Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Meme from Leesa

I stole this from Leesa. Oh, yeah, most of you know I call her Bitch Leesa, but you know, I started reading her blog so a feel a bit hypocritical. She is just so intoxicating – and I love the pictures she takes. So now you know a dirty little secret of mine. Drat!

I AM: lost right now, and I may stop blogging for a week or so.
I WANT: to be able to have male friends but I just can't right now.
I WISH: I could go back in time and fix mistakes I have made.
I HATE: when my feet get dirty; I love going barefoot but hate when they get dirty.
I MISS: some of my high school friend but I don't really want to find them. It would be worse if they have changed – I like them just as they were, not as they are. Fickle, I know.
I FEAR: death, not my death but others' death. I know I am supposed to be happy when people die, but I am so selfish sometimes. And I fear change – I want to be 15 for my whole life. You know, firm boobs, don't have to work, not a real care in the world. And take summers off.
I HEAR: the wind blowing through trees when I eat lunch; it is such a peaceful sound.
I WONDER: how diet Cola's only have one or zero calories and they taste somewhat like regular colas.
I REGRET: being so mean to other girls when I was growing up, hoping they only remember the sweet me.
I AM NOT: very social.
I DANCE: when I am happy; I giggle and dance to old songs and act like a little girl when no one is watching.
I SING: in the shower and I sound wonderful; I sing in the house and . . . not so much.
I CRY: deeply and into my pillow when the world gets too big for me to handle.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as "in control" as I appear to be.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: expressions that I dare not say with my lips.
I WRITE: to make an impression on the world or an impression on one soul; either would be fine for me.
I CONFUSE: those I love.
I NEED: to know I am loved.
I SHOULD: learn to love running.
I START: many book ideas but have finished none.
I FINISH: projects and feel content when I finish them.
I TAG: no one; I hate being tagged myself.

Normally, I don't do memes. I guess I am not normal today!


JD said...

very insightful and sweet. :)

Ian Lidster said...

I did the same one a few weeks ago. Interestingly, you and I shared some similar answers, but in our own gender specific modes. Almost spot on were the reference to confusing the ones we love, and the need to know one is loved. Something to do with being sensitive souls, I think. Anyway, Leesa, I enjoy your blogs immensely, and I am flattered you dropped by mine. Please come again, as you are always welcome. Ian

Ian Lidster said...

BTW -- speaking of Doug Adams, have you read any of his non-Hitchhiker books? Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Service is very funny and very weird.

Leesa said...

I hate getting my feet dirty too. I'm starting to wonder now why we have the same name ;)

Debbie said...

I also dance when I'm happy. And clap when I eat really good food.

Nice post.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I AM: Wishing it was friday already!

I WANT: To get my fiction book published.

I WISH: I could have appreciated youth and the vitality back then. Sheesh, I get so tired by 8pm every night.

I HATE: intolerance

I MISS: holding my child as a baby.

I FEAR: being alone when I am elderly.

I HEAR: the windchimes in my yard. Breezy night here.

I WONDER: all the time about many things. My mind is always meandering.

I REGRET: nothing really.
I AM NOT: good at returning social phone calls.
I DANCE: with my cat. Don't laugh, it's a fun time.

I SING: loudly in the car.

I CRY: when I witness something really sad.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: great at waking up early.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Bread,cookies, cake, chocolates I love to cook and bake.

I WRITE: often and have the carpal tunnel to show for it.

I CONFUSE: math and mathematical operations often.

I NEED: a loving environment

I SHOULD: move more. My job is very sedintary.

I START: many creative things and enjoy the process of it all.

I FINISH: projects and enjoy the completion of them.

I TAG: anyone.

Lee Ann said...

I like getting to know others.
I do that too ~ Dance when I am happy and giggle and dance like a little girl when no one is watching.
Live life, no regrets, right?

Monica said...'re only supposed to do it when no-one is watching? (why dosen't anyone send me these memos?)

Leesa said...

jd: sugar and spice and everything nice, dear.

ian: I wish I could read more blogs. I sometimes read but don't comment.

leesa: if I could take a decent picture or not be scared of bears, we would be identical twins.

debbie: thanks!

dr. ~deb: you honor me with your post. To do a meme on a comment; great!

lee ann: I have regrets, but not too many of them.

monica: in your 20s you can dance when people are watching. When you are in your 30s, not so much.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I'm going to do this meme too...:)

And I also LOVE to be barefoot but HATE dirty feet!

halo said...

I loved this, Leesa.. I wish you could let go of a few of those thiings though, they only hold ya back from the real you.

"I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: expressions that I dare not say with my lips."

Come on now, is fuck that bad a word? ;-)

High Desert Diva said...

Ooh! I really liked this meme and I loved your answers. Most of your answers also apply to me.

Leesa said...

stacey: and I wish I could just not be that way. I mean, dirty feet bug me to death.

muse: when I have more energy, I think I will investigate this more closely. Oh, and I use my hands to show frustration, to show dislike, to show anger. Sometimes I just can't say things; I am either tongue-tied or so mad that nothing comes out. I have never "flipped anyone the bird." Never.

HDD: what a compliment, sweetie.

FortuneCookee said...

Your chair is the headquarters of your hindquarters.

Christie said...

You won!
go get your award!!!

Pittchick said...

I just read this on someone else's blog, too! Thanks for sharing.

Grant said...

I'm kind of meme'd and quizzed out myself. I use to love these things, but I've gotten tired of talking about myself. I like reading others, though.

I hope you don't disappear for too long. Keep doing memes and quizzes if you feel up to it - I'll keep reading them.

"I guess I am not normal today!" As opposed to every other day when you're a totally boring hausfrau with absolutely no opinion? :p

Leesa said...

fortune: are you for real?

christy: thanks!

dna: I know, I have seen this one on lots of blogs.

grant: I like stories about you!

Joe said...

Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself with this post. Every time I read your blog, I realize how fortunate I am to know you in any context.

Heather said...

Thank you for sharing Leesa! even though you didn't want to..

Leesa said...

joe: you are quite welcome, joe.

heather: just like eating my carrots. Don't really like them unless they are cooked.

kathi said...

I loved your list, lots in common. I think I'd like to do this list too, sometime soon, if I don't forget. Seems to happen a lot lately.
The wind blowing and rain/storms are my favorite sounds...well, that and Charlie's laugh.

cherish said...

Great meme thank you for sharing!

Georgiapeach said...

I love when you talk about yourself.

Pyrhonik said...

I am very new to the blog world. Have wandered through some random blogs and been generally unimpressed. Yours is insightful, meaningful and generous with passion and honesty. I thoroughly enjoyed every part and am going to re-read many parts for pleasure alone. I personally love being bare feet and I judge from the energy you generate here that you are loved indeed!


Leesa said...

cherish, GP: Thanks, sweeties!

pyrhonik: thanks for the compliment!

The Guy said...

Whoa. I took one look at that blog and had the instant impression of why you call here "bitch Leesa" It must be a first impressions thing if you eventually grew to like something she does. She just gave me the shudders.

Nice meme, wouldn't have time to bother with it myself though.

Keep on bloggin'

Leesa said...

the guy: I actually am beginning to love this Leesa. I did not like her because she has the same name as me - a competative thing.