Friday, May 19, 2006

Pictures, Diapers and Hungry Eyes

Okay, I am scratching my head over a few things I have seen in the past few days.

Pictures in a Gas Station
I was in a gas station the other day, standing in line to purchase Lotto Tickets. Okay, no lectures on my gambling. I spend one dollar every once in a while as a diversified part of my retirement portfolio, so I was here, patiently waiting to waste my dollar when I saw it. There was a woman getting cigarettes, and someone waiting in line in front of me had a cellular phone, and before she bought her cigarettes, the guy points the phone at her and takes her picture. Right there in the store. I could not believe it. This woman, who I would not consider that hot, and this guy – who now has to be considered a dork – sort of steals her picture.

Okay, it is probably not illegal and perhaps not immoral. But certainly that action is in bad taste. I could not believe it.

Table for Two, Not for ~Deb
This event happened three times in the past 10 days or so. Not just once. But I will just describe one of the three events.

I was sitting in a mall the other day, enjoying my bourbon chicken, minding my own business. Now, I will not tell you exactly where this mall is (okay, it is the Savannah Mall), but there is this place in the food court that serves this yummy bourbon chicken. I have a sneaky suspicion that the place puts some type of addictive substance in the chicken or the sauce, because it is so good. For those of you who have yet to orgasm, try this chicken. It is close, oh, so close.

The bourbon chicken is normally my treat for doing well in a mall. So here I am, by myself, peacefully eating my drugged chicken, and I see a mother changing her child's poop-y diaper on a nearby table. All I can think of is that others will be eating where the baby's feces was removed. Cute baby, I know, but feces on an eating surface. Enough said.

Flirting at a Gas Station
I was pumping my own gas yesterday. I don't like pumping my own gas. Truth be told, I try and get hubbie to borrow my car so he has to gas it up when he is driving it.

Hubbie: Did you know your car was almost out of gas when I was driving it. I was driving on fumes.

Leesa (looking helpless and cute): Oooppsie. Thanks for gassing up, sweetie.

I just don't like pumping gas. Anyway, here I was, after getting the pump going (it had one of those latches that actually worked so I did not have to stay there pumping gas), I was getting all of the trash out of my car.

So after fishing gum wrappings and such from the car, I wiggle out again and catch a young woman in the passenger side of a truck staring at me. Her eyes were hungry-looking. She was giving me the eye! Her car window was three-quarters of the way down, and she was gliding her fingers on the curved glass. She seemed to be flirting with me.

I did not know what to do. Obviously she was with someone, so I take a long way to the garbage can to peek at who was gassing the car she was sitting in, and I see a woman perhaps twice her age. Her mother, I am assuming. They looked like they were related. So this teenager, probably still in high school was checking me out. Weird.

Part of me just wants to stay in bed today. Too many weird things are happening to me.


mal said...

Oh my.....

the Dork with the camera phone is a bit much. OTOH we are used to being "scoped" all the time. Should we view this as a variation on that theme?

There is an old family maxim in our clan "do not defecate on food handling surfaces". Seems her family never heard of it.....RUDE

as regards the young lady, "didn't know what to do"? thinking of batting from the other side of the plate are we? *L*

Have a great weekend *S*

Shon Richards said...

Right now teenage girl has written a ten page story about the wild sex she had with the woman she saw at the gas station.

When weird things like that happen to me, I like to keep the day going and see how many I can pile up. It's like the Universe got bored and decided to empty it's unfinished ideas folder.

Video X said...

oh darn. i started to leave a comment...then we had a stupid fire alarm go off. starting over...

sounds like another personal day...i don't like the weird things either. i hope they stop for you. but this image of you at the gas station with some teenage chick checking you pretty funny. not that i can really have a true image since i don't know what you look like, but still....

um...that diaper feces table stuff is horrible. that's awful that had to happen during your bourbon chicken treat.

SJ said...

These weird things esp the third i wldnt mind happenign to me.

jackt said...

1) That dude w/ the camera was probably gonna blog about the lady or something. hahaha.

2) They should put up signs at the food court saying "Don't s**t where you eat."

