Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Got Nuthin'

Okay, this is sort of a lame post (well, I am still working on it, making it, hopefully, less lame). I started writing this post earlier this month, and for some reason, I never finished it. But you see, I had a wonderful long weekend, and I have almost nothing today. And, yes, I do see the irony in the post today.

I was reading the Peanut Queen's blog the other day, and she said something about not having anything to say – you know, when you're all blocked up.

When I have writer's block, I sort of make my best posts. You see, even with writer's block, I have plenty to say. I just take off my "this has to be good stuff" filter, and just write. The writing could be really bad. Or it could be about a cum stain I saw on my floral bedspread this morning. But you know, before you realize it, there are words appearing on the word processor, my fingers are typing away, and I am writing.

Now, gentle readers, I am a bit concerned with you. I mean, it may not be interesting talking about the smell of pee after eating certain vegetables. But you know, as I type, the words flow, the counter registers another word, and the writer's block is no more.

One of my favorite movies is Finding Forrester – to see Jamal Wallace's struggle to find his voice, polish his writing, as Prof. Robert Crawford1 tries to place obstacles in his path.

William Forrester, the fictional author in the movie, says to Jamil, "No thinking - that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is ... to write, not to think!"

When I have writer's block, I just take off the old filter, and then I don't have writer's block. Then I have the crappy post problem. What to do with that, I have no idea. Except don't listen to the comments.

1Played by F. Murray Abraham; I love that this actor is the nemesis for both Jamal's character and Mozart's in Amadeus.


Ian Lidster said...

The advice about 'just writing' rather than thinking excessively is well-considered, and true. I remember when I was a regular columnist that often the columns I labored over the most were the least appreciated, whereas the ones that were just throwaways, in which I just began to write, hoping something significant would come into my addled head were often hugely popular. "That was just shit," I'd protest to myself. Yet, readers loved it. Go figure. I think it's like trying to be funny. It will invariably come out lame, whereas spontaneous humor is usually the best.
Now, about the smell of pee after eating asparagus, especially ...


RWA said...

That is one of my favorite movies.

And I think there is some truth to that. It doesn't have to be published after that first round of writing from the heart - but sometimes it gives you a pretty good starting point.

Leesa said...

ian: And yes, I was thinking asparagus. I love the veggie but hate the smell afterwards.

rwa: sometimes the starting point is actually more appreciated than the polished product.

Prata said...

Crappy writing is definitely better than no writing at all. I wish I coudl follow my own advice. lol

LarryLilly said...

Because I have to write to get my check, albeit boring federal register stuff, obscure permits and answers to legal mumbo jumbo, stuff that requires writing and God forbid...thinking, I go totally free flow with the rest (cant you see LOL).

So yes, its an open mike at the "Irrelevant Lounge", step up and let er rip. In another time and plane, this makes sense, right now, its more mumbo jumbo

Have a great day Leesa

~Deb said...

When I think too much and write too much, that's when I get into trouble.

Asparagus...gotta love it. ;)

Anonymous Boxer said...

When blocked, I read.

GW Mush said...
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GW Mush said...

I usually have writer's block on my one liner's and I believe this might add to my pee smelling bad.

Good to know that we are all a bunch of pee sniffers, hehe

patti_cake said...

I call it brain dump and usually I regale my readers with stupid pictures of my yard. Like today. :) Have a good one Leesa

kathi said...

I just can't write when I have nothing emotional going on...good emotion, bad emotion, whatever. Guess I'm a drama writer. :)

Leesa said...

prata: your comment was writing in itself. Not that the comment was crappy.

larry: I want to be a paid writer.

~deb: I love asparagus.

boxer: nice comment. I sometimes read myself. But I don't read my own writing. Arrggggg.

gw: I don't sniff it, but when it is different, I notice.

patti-cake: a pic is worth 1000 words.

kathi: and lots of people love to read drama!