Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jose' Can You See

I have heard lots about a Spanish National Anthem. I mean, Jimmie Hendrix did a guitar riff National Anthem – perhaps that met with similar public backlash. I don't mind some group putting out a Spanish National Anthem. Seems to me it is a way to celebrate the United States.

I mean, forever, I have heard people sing, "Jose' can you see" instead of "Oh, say can you see." So what is the big deal? I mean, half the people who sing this song butchers it, and it is not their fault. The scale – okay, I don't know what it is called – seems to have a very wide range. So the song is hard to sing. If it is easier to sing in Spanish, I say we all change to the other song. Bad joke.

I think what got lost in the shuffle is that the Spanish National Anthem came out for the National Immigration Boycott Day, or whatever it is called. And they are not really boycotting immigration; it just seems that there are so many undocumented workers that some people say we should just change the laws. Well, if enough people feel this way, maybe it will happen. Or you could get the courts involved. Heaven knows, the court system like overstepping its bounds.

I don't think I will be protesting. Seems to me that the reason for the boycott is fuzzy. Perhaps that is because it involves legitimizing people who break the law. And our law enforcement doesn't want to deal with arresting undocumented workers when they break the law – basically because it is a pain in the butt. I am not sure there is a memo out there saying, "Don't arrest undocumented workers because there is too much paperwork, but I have seen articles in the local paper taking about this. You know, 15 people in a van, driving reckless without a license or proof of insurance. The local police just escort them out of town. Don't blame the undocumented workers; blame the agencies.

I can't wait until liberals will say that Bush started this issue to change focus that should be on our efforts in Iraq. Or getting our men and women out of that country. Okay, I am babbling. I should stick to lighter issues. But this has been weighing on me.


prying1 said...

Good post Leesa! - It only seems fair that we dig out the Mexican National Anthem and translate it into English. (I posted the words. Know any poets?) Liberties should be freely taken of course. It might be mentioned in a New English version that the federales are on the take and drug lords are protected. - This really ticks me off. The only good thing about it is it is backfiring on the Pro-Illegal Immigrant crowd.

Leesa said...

prying: perhaps if we translate the tax code to Spanish, it would be easier to understand. Another thought.

Monica said...

Juan Juan Jose Ha Ha Ha..
Two Two Jose Ha Ha Ha!

Yeah....I ike the Sesame Street racial humor... (I'm goin' to Hell)

GirlGoyle said...

The US...country of contradictions. It's simpler to be an undocumented (read: illegal) alien than to remain a legal, hard working, well educated immigrant. I'm thinking of joining the ranks of the illegals if it removes the government from my ass and saves me the thousands of dollars I spend a year in paper renewals and lawyer fees. As a legal alien they allow you to establish a life for 6 years and then...when you are rooted and have a steady job and a life...they make you leave. Yeah...that makes a lot of sense. Then again, not much of the Diarrhea spewing from the govt. makes sense.

cherish said...

Very good post as always Leesa. I have no problems with immigrants but I do have problems with illegal ones. We have to abide by the laws, pay taxes, and we are here legally. I just do not understand why anyone would think it is okay to be here illegally. File your papers, follow the laws,pay your fees, pay your taxes and you will not fear new laws or lawmakers. My mother in law filled out her green card, paid the fees, paid her taxes and raised four children in the US with no problems.

Edge said...

Ya, I'm not happy with the illegals coming here and demanding free stuff. It's like sneaking into the movies and then demanding popcorn and a coke.

Everytime I think of the issue I remember that song by Cheech and Chong, "Born in East L.A."


Leesa said...

monica: if you are going to hell, save me a seat!

girlgoyle: I have known several documented workers who had to leave the US because they were unable to get extentions. Once actually married an American. It was love, but it also kept him in the country.

cherish: can't disagree with your comments.

jef: funny. Demanding free popcorn!