Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Workouts and Cars

I like using analogies. It is a way of wrapping my brain around a more complex issue, or perhaps it can be a new way to examine an issue. Whatever the case, I like analogies.

The other day I was working out at the gym on the treadmill, and the news was on. Nothing thrilling so far. But then I started thinking about health and fitness – partly because they had an iPod/Nike report on the news. But it occurred to me that most Americans don't take care of themselves (healthwise) as well as they take care of their cars.

I mean, I change the oil in my car every 3,000 miles. Well, I pay someone to change the oil. But my car gets a check up at that time, and the mechanics make sure everything looks okay.

Side note: why are mechanics normally so uber-sexy? I mean, I am way into clean hands, but I see a set of powerful hands that have oil on them, and I wonder what those hands could be doing to my . . . . Oh, sorry. And it is a little concerning, because mostly, I want people to wash their darned grubby hands.

Back to the oil change – no sexual innuendo opportunity here. I mean, I look at my tires weekly to make sure they are properly inflated. Actually hubby does check with the tire gauge (is that what it is called?) every week or two because my eyeballing the tire pressure is not super-accurate. I make sure there is gas in the car. The works. My car is not new or hot, but it runs well.

Now my body. Do I get yearly check-ups? Sort of. I get a pap smear every year or so, and I honestly think this is some sort of sadistic practice that will be ridiculed in the future. "Can you believe that doctors used to sandpaper woman's cervixes for the diagnosis of cancer? And now we just draw blood." I am sure this will happen. I mean, I don't intentionally not care about my health. I work out, and I see others work out. But I would guess that I am in the minority at work.

We go to the doctor when something goes wrong, and I would say men more than women. I have yearly checkups, and hubbie has not gone for a checkup at his doctor's office since we have been married. He had to get a blood test the year we were married, so he thought he would also get a full checkup. He has not been since for preventative maintenance.

I am actually feeling under the weather today – I normally post by 7:30 or 8:00 am, and here it is lunchtime, and I have yet to post. Guess I should go to the doctor and see what is wrong.

Memorial Day Comment
With regard to my last two posts. They were about veterans and Memorial Day. Goddess, an occasional reader and a member of Ddot's commission, wrote me a really wonderful comment, and I wanted to share it here:

Being in the military for the last 9 years, it has been my experience that the members of our ranks are not uneducated, underprivileged people. Sure, we have those. But most that I have encountered have come from middle class homes. Maybe their families did not have a zillion bucks, but they were never lacking for anything either. Some joined for the GI Bill, to pay for college. Some joined to learn a trade or skill. Some claim that they were lied to by their recruiters, (but I have a problem with that.... you are joining the Army. What do you think the Army does? Builds campfires and sing camp songs?) but most that I know, joined because they WANTED TO. They WANTED to serve their country. They WANTED to be a part of this organization.

I know "civilians" who tell me how sorry they are that I am in the military, how sorry they are that I was away from family at Christmas or Thanksgiving. How they are "so sorry" I had to leave my 1 1/2 year old daughter to go to Korea for 12 months. And while I appreciate their thoughts and concern, I think to myself, "Do not be sorry for me. I choose this life. I choose the life that takes me away from my family at times so that you can always be with your family. While you are 26 years old, just starting out life after college, entering the workforce, I am already at middle management level. While you have thousands of dollars in student loans, I have my education paid for. While you have never left the state, I have been to 7 different countries. While you have stayed with the same group of friends since high school, or college, I have met hundreds of the best people in the world."

Yes, we sacrifice. And that should be remembered. Our veterans should be honored, and treated with reverence. They have done things and seen things that other people can not even fathom.

For that man and his family to live in at a campground is disgraceful. It is horrific for anyone, but for a man that put his life in the hands of those who control the government, it is disgraceful.

Thank you for caring, Leesa. The thought means more than you could ever imagine.


jimjimblund said...

The Nameless Eternal Dao

Ways that can be spelled out.
Cannot be the eternal way.
Names that can be named
Must change with time and place.

Emptiness is the origin of heaven and earth;
Existence is the mother of everything that had a birth.

Appreciate Emptiness, that we may see the nature of the Dao's versatility;
Appreciate Existence, that we may see the extent of the Dao's possibilities.

These two, Emptiness and Existence, came from the same source.
Though they bear different names, they serve the same mystical cause.

A mystery within a mystery,
Such is the gateway to all versatility

Georgiapeach said...

What a beautiful comment Goddess wrote.

Leesa said...

GP: I know. I know. Goddess really wrote a wonderful comment and I had to share it.

ck_dexter_haven said...

Sorry, I was tagged and as a result so have you. But only cause I love you.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I've thought about that before, too. People spend more energy on their cars than on themselves!

Ddot the King said...

Leesa I've also noticed that folks who don't was their car or keep it up in general have a high probablity of having bad hygiene as well.

Goddess is very passionate about the military subject. We don't necessarily agree but we don't disagree either. But I love the fact that she stands up for what she thinks is right.

Pittchick said...

I'm big into preventative maintenance. I make the Hubby take care of himself as well. Plus, our health insurance company gives us reductions on our premium if we get annual checkups.

Goddess said...

I have been humbled. :)

And I read more than on occasion! I just get busy, you know, shooting big guns and worrying about my lack of a love life, and well, stuff!

I am humbled though. Thank you!

jackt said...

Keeping your car in shape takes a bit of money, but less effort than taking care of your body, if you count exercise and eating right. But that's no excuse for me doing neither!!! :)

Philip said...

Thank you for sharing that comment. That was really cool.

nosthegametoo said...

You know... I've never found a mechanic sexy.

Maybe it's me.

kathi said...

Ditto nosthegametoo, I really want to take my car to your mechanics...just for future fantasies, you know. Always looking for new characters.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

So true about men and doctors! The PK came home Tuesday with a dislocated shoulder (we think so anyway...he fell off a ladder at work) and refused to go to the doctor. He's just NOW able to raise his arm up halfway...he still can't even get it close to over his head!

And that was a wonderful comment Goddess left you!

Leesa said...

dexter: ouch!

lighning: thanks.

ddot: nice linkage.

dna: I like preventative maintenence. Makes the car and the body better.

goddess: but you have your penisman.

jackt: but with the car, money well-spent.

phillip: you are welcome.

nos: then you have not seen the right mechanics.

kathi: funny!

stacy: unless the appendage has fallen off, most men don't go to the doctors. Yeah, my readers are special!

Useless Man said...

Sadly, I agree with your cars and fitness comments. I don't take care of me as well as my car. What's worse? I really don't take care of my car either.

I wonder which of us will have our engine cease first?

Useless Man said...

Oh, and as for Memorial Day, I agree as well.

I wish Remembrance Day in Canada was a National holiday. And I wish we would support it better than the Santa Claus parade...

JD said...

couldn't agree with Goddess more. most dissenters do so from a true understanding of the military lifestyle, what it is to be part of something where you share life and death with comrades. most in corporate america wouldn't drive cross-town if a colleague was in the hospital, much less do something really meaningful. i know i'll get lots of heat for this, but it seems we have been fed so much scandal and bullshit, most want to focus on Abu Ghraib and Haditha. what about the other 95% who don't fuck up? who just serve their country honorably?

Leesa, love your blog. thanks as always. Goddess, wonderful post.

mal said...

more women are dying of heart disease now than men...who da thunk?

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