Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bottled Water

I wrote this a few weeks ago, but I don't think I ever posted it. I searched and was surprised I did not post it. 1

I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s. I sort of wish I was born 5 years earlier or later, so then my youth would land squarely in one decade or another. If you would have asked me when I graduated from high school if I would ever pay for bottled water, I would have said, "Heck no! Heck no!"

More than a buck for a bottle of water when you can just turn on the water and drink to your heart's content. I would have never guessed it.

I mean, I love going to my grandparents' old house because they are on well water, and you can just turn on the tap and drink the world's best water. It is cool and fresh and probably full of mercury. But it tastes so good.

I really think the bottled water industry started making stuff up so we did not want to drink tap water. Now I can't confirm this – that's the fun part of conspiracy theories (they cannot be proven because all of the witnesses are dead), but I believe something happened throughout the nation that caused people to stop trusting the water that they drink.

If you would have offered me money for bottled water companies, I would have laughed, though Dasani is owned by Coke, and others are owned by other beverage distributors. So this is not really a good conversation – I would have loved Coke stock, or Pepsi-Co stock, or Budweiser Stock. Loved it.

Still, bottled water. I buy bottled water by the pallet2 (actually hubbie buys it because I don't want to lift it). And if you would have asked me about bottled water, I would have laughed and said it was for the tennis-playing, pinkie-dangling rich people who belonged to country clubs.

Sorry, I am under the weather and don't feel like writing right now. Darned allergies. And I really normally don't have bad allergies. At least I am not allergic to my bottled water. Or am I?

1My allergies are no longer bad – read to the end and you will find out why I feel compelled to say this.

2Okay, pallet is a bit of an exaggeration.


Miss Gina said...

Bottled water lacks flouride, so parents who give their kids bottled water instead of tap water are depriving their children's teeth of much needed flouride.

~Deb said...

Right outside the city where I live, we have well water. We get it checked every year for sulfur and mercury, plus bacteria and other stuff that may contaminate the water. Anyway, this water is AMAZING! I bottle this stuff! I’m guilty of buying bottled water when I’m on vacation or at a friend’s house. The thing is, town water is so awful. It’s so full of chlorine. That can’t be good for you.

However, studies shown that bottled water consists of more bacteria, than the town’s water. Why? This is because the water that sits on the shelves develop more bacteria due to being still. “Running water” doesn’t give bacteria much of a chance to develop.

Then, they say that it’s best to drink the town’s water, because you develop more of an immune system.

So, drink to your heart’s content and don’t worry about it. Something’s gonna get ya, if it’s not the water, it’s something in the food. Now our food supply is almost ruined due to the crap that happened to the pet food a month ago or so.

Nutha’ story in itself.

#2!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ha)

Pittchick said...

I am a bottled water junkie. I have a water cooler at home, so I usually just fill up a water bottle with that and take it with me.
My in-laws have well water and that's pretty good as well.

Sue said...

We have an artesian well but the previous owners could not afford to filter it at the well site. So now we have a horrid sulfur smell (rotted eggs). Even with a softener and system for the smell, I can't get past it to drink it and i have tried...........

RWA said...

I drink tap water at home, but I don't much when I'm out of town on vacation or for work.

Prata said...

Bottled water *snickers* Why pay for something that is over 70% of the earth's surface? You're paying for something that doesn't taste like anything, that you could easily filter (for far far cheaper by the by) because of marketing hype.

Yes, that's right bottled water drinkers are victims of a marketing scheme. *nods solemnly* There is absolutely nothing wrong with your normal water. You grew up drinking it. It kept your teeth healthy, go please go back to drinking your tap water. If you don't like the taste, buy a flippin' filter. You know, I ponder why christians drink bottled water. Aren't you faithful immune to poison and other such things due to your faith? hehe ^_^

I do however drink bottled water in foreign countries, don't want to get dysentary.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I drink bottled water when I travel, even within the U.S. Here in the PNW, our water is good and clean and I love the way it tastes. But then, it rains every day so we better get something.

LarryLilly said...

The water here in Dallas (North Texas Municipal Water District) tastes like it ran through dirty socks.

And thats when the lake doesnt "turn over" /1. When it does turn over, it gets much worse.

So since hitting this pristine piece of crap tasting earth, we get bottled water. Yes, no fluoride in bottled water, and that is why kids under 4 have an increase in cavities in baby teeth for the first time in a long time.

Live in rural farmland, you get elevated levels of nitrates, which causes "blue baby syndrome" /2. Live in towns near coal fired power plants, you get elevated mercury, live in mountain states, arsenic and selenium.
But mostly, it only affects children, and hell, they dont vote.

Leesa, loose the footnotes /3.

/1. waters change density with temp, cooler water more dense, sink, warm water less dense, rise. During spring and fall, when densities get reversed, cool water heads south, warm rise, causing lake waters to "turn over." Spring, same thing.
/2. nitrates in water mixes with unborn infants and infants under 1 year blood, and this does not allow as much oxygen as normal to enter bllod. The result causes a blue tint in skin, thereby the name blue baby. Obviously this is only seen in white babies. Black and darker skinned children may have the condition but the parents cant see it. States generally require the counties that have elevated nitrates in water to provide free bottled water to third trimester moms and babies under one.
/3. See, the use of footnotes is cumbersome. LOL

Leesa said...

We're on a well, and I still buy bottled water.
I was just like you once, I thought it was crazy to buy bottled water. I am :)

QUASAR9 said...

Well Leesa, if you were over here
I dare say you would only drink bottled water (even at $3.00)

Half our 'tap' water comes not from reservoirs, but is recycled straight back from the sewer.
Don't ask which halve, probably the poor side of town halve - lol!

Kat said...

I buy the bottled water for the convenience of having it around when I'm not by a tap. But I don't like that I do. It seems so silly, like paying for air.

Leesa said...

gina: you can buy floride drops for your teeth.

~deb: the bacteria part makes sense and sort of turns me off from my water now.

pitt: I actually like warm bottled water.

sue: I would think there would be a way to fix that. Although that would explain the phrase "poisoning the well".

rwa: interesting. you trust the familiar and not the unfamiliar.

prata: Christians are supposed to be humble. We don't want non-Christians to know we don't get sick so we fake it. Not really.

boxer: our water is okay, but it seemed better growing up. Perhaps it is my memory that is different.

larry: I think I knew about water turning over a long time ago. I don't know where I heard about it, but thanks for re-jogging my memory. And I love footnotes now.

leesa: sometimes I think you are my twin, sweetie!

quasar: actually, you know, our water processing plants process our wastewater and then it is released back to lakes and such. But in Europe, I would be drinking wine, not water.

kat: you know, some people pay for air too. Have you heard of oxygen bars.

Prata said...

*busts up* That's awesome.

Video X said...

BUT YOUR TEETH! Make sure it has flouride in it!

Luckily, I live in a town that has extremely good water, quality-wise. I've never had an aversion to tap water or well water. I do have a water issue I suppose though. There is one suburb I will never ever live in around here because their water sucks and they charge a ton for it.

The negative effects of mercury are overated anyway ;) I founds some just laying around while gutting my basement. My mother laughed when I asked if it was dangeroud. They used to play with it in their hands.