Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Would you like cheese with that wine?

Pampering Oneself
Have you ever wanted to be real good to yourself? Was it this week? Did you follow through and pamper yourself? The answer is nearly invariably no. And the question I have to ask myself is, "why the heck not?"

I am not saying spending your retirement fund to go to the spa every other week. I just mean pampering yourself sometimes. I mean just taking the time to take a long bath full of wonderful fragrances, reading that book that you just don't have time for.

Now, I sort of wonder, however, if this is the right thing to discuss. I was part of the "me" generation. Or am I Generation X? I don't remember and really don't care. I do know that most of my generation were a little less interested in going into careers for the money (I am a prime example of this, but some would call this "setting one's sites too low."), but even so, people buy all kinds of stuff.

Pretty houses, lovely house, full of lovely stuff. Pretty houses, bigger houses, to hold all of our stuff.

I mean, people are buying all this stuff, but I wonder if they are enjoying their possessions. Or, actually, I wonder if possessions are supposed to be enjoyed.

Today, I want to pamper myself. What to do? I am not sure, but a bath would be nice.

Back to Work
I sometimes don't like coming back to work after a holiday. It is like cramming five days of work into four days. It is exactly like that. Personally, I would like a stamp called, "Not enough time to do request. I was on vacation."

I am just wondering if purchasing such a stamp would be pampering. The object (stamp) would not itself pamper. It is getting out of the work that would be pampering.


RWA said...

"Pampering myself" means occasionally taking the time to go out and enjoy a nice dinner (steak, etc.). That's about it. Baths don't do it for me.

Prata said...

Pampring myself usually means playing a video game and having that 15th soda, when I usually stop at 14. But you know, different strokes for different folks right? *blinks*

Actually, I've never been much of a pampering person. I don't take time off from work unless I'm so sick I literally can't get out of bed. I don't go spend money on things that serve no purpose other than my entertainment either (except dvds on occasion) and that's a rare thing. I'm more likely to download it than anything else.

LarryLilly said...

I had my annual birthday (*1) this Monday, and it was so nice of ALL of you to take off in honor of that.


It was a legal holiday?

Damn! LOL

BUT to me pampering myself is going to the store who must be praised, a woodworking store, and buy myself a new lathe tool, then go home and turn something with it. I know, weired.

(*1) is annual birthday an oxymoron? I mean, we only have one each year, so thats why the annual thingy, but then birthdays actually occur only ONCE, the exact day you were born, so annual birthday may not be an oxymoron. I know, go back to sleep larry! LOL

Anonymous Boxer said...

I had this conversation with my Sister over the weekend, about the ability or inability to be in the moment and enjoy what we have. I believe even pampering has to be a "drill" or something we need to be aware of doing...and then I think "where's the fun it THAT?"

Recently, I signed up for "Rolfing" and that was my pampering.

Dr. Deb said...

I like the stamp idea, A LOT.

kathi said...

I LOVE the stamp idea. That, and maybe one that says 'sorry, not in my job description' or 'sorry, I don't get paid to do this'.

Pampering? Gonna have to look this word up in the dictionary. :)

GW Mush said...

The way I pamper myself is by coming to Leesa's blog and looking at her profile pic.

Leesa said...

rwa: well, a good, long dinner is nice.

prata: sometimes just spending the day looking at the sky can be pampering.

larry: what is it with men and their lays. I mean, lathes.

boxer: is "Rolfing" golfing with drinks?

~deb: thanks.

kathi: everything seems to be my job.

gw: er, you don't get out much, do you?