Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Nudie Day

I am going to have to fight my OC tendencies. You see, I really want to write a post for Friday, and Monday, and then another post for Tuesday. You know, I like posting each day, but I will resist the temptation, partly because I was gone from work for a couple of days, and, well, I have, um, work to do. I sort of wonder if blogging will make its way to my performance appraisal. Somehow, I think I should refrain from putting this under the heading of work accomplishments. Call it survival.

Anyway, I did something yesterday that sounds very sexy but was actually sort of peaceful. I know, after reading the last sentence, you are wondering what I am talking about. Anticipation, sweeties, that is what this is all about.

Anyway, I took what I like to call a "mental heath" day on Monday. I just sort of called in sick, trying not to lie. Okay, the conversation sort of went like this:

Leesa (while holding my nose to sound more nasal): Um, (cough), I am not (cough) feeling that (cough) good today.

Boss (currently being deceived): Er, Leesa, there is a lot of work to do today.

Leesa: I know, Boss, but (cough) I don't want what I have to infect the rest (cough) of the office.

Boss: Okay, thanks for thinking of us.

Leesa: I think staying (cough) at home (cough) will do a world (sniff) of good for me.

And that's how the conversation went. Now I will show you how this is deceptive but not untruthful (okay, suspend your rational thought for a moment, please). First, I was not feeling good. I did not want to go to work and I had a case of the blahs. Maybe I still do – if you find this post crappy and mindless, I still have the blahs.

The coughing and the nasal voice – I never told Boss I had a cold or cough. He just assumed this because of what he heard. And my concern for the office? Well, I did not want others at the office get the blahs; it is really a bad feeling. Plus, it shows the office that I am putting their welfare above my welfare. Okay, that is stretch. But you know, I was trying to tell statements that were correct but deceiving. I know this is not truthful; sort of reminds me of President Clinton and the definition of the word "is".

Here I am telling you of the set up, and I have almost exhausted my page limit for a post. Drat. Another thing that I am disregarding.

Okay, yesterday after I called in "sick", I took the rest of the day for me. I did not leave the house, and after a long and relaxing bath, I did not dress. I just lazed around the house nude all day. And this was not a sexy nudity, it was more of a relaxing nudity, if that makes sense. I just did not want to get dressed.

I am not really in touch with my body – okay, that made no sense. Start again: I don't sleep in the nude; never have, never will. And I did not sunbathe nude growing up, even when we all wanted to do so senior year so that we would not have tan lines for the prom. I did actually nude sunbathe once during the senior year with some friends, but it went horribly wrong, and some very delicate skin got burned. Better than the one girl that put baby oil all over her, including her lips, and she had burned lips.

I like clothes, partly because they are useful. I get cold really fast, and clothing helps with this. I also have a problem with other people being nude because of the whole OCD, if you think there is feces on shopping carts, check out chairs with a bunch of nudists, thoughts. Sorry for being so direct, but there you have it.

I knew someone who worked at a nudist facility in the 1980s. I did not know her very well; she was an adult, and I was a teenager – but I did housesit for her when she and her husband took a trip once. I just thought she must have been a little bit of a swinger. Probably completely wrong, but again, that's how my mind worked at the time. I have actually met some nudists since then, and none of them were swingers. They were very liberal, but they did not swing.

Well, I had fun on my nudie day, and I can really imagine the attraction of those who go to nudist colonies. It can be so relaxing. But for me, if I ever went nudist, I would have to wear something to sleep in. Does that sound prudish to you?


kathi said...

I love going naked EXCEPT I have to wear panties, or I'd never be able to sit down anywhere. And I wish I could say it was because I was being thoughtful of anyone coming after me (so to speak), but it's not...it's the idea of what's been there before me that I don't want contact with.

Debbie said...

I'm nude about 85% of the time I'm home. I just don't feel the need to cover up when it's just me. It's very freeing. And I can't sleep any other way but nude because it seems that everytime I wear pajamas, they get twisted up.

I do feel the need to wear clothes when I'm cooking.

I totally agree with you that having the blahs counts as not feeling well. It's nice to take a day to relax.

Party Girl said...

I love nudie days!!!!

