Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sanity Check

I sometimes wonder about my sanity. I mean, when I was a little girl – well, even when I was in high school, college and soon thereafter, I did not believe in a lot of fringe beliefs. I am talking about "the sixth sense," UFOs, conspiracy theories (think JFK assassination and the grassy knoll). I had experimented with Weegie Boards, ESP, and I was one of those people who made fun of people believing in this "mumbo jumbo." By the way, mumbo jumbo is a technical term for "crap".

But things started to occur that I began noticing. Notice the last sentence – passive, as if I don't want to attribute the experiences to anything. Oh, well, stop playing junior sleuth. I have read others talk about having connections, knowing when things will happen before they do, and these crazy people usually meet with some support, some ribbings and some people wanting to give them money for tummy tucks.

Well, I want you to know something – I am one of those crazies. I have had some experiences that, very occasionally, I know things that will happen in the future. Yes, dear readers, I am a crazy person. Although I don't talk to myself – well, not with a bottle of desert wine in one hand, beat up umbrella in the other. I mean, people don't cross the street when they see me coming, but if they know some of the things that I believe, perhaps they would.

I also think I have seen a ghost – if you are familiar with Savannah, you know there are lots of ghost tales around the city. Apparently, you should not die near Savannah – because it seems that lots of people here have unfinished business. So if you want to rattle chains, glide through old buildings, and be dinner conversation for the next hundred years, come to Savannah to die. Bonus points if you are a transvestite, or treat your dogs like toddlers.

I also interpret dreams – and lots of my dreams have to do with forensic medicine. And you thought it was all about sex! Okay, I am kidding. I have a lot of naked dreams, probably because, believe it or not, I am shy and I don't really want people to see me naked. Funny, considering my colorful past. Oh, please don't try and analyze this.

I have always wanted to feel what it would be like to wear a straight jacket. If I keep this up, maybe I will find out. Ouch. Reality hurts.


Lori said...

I think we all are a little crazy in our own way, I talk to myself LOL.
Thanks for visiting my blog you are welcome anytime you want to stop by. ;)

Jenny said...

I'm a true believer in the sixth sense. Especially when it comes to my husband. He doesn't always tell me what he's feeling, but I know, (usually) because I feel it too.

Crazy, but true.

Liz said...

I think you are still in the clear. No vodoo dolls or seances though ;)

Leesa said...

lori: you are quite welcome.

jenny: I want to be able to zap people like the Emperer in the Star Wars movies. But I think my church might excommunicate me if I ever did it!

liz: Oh, know, I have a vodoo doll of my boss that I hit against my computer monitor when he bothers me. he now gets frequent headaches. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Monica said...

I actually do talk to myself, and yes, I do get a reply. I often speak out loud to myself in the car, just to hear how something sounds out loud, have entire conversations with myself, and then say- out loud - "wow, this makes me sound crazy, I should stop it"...then I look around to see if anyone else agrees with me...fortunately I'm usually alone.

At least I stopped hearing the voices. (crap...I Do sound crazy...yeeesh!)

Heather said...

I talk to myself everywhere.. home, walmart, grocery store, gas station, I don't care.. I've decided that I'm pretty

I HAVE seen ghostsessesss.

I say you should hone in on your mad skillz and make a buttload of money..If Sylvia Browne can do it.. so can you.

GirlGoyle said...

I hate to admit this...but I"m a believer in the ultranatural or whatever you want to call it. I have a friend who reads cards and I assure you...everything she has predicted has happened. Unfortunately none of it has ever had to do with me winning the lottery. Still, Scary shit!

kathi said...

I've caught up on the last few posts, but commenting once. :)

I know there is more than what we can see or explain.

The immigration subject is a hot one here in Texas and I'm torn.

Your talking about your vacations reminded me of some of ours when I was little...good times (NOT). But, I want to thank you for the link to the other Leesa's site which led me to her photo site (still with me here? LOL, can you tell I'm medicated?). I love her pictures, so much talent!

Grant said...

I've seen a UFO. Literally - it was an object that was flying and I couldn't identify it. I was close to a military air base, so if somebody said it was an experimental craft I would have to admit that it would be the most logical assumption, although the world is more interesting with zombies and demons and little green men and Giant Atomic Chickens in it, so I choose to believe anyway.

KnowOne said...

hmmm colorfull past....but you dont seem crazy to me, at least from what i read thusfar....

JD said...

hey, i'd definitely cross the street, but only to get a closer view. :) and i think the best way to come to grips with your fear about nudity is to take lots of nekkid pics, and then email them to JD. that'll teach those demons... :)

Ian Lidster said...

