Friday, May 04, 2007

Asking Ms. Dewey

I saw a more interactive search engine, with Ms. Dewey as the search engine.

I put in the words "clothing optional" and got a funny skit.

If you want to get her to curse, type in "ho." You get an earful. Or if you type in the word, "Ricardo" a few times and get different things. You can find "Easter Eggs", but really, the Easter Eggs are not well named because this is an interactive video. It looks at all searches and does something. I mean, if you clicked on her chest and she removed the bra through her arm hole and shot it at you, that would be an Easter Egg. The woman is Janina Gavankar, and she has been on Maxim Radio, as well as other places. She recorded about 600 video clips over three days and now you can see these flash videos on a search engine. And apparently, she is a television character on a show called The L Word.

Okay, I don't know if the television show is regular television or cable (I am thinking cable). It just sounds like a cable show – apparently she is a lesbian that has lots of lovers. Show sounds interesting, but alas, I am a bit of a Luddite.1 Of course, it is fairly ludicrous to blog using a computer about being someone who is rallying against technology that is threatening jobs.2

Back to the interactive search engine.

Frankly, I want a search engine that gives me links to the sites I am searching for. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so. So I typed in "Leesa's Stories" to see what I would get. First was my blog, of course. Then I typed just Leesa, and my blogging buddy, Bitch Leesa, is first on the list. I am second, but I don't mind being second to Leesa, so at this point, I am okay with the search results.

I did several other searches and the first few results looked okay. But the problem is that it only gives you a few results. So why I think the technology behind Ms. Dewey is cool in a creepy kind of way, it doesn't seem to be real useful.

Personally, I can see having this type of search engine take off if the following changes occur:

1. You have the ability to easily turn off her voice. [edit: I did not see the mute button because the normal view was a bit larger than the view in my browser and I had to scroll to see it. Perhaps they should use a most standard size.]
2. Instead of taking up the whole screen, the interactive Ms. Dewey should be much smaller so that you can see many more results on the first page.
3. When searching, the first result should always either contain my blog, a site that has Orlando Bloom shirtless, or Shakira dancing.

Until then, I will continue to protest by destroying textile machines.

1 From Wikipedia: "The Luddites were a social movement of English textile artisans in the early nineteenth century who protested — often by destroying textile machines — against the changes produced by the Industrial Revolution, which they felt threatened their livelihood."

2Computers allow people to be more productive, thus impacting the livelihood of others.


~Deb said...

I've seen Ms. Dewey's search engine, she's on the show "The L Word", playing the role of "Poppy". It's hysterical and more so entertaining, rather than resourceful.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I am so behind on technology - and I love the word "Luddite." In my perfect world, that's what I'd be. But I'd have to have a computer, so I guess that's not gonna work.
Happy Friday.

T said...

I agree, when I'm searching for something, I don't have time for Ms. Dewey. Now, I would make time if the the first result was Shakira dancing.
The U.S. textile industry must have heard about your protest. They seem to have moved all the textile machines offshore to keep them away from you. Look at what your continued protest has done to unemployment!!
Enjoy the weekend!

Kat said...

Ms. Dewey doesn't download for me. Probably thats a good thing, since I'd waste oodles of time messing around searching for things. Have a nice weekend Leesa.

RWA said...

That is an interesting combination of prioritized sites - your blog, a half-naked Orlando Bloom, and Shakira dancing.

Ian Lidster said...

Ms Dewey is just tons of fun, so thanks, Leesa. We met for lunch, actually, but it didn't lead to much. She just had an answer for everything and doesn't much like getting naked.

kathi said...

She's hysterical (and gorgeous). I tried your clothing optional...funny. I tried birth control, funny too. I didn't close her out and she's yelling at me now...again, funny!

Leesa said...

~deb: my blog entry in a nutshell. You summed it up in a sentence.

boxer: Luddite is such a wonderful word.

t: Every search engine should have Shakira as a result.

rwa: I do have my priorities.

ian: had an answer for everything. Funny. I had not thought of that.

kathi: yeah, she yelled at me, too.

Leesa said...

So what happens if you type in "Bitch Leesa"? That would be cool if I come up first for that too ;)