I am a big believer in walking around my apartment naked and sleeping naked.
I've been sleeping naked since I was a teen. Here's why. I guess I am a big tosser and turner and I use to wake up with my arm through my neck hole and my neck through my arm hole. How that is possible I do not know. But, I did. More than once.
That's why I sleep nekkid.

Video X said...

i wasnt really questioning whether or not i would want to join some sort of nudist colony or anything...but just in case i ever do...i will definitely refer back to this post. that would definitely end that thought for me...the feces on shopping carts statement. actually, i'm probably going to stop touching shopping carts altogether...nude or otherwise...i barely use them as it is...i'm really not a germophobe (sp?) however...that just is icky. ew. maybe i'm becoming one.

glad you got your day off! sounds oh so nice and relaxing!

jackt said...

I believe that blah is a clinical condition, typically diagnosed by the frequent onset of *cough* *cough* blahshit. :)

SJ said...

No, your blahs are gone.

Do I spend a lot of time nude when I am alone? Do I wonder about joining a nudist group? Do I sometimes think about walking nekkid through the streets? Do I? :D

Georgiapeach said...

YEAH!!! You took a day off from work and from blogging. Good for you Leesa. I am so proud and happy for you.

Yesterday I felt like I had OCD, I probably visited here around thirty times..lol. I don't know why...well I have you link under my frequent URL's and that's why I check over here so often..lol. Everytime I sleep in the nude I have nigtmares, so that's why I don't sleep in the nude..lol. I have to at least have a t-shirt on. Plus if I sleep in the nude, my boyfriend will wake me up periodically during the night (more than usual)...lol. And I like to sleep Leesa, I really do and he disturbs me..lol.

Oh yeah, now I remembered why I kept checking back here yesterday. I was sick. I deleted my blog last weekend while i was under the influence. I was thinking crazy. And I have been sick ever since. Depressed and everything. I even cried after I realized my blog was gone forever (thank goodness all my posts went to my email, so I still have them sort of). So I needed to talk to you yesterday, because I needed someone to tell me it would be okay and I could start over. Now I am getting sad again. I am going to start a "Say No To Drugs, Gapeach" campaign..lol. I am serious. Maybe I can get one of those fancy buttons made..lol. Leesa, I am not doing anything bad anymore. I am through......well after Memorial Day weekend, because I know that weekend I am going out of town and I might be tempted to do some bad things, but I not doing anything bad this weekend, or the weekend after Memorial Day weekend. I am sorry I wrote all this here, but I was trying to sneak and find somewhere to write it yesterday but you were online yesterday so I couldn't.

Amber said...

Here's my piece of TMI for the day. Since I'm not working and spending lots of time at home, I'm usually in my pajamas. Which means no underwear or bra, because really, how comfortable is it to sleep with those on? It's not.

Hope your blahs are receding...

Ian Lidster said...

Wherever your comfort zone is, my dear, so some people sleep nude, some don't. It has much more to do with comfort than sexuality. I once went to a nude (clothing optional) beach when I lived in England many years ago. What irritated me was that the people I'd thoroughly liked to have seen nude were in bathing suits, and the people who were nude were people who should be clothed, even in the shower. Maybe a bit unkind, but true, nevertheless. I liked this blog very much.

Pittchick said...

I would definitely go to a nude beach, but I don't think a nudist colony is for me.

Sometimes you just have to take a sick day. I do it occasionally and I don't feel the least bid bad about it.

Mike said...

I dunno....women do this and it's labeled as relaxing or liberating...men do this and are labeled as perverts for the most part.

Leesa said...

kathi: okay, now I don't want to sit on my couch.

freshair: freeing. Exactly the word I was looking for.

party girl: too much!

VX: funny girl!

jackt: I hope you are not a clinician.

sj: so many questions.

GP: sorry I was not around. Oh, I hope it gets better!

amber: no panties? Really? No panties when sleeping? Really? Um, really?

ian: I just can't get comfy when in the nude and sleeping. I like PJs.

DNA: I have been to a nude beach once.

mike: the difference between liberating and perversion is what you are doing with your hands, sweetie!

Leesa said...

I'm the same way...I can't sleep nude. I have to have something on. And I could NEVER belong to a nudist colony.
I can't really roam around my house nude either since I live in a house of windows and no blinds. Blah.
Your day sounds like it was great though :)

Goddess said...