Leesa, I think you are one of the sane ones, since the sane are the only ones who question their sanity. Aside from liking your writing, I find wisdom and 'sanity' within. Naked dreams? Come on over, since I have them too, and there's no sense in wasting all that nudity.

cherish said...

HEHE great post Leesa!!! You are probably one of the saner people in blogland. LAUGHS!!!

Monica said...

Where are you? (you're making my OCD falre p, and I don't even have it)
I'm guessing that since you posted (or at least it seemed like) 3 posts at once, you're gone from your computer....but...come on!
~miss you

Puffin said...

I am going to admit somethign right here and Now....Sometimes I can see the future...For example today is May 2, 2006, yet you aren't really posting this blog entry until tomorrow May 3, 2006.

Go look for yourself! hehehehe

Edge said...

I believe in ghosts, but I don't call them ghosts and all that occult stuff is fascinating, but I really have to show it the proper respect.

My mom has those kinds of premonitions. If she were to call tomorrow morning and say. "Don't go to work, I had a bad feeling," I'd stay home. She also has good ghost stories since she's a nurse. She can tell when someone's about to die.


Party Girl said...

we all have moments, it's just a matter of listening to them or not.
It's only when you tell people and they look at you all crazy like that you need to start worrying.

~Deb said...

Ah I think everyone has ESP to a point whether they tap into it or not.

Dreaming about being in a body of water---like swimming in the ocean or lake or anything like that need sex! ;)

Chris-el-da said...

can you interpret my dreams? my teeth fall out, i have sex with celebrities... ok, maybe that last one was a fantasy...

and leesa, your blog is so profound i never know how to comment.

seacrest out

LisaBinDaCity said...

Color me one of the psychic crazies ;-)

Barney said...

Ive always believed in a connection of the soul, Leesa..that feeling that somewhere on this earth theres somone that is so in tune with you that its like having another you...and i dont really care what anyone else thinks about it..Its what i believe in..and i guess thats what its all about ultimately...your belief, your faith and the things you take store by, yeah? ;-)

Leesa said...

monica: I think I will step away from you now, sweetie. Love you, though, crazy gal!

heather: ghostsessesss? Wouldn't it be easier to deceive others than to hone my skills?

girlgoyle: isn't admitting it weird? Sort of like saying, "I believe Elvis is still around."

kathi: about immigration, I don't know what to do. Yeah, the other Leesa is really nice.

grant: I have seen several UFOs. But like you, they were probably easily explained if I delved into it.

no1special: thanks.

jd: nice try.

ian: sometimes I think it would be better to be crazy.

cherish: thanks, sweetie.

puffin: if this were a Star Trek episode, you would be onto something.

jef: I have heard that some ER docs can tell when people won't make it when they are registering. They just have a feeling. Also, I have heard that dogs sometimes know when someone is passing. Spooky and interesting stuff.

party girl: perhaps when people are freaking out about all of this, they have had experiences.

~deb: sweetie, I always need sex!

Chris-el-da: so do your teeth fall out and you give celebrities BJs? But really, here is what I found out for you about teeth falling out:

Dreams that your teeth are falling out are common. Common dream scenarios include having your teeth crumbling in your hands or your teeth falling out one by one with just a light tap. Such dreams are not only horrifying and shocking, but often leaves the dreamer with a lasting image of the dream. So what does it mean?

One theory is that dreams about your teeth reflect your anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you. Sadly, we live in a world where good looks are valued highly and your teeth play an important role in conveying that image. Teeth are used in the game of flirtations, whether it be a dazzling and gleaming smile or affectionate necking. These dreams may stem from a fear of your sexual impotence or the consequences of getting old. Teeth are an important feature of our attractiveness and presentation to others. Everybody worries about how they appear to others. Caring about our appearance is natural and healthy.

Another rationalization for these falling teeth dream may be rooted in your fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself in some specific situation. These dreams are an over-exaggeration of your worries and anxiety.

Teeth are used to bite, tear, chew and gnaw. In this regard, teeth represent power. And the loss of teeth in your dream may be from a sense of powerlessness. Are you lacking power in some current situation? Perhaps you are having difficulties expressing yourself or getting your point across. You feel frustrated when your voice is not being heard. You may be experiencing feelings of inferiority and a lack of self-confidence in some situation or relationship in your life. This dream is an indication that you need to be more assertive and believe in the value of your own opinion.

lisa-bin: so colored.

michael: you seem to be at peace with yourself. Very valuable.