3) Maybe she was abducted and was silently screaming at you.

Pittchick said...

I can't believe a mother wouldn't have better sense to change her baby elsewhere. That's just gross!

I think I would be freaked out a little if a random stranger took my picture anywhere.

Are you normally a magnet for strange occurances?

Leesa said...

mallory: You have to have a rule: "do not defecate on food handling surfaces". A rule, really? Not batting for the other team, but I did take batting practice once, perhaps twice.

shon: I just hope the teenager posts the story.

VX: I am no "super hottie." I get my share of looks from guys, but they would stare down anyone's shirt with boobs.

sj: third thing was a bit nerving, actually. There is a difference between looking and leering, and this felt like leering.

jackt: oh, crap, you got me with #3. Now I will have to go into counseling on that one.

DNA: You said, "I can't believe a mother wouldn't have better sense to change her baby elsewhere. That's just gross!" I am talking about three mothers! I see something like this normally every third or forth month. But three times in a week or ten days! That's just too much crap, if you know what I mean.

JD said...

roflmao over the orgasm line. too funny Leesa. great post again today. :)

Leesa said...

Okay the guy taking the pic...ick.
I hate pumping my own gas also and usually get the hubs to do it.
I found a place in Texas that had a Sesame Chicken that I felt the same way about. And.....
You're picking up chicks at gas stations now?

Edge said...

Every husband in America is wishing they had put a clause in their wedding vows that states, "And you promise to perform any sexual act I desire for every gallon of gas I have to pump into your car." This would motivate millions of women to pump their own gas.

The photo guy should have taken the pic and given it to the chick checking you out. Threesome?

I've been oogled by the same sex. As a hetero guy ... not funny. I grew accustomed to it and now I'm confident of my manhood.

My wife surprised me and fixed a car repair on her own by reading the manual. It seems the check engine light comes on when you lose your gas cap. I couldn't chew on her as the count is now:

Wife: 1 gas cap
Jef: 2 gas caps


Rafael said...

I bet that picture ends up on

The diaper thing, is just wrong, yet another reason why I hate to eat at restaurants.

Eventually, I caught on to the ruse of "take my car". Towards the end, I never used her car just because of that

Leesa said...

leesa: funny thing is that I am not a big chicken eater, but this bourbon chicken is just so wonderful, and I have a suspicion it has MSG in it because my eyes tend to go back and forth after eating it. Oh, and dispite the blog entry, I am not trolling for high school girls.

jef: yeah, the gas thing is not in my vows, either. Thank goodness.

rafael: is the "you can borrow my car" that transparent?

Georgiapeach said...

I hate pumping gas Leesa. Girl sometimes, I even go to full service gas It's just that bad. Gas pumps are so dirty, plus, I never feel like getting out of the car, and everytime I go to the gas station I end up needing to go

Party Girl said...

The baby changing incident is too much. Way, way too much.

mal said...

*L* Leesa, yup, only way you find out if you can hit from the other side of the plate is try it

Leesa said...

GP: it used to be easier to find a full service station.

PG: tell me about it.

mallory: and I know you want to try, sweetie!

Big Mama said...

OMG! Now I am fully grossed out! I just left the Sav. Mall!!! eating the Bourbon Chicken (no less) AAAKKK!!!!

People are so nasty! My daughter used to love to ride the carousel there but now she's 10 and she is far too cool for that (makes me sad).

mal said...

I am soooooo busted! *L*

R said...

I'm with you on the first two. But, I like pumping my own gas. I even add fuel injection cleaner right there, at the pump. My mother is so ashamed of me.

I am sexy when I pump gas. I like how the wind whips my hair around when I am standing at the pump. I like to reach across my windshield...slowly with the squeegee. I have fantasies, okay?

I think the guy in the little glass box really enjoys it. Too bad I pay at the pump. I'm such a tease.

Joe said...

Ugh...with respect to the picture taking dork.

*vomit*...with respect to the baby changing

But hard to blame to girl for checking you out.

cherish said...

Oooo lesbian fliring, hehe!!! You are such a hottie you have everyone falling over you!

