Thursday, May 18, 2006

Computer Hate and Heather's Meme

Well, I officially hate my computer. My work computer keeps crashing, and I am thinking to myself, "Do I call the computer fix it guy"? Okay, for one, I can't fix my computer. Not that I don't have the ability (well, that too), but the computer guy has "locked down" my system, meaning that I can not really do much, like add programs, search porn or even get updates for MS Office.

Part of this, I know, is computer guy's problem because if I need to do any of the above, I need to call him. Well, not search porn. I am sure he would like me to call him for this.

"Computer Guy, I am feeling really horny today. Can you come over so I can search porn?"

And computer guy, after masturbating in the restroom would allow me to search porn, and I am sure he would be staring at my chest the whole time for any sort of nipple changes. I learned that in college – men that want women to look at porn with them, look at their chests to see what they like.

Another reason I don't want to call Computer Guy is because he fixes the computer about 60% of the time, doesn't bother to fix it because of complexity of the problem 10% of the time, and completely screws up the system 30% of the time.

"Let me just install this update.", Computer Guy says. And thirty minutes later he is taking my hard drive to a place where he will ice it down. Er, sure, Computer Guy. Thanks for giving me that mental break for the next three days.

And Computer Guy, do you know that I blog? And how am I supposed to do this from work now? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Oh, well, better get this meme posted. Third time is a charm.

This is a bit overdue, but I completed this the other day. It was a meme from Heather. Anyway, I lost the post twice and I wonder if I will lose it a third time.

I dream ... in color.

I cannot stand ... to wait in line behind slow people.

I stopped ... bitching about my hubbie always keeping the toilet seat up. I also stopped complaining about a bunch of stupid stuff – nagging. And you know what? Hubbie is more loving.

I'm sorry ... when I say cruel things that I want to be funny.

I could ... really go for some chocolate about now.

I would ... still work if I won the Lotto – and as proof, fix it so I win the Lotto and watch me work.

I don't understand ... string theory. It sounds so simple, but when people talk about it, I just look at their lips moving, wondering if others are as clueless as I.

I yell ... at drivers who can't hear a word I say.

I get aggravated ... when I try threading a needle and miss on the first time.

I'm shocked ... that it's been 19 months for Heather. She is a hottie!

I dislike ... traffic.

I can't wait ... to pee! Guess that's what comes with a small bladder

I sense ... when someone is staring at me; I look around and I normally catch the vision-stealer.

Hmmm ... who to tag ... no one. I don't like to be tagged or tags. But I love me some Heather, so I did this.

And those of you who love GP, she wants links so she can keep up with you. She toasted her blog the other day. She may not be blogging for a while, but knowing her, she will be back soon, stronger than ever. I love me that girl!


Heather said...

oooh garshk Leesa... *cheesy grin* much love back at ya..I have a hard time believing it too sometimes.. I just keep telling myself over and over "its by choice.."
Thank you for meme-ing for the answers..
I'll try not to torture you again.. it's hard though, some "other" bloggers find it necessary to tag 10 other people, making it very difficult to find someone else that hasn't been tagged for said

Wow.. my fingers AND head hurt after that...

Leesa said...

I think I'll do this tag....good for a Saturday or Sunday. I finally taught myself how to fix most of my computer problems. I was so sick of finding a "computer guy".

jackt said...

So that whole porn-chest there any correlation between bra padding thickness and, say, detecting titilation sensitivity? :)

~Deb said...

They actually have fake nipples out there to put inside your bra or stick on your own nipple. No padded bras-----so not good. :)

I'm not a tag kinda person, but this was interesting!

kathi said...

I had something to say, but it got lost in debs fake nipple comment.

Leesa said...

heather: thanks in advance for not torturing me.

leesa: I hate computer guys, except for grant and prata.

jackt: when I was in college, I did not wear bras with much padding. Still don't. Never thought of it before.

~deb: okay, you got me with the fake nipples. Never have seen them.

kathi: me too, sister!

JD said...

"I stopped ... bitching about my hubbie always keeping the toilet seat up. I also stopped complaining about a bunch of stupid stuff – nagging. And you know what? Hubbie is more loving."

Mrs. Dredd figured that out too, with some help, and we're now all a lot happier. actually, i am a Nazi about putting the seat down because our dog keeps drinking out of the toilets if we don't, and i don't want him to get sick. like i tell Mrs. Dredd though, you catch a lot more bees with honey... ;)

Edge said...

I used to be computer guy. I know I fixed problems faster if the user was cute/hot/flirtatious. Try some flirting, subtle, not overly, "Take me now stud," stuff.

Oh ya, almost forgot, there's a lady at my office whose job it is to filter the spam mail. I asked her about it once. She said, "Well, they pay me to look at porn all day."

In my inner-most mind, I had two thoughts.

1. That must get old and I wonder what turns her on.

2. "Holy crap, I'm willing to kill to get your job!!!!"

I'm sure she gets bored looking at boobs and stuff all day.

My wife wondered how it affected her sex life.


JD said...

we used to have two really cute female computer folks. they were better than the guys and very nice, of course we got rid of them. ;)

Leesa said...

jd: yeah, it took me a while to figure it out.

jef: I imagine you could make a whole post with this one.

jd: of course.

Georgiapeach said...

Leesa. I love you. :) I am so sorry you had to mention me at the end. I think that you would have gotten more comments, had you I am actually just going to move. To many people reead my blog. Just found out the other day that my office manager read my blog and had for a long time.
Have you ever slept with someone that you were awkard around afterwards. well, that's how I feel about her. She knows all my business. I am so embarrassed. Thanks for mentioning me Leesa. When I move you are going to be one of the people who will be first to know.

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