Thursday, May 24, 2007

Urban Dictionary

For the truly clueless (that's me, folks), someone has a new (or old) Urban Dictionary.

Actually, when I started blogging, I remember using the Urban Dictionary (September 2005) because there was a blogger who I read who made reference to all sorts of things. Her screen name was Lorali Gilmore, yeah, not incredibly interesting, but neither is my screen name. I would use the Urban Dictionary about once every four or so posts with her, the first of which was "rusty trombone." Now that I think about it, perhaps she was looking up words in here and simply fitting her posts to fit the dictionary.

I don't use the Urban Dictionary much, actually, but I think the idea is cool. Very Web 2.0, where everybody puts in their definitions.

Anyway, someone was talking about dingleberries the other day, and I thought to myself, "This does not sound like a discussion of the Vaccinium erythrocarpum, otherwise known as the southern mountain cranberry. I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary, and after disinfecting my fingers, I gagged again.

Did I mention that the Urban Dictionary has a lot of fecal references? It does.

Think "rusty trombone." Think (all of these are new to me, thank god) "dirty sanchez". Think "alabama hot pocket". Think "detroit stir fry". Think "cleveland steamer".

Thanks, Urban Dictionary, for really ruining my appetite. This leads me to a side-note: what is the big deal with having sex and feces so intertwined? I really don't get this. Perhaps due to my OCD.

Getting back to the non-fecal part of this post, I have noticed a lot of letters thrown together to mean things. Perhaps this has to do with typing with one's thumbs while wheedling a sidekick. Oh, and I did not know what a sidekick was until watching The Resident recently.

Even BFF is after my time. In the 80s, there were few things "in code" so our parents did not understand us. Now, I don't know about all of these letters. But thanks to the Urban Dictionary, I can figure some of this out. All I have to do is ensure I am avoiding feces.


~Deb said...

Isn't this some sort of weird version of Ebonics? I guess if the words of a dictionary can change, then the bible makes sense, huh? (hehe) ;)

Prata said...

Wow..that was funny. Seriously, lol I did in fact lol for like two minutes lol. Right on! *snickers* <--- not sarcasm. It was really funny lol I'm still snickering and stuff lol.

Leesa said...

~deb: Ebonics, or African American Vernacular English (AAVE), is a dialect of English spoken by many African Americans in the US. The Urban Dictionary is a compilation of non-standard English, that may include some Ebonics, but it is not Ebonics.

prata: thanks. Scat jokes are appreciated by men, methinks.

RWA said...

I've heard of most of those things (unfortunately) since I deal with "college" students that have the maturity level of 6-year-olds.

I can't imagine what "inspires" people to create such nonsense - let alone if they actually do these things.

GW Mush said...


What the heck, same old shit again, SOS, hehe

or is that the same old shit and sex again? hehe

Well, its time for dinner, buh bye

Leesa said...

rwa: I can't imagine talking about this stuff in polite conversation.

gw: how can you eat after this?