulated to think . My problem is making myself stop... like now... Don't give up, you seem to say a lot of things very very well.

xtn said...


I'm leaving a comment because I found your blog on Google for your review of Youtuber Communitychannel a while back. I googled her because I actually met her in person just today!

Also, I'm leaving a comment because you wrote that you started writing a blog to improve your writing. Which is precisely why I started blogging.

So I thought that was a worth a hi.