YUCK YUCK and DOUBLE YUCK about the diaper that is so damn sick. That is why they make the babychanging areas.

minijonb said...

Now I understand why my soon-to-be ex would always leave me her car with an empty tank. On a tangent: Her car was named Dixie and my car is Betty. Do you name your cars?

I just found your blog. I love it. Linkafied.

Monica said...

Holy wowza.
Okay, the dork with thje phone was probably the girl's ex-boyfriend's geeky friend, helping him stalk her. (Yeah I know guys like that)

Changing a diaper in a food court?!
Okay, I have had 4 babies, all very inconviently close in age, and I actually had 3 all still in diapers for a very short while. Never ever ever ever EVER would I have changed even a NEWBORN (who have cute teeny diapers and non-smelly poo)on a table in a food eating area!
a. it's gross
b. it's low class
c. even a baby deserves some privacy and modesty

And as far as the hottie in the truck goes, Of course she was checking you out, I'm sure you ooze sexuality and sexual tension. The horny can sense it.

And by the way....that is WHY I pump my own gas, cause a girl needs a compliment once in a while...even if it's unspoken.

Ian Lidster said...

Now, every time I eat in a mall food court I'm going to feel just slightly creeped out thinking of baby poop. As for the asshole with the camera, he probably takes upskirt pictures, too. I think that is a complete violation, Leesa, and hopefully somebody will take his phone one day and insert it where it can take some real interesting pictures.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Hmmm....I'd be wanting to stay "low" too if I were you!!!

kathi said...

The guy in the store needs to practice his sneek a pic skills. Charlie comes home with the oddest pics on his phone, had one of a kid throwing up (in action) in the cafeteria one day...said all the kids were taking pics of it. ????? And then another day he came home with pics from biology where he was disecting a frog, gross pics. He's a 15 yr old, there ya go.

I don't mind pumping my own gas, never have. With 3 guys tho, I hardly ever have to, but I don't mind it. Want me to loan you a couple of teenage boys for the summer? Never mind. :)

And, I can't believe you (emphasis on the you) didn't say something to the woman changing a baby's diaper on a food table. I'd not made a scene, but in the sincerest of voices told her that she'd just ruined the appetites of those around her. She really needs to know that it's not acceptable or appreciated.

Leesa said...

big mama: isn't the bourbon chicken in the Savannah Mall to die for? I like carousels - the one in the Savannah Mall is big, but it is new. I love old carousels.

mallory: I know.

r: funny. I never thought of pumping gas like that. I just try to avoid getting gasoline on my hands.

joe: thanks for the reactions.

cherish: I have seen people change babies on park benches, and I am more okay with that. I mean, the pigeons routinely "hit the benches"; so we know the benches are not clean. But a table meant for eating on. I am with you.

minijonb: I don't name cars. I just think you wanted to tell your friends, "I rode Betty again last night. Wild ride."

monica: three in diapers at once. Wow!

ian: sorry sweets, but I already feel creapy about the baby poop.

dr. ~deb: trying to stay low.

kathi: if I could borrow the boys, I think I would have a few other chores for them. How are they with cutting grass and planting shrubs? Okay, kathi, I am a whimp. I did not say anything to the diaper-changing women. I did say something once (about 8 months ago), and I got verbally attached. I almost left in tears.

3carnations said...

One time we stopped in a Wendy's and while we were there, my son's diaper needed to get changed. Their bathrooms had no changing table. The weather was too cold to have him on the seat of the car with the door open, so we both smooshed in there with the door closed and did it. In that case, I would have felt pretty justified if I had chosen to do it at a table. It seems to me that a place that advertises kid's meals with a toddler toy option should have a place for said toddler to get a diaper change. I wrote to the corporate office and told them so.

Heather said...

The picture thing is just creepy..

Gross with the poopy table.. *mental note* I will no longer eat at the mall food court..yuck

That is sorta strange..There was a real butch looking chick that worked in a gas station. She kept flirting with me where I used to live.. it does kinda freak ya out.

kathi said...

My boys do it all, they're great at helping out. Trained them well, lol. I'm sure they'd love Savanah!

Anonymous said...

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