I try to not wear panties as often as possible. I wear them when I go to work, but that is more because of the uniform than anything else. All those photos of me out with my friends in the bar? PANTYLESS!

I find that it is just so much easier to wear those low ride pants without underwear. I hate when panties are showing. I think it looks so tacky!

Of course, I do own over 300 pairs of panties, in different styles. I am addicted to buying panties, just not wearing them. Does that make any sense?

~Deb said...

You know what I think is fascinating though? The thought of people who don’t have ‘the perfect body’---well in all honesty---people you DO NOT want to see naked, are nudists. Well the ones that I have seen. I am so with you on the OCD part. Who would wanna sit on something that someone else’s bare ass sat on? I am so eye-to-eye with you on that one girl!

I'm sure I can speak for most when I say that we would love to be a fly on your wall last Monday! ;)

Edge said...

Before I had kids I like to walk around the house nude now and then. Never all day. I love sleeping nude, but then again ... children kind of ruin that.


Rob said...

"But for me, if I ever went nudist, I would have to wear something to sleep in. Does that sound prudish to you?"

Well Leesa, actually YES! Of course, the nice thing is, you're all grown up now and you can decide to do that if you like. It just killed one of my fantasies, but that's OK. I'll get over it...

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I'm the opposite...I sleep in the nude (The Peanut King insists that clothing are not permitted in our bed)....but I hardly EVER go naked elsewhere...even in my house.

I have sunbathed nude several times while on our boat...and I continue to burn my ass cheeks every single time I do it. You'd think I'd learn.

And hey, EVERYONE needs one of those "mental health" days....but I like your term better..."Nudie Day". Has a nice ring to it...;)

Leesa said...

leesa: it was a relaxing day.

goddess: I almost have to wear panties when wearing clothes. It just feels better.

~deb: I have seen some skinny nudists (clothed, they said they were nudists). But I know what you mean.

rob: you are welcome. I love killing fantasies.

stacy: so he is a pushy Peanut King. If I slept in the nude, I am not sure how much sleep I would get.

Pyrhonik said...

Just wondering if being nude helped your blues?
Nude therapy! It's a great concept. Maybe it'll catch on.

Grant said...

In order to avoid the stigma of being labeled a prude, I recommend you post naked pictures of yourself on your blog immediately. Also pictures of Stacy and ~Deb. Preferably with the lot of you making out. I'll supply the digital camera and schoolgirl outfits if needed.

Monica said...

You know, I don't think I could do it (be naked all day) And it's not because I'm a prude, or I hate my body (althopugh I really wouldn't want to have too look at my c-section sacar all day)...I just really like clothes- or coverings of some kind. They make me feel comfortable and protected and sexy. Maybe that means something...I don't care- gimme a cotton sarong or bath towel or something!

Leesa said...

pyrhonik: it is freeing, very freeing.

grant: I will be the Catholic schoolgirl. I believe ~deb wants to be the principal and hold a paddle. Stacy can be my school mate.

monica: I understand, but it was nice for one day.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Sometimes you need to take the day if you feel blah. I totally endorse this!!!

JD said...

oh what i would've given to be a window washer on your mental health day. ;) cute post. love the anticipation, LOL.

Painted Helga said...

Hmm... Yeah, I just don't know if I could do the whole casual nudity thing. Especially sleeping - any time I try, I always imagine a perfectly reasonable, imminently probable (to me, alone, in the dark) scenario that involves leaping out of bed and needing to be at least partially decent. Also, pockets are a good thing. If only I'd been born a wallaby... Soft fur coat, useful tummy-pouch, probably other qualities... Heaven!

R said...

I'm wondering, do nudie colonies have rules about what you can pack? I mean what if there's a "no pj's" rule? I'd like to see some bylaws on this.

I only sleep nekkid with Him. Although, I think I look much cuter in His tees.

Joe said...

Sadly, my neighbors have all signed a petition asking that I never go nude - even in the shower.

Leesa said...

dr ~deb: thanks for the endoursement. Can you give me a note as well?

jd: thanks, sweetie.

helga: love the wallaby comment.

r: I think nudie communities have rules on staring, actually.

joe: funny!

Heather said...

Sounds like a very relaxing day.. I'm glad you're back!