Monday, May 21, 2007

Closet Television Viewer

I don't know if you have noticed, but I have added links to websites of television programs. I know, I really don't watch television at home – no time for it – but I have found that some television shows have either teasers or full episodes of television programs.

CBS does the best, in my estimation, with its innertube. There is no rhyme nor reason for the episodes available. I mean, CSI, CSI-NY and CSI-Miami seem to have the last four shows posted, and as a show is run or re-run, then they take off the oldest show. Oh, and Numb3rs seems to be the same way.

Then there are shows where all of the episodes are one it (let's call these, crappy shows). I am not sure if they are crappy, but CBS places all of these on their website. "Rules of Engagement" is one show.

Then there are shows that only have the most current episode on the site (e.g., "The New Adventures of Old Christine").

I won't bore you with reviews of these shows, in part because I don't want to write about them. In part because I have not watched all of them. That being said, "Ending Happy" (CSI) is really well-written. It is sort of funny, and it is about crime scene investigations. Yeah, funny.

I don't feel much like writing today. Sorry.


Prata said...

You're not going to start watching TV and poisoning your mind are you? I'll be sickened by this if you do. Seriously, that's sick.

Leesa said...

Guess the poisoned mind does not like to blog.