Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Radio and Comments

Memorial Day
Monday was Memorial Day. I am humbled by the contributions veterans have made to our country, largely because many of them have fulfilled one of their citizenship obligations by performing military service when drafted. I know, we have not had a draft since the 1970s, but even now, I am humbled by voluntary military service. That being said, I try and spend some time on Memorial Day thinking of veterans.

When I was cleaning house on Monday, I had the radio on – intent on finding a radio station telling veterans' stories. You know, there are usually radio stations that do these things. Anyway, I found a conservative radio station that was doing this. So here I am listening to these stories, tears streaming down my face, and then the radio host goes on a little tear on how Memorial Day is a day of sales and three-day weekends. Sad, I think, and I agree with the host.

Then they break for commercial. The commercial is for an auto dealership having a Memorial Day sale. Of course, they are also "honoring veterans" with hot dogs, soda and other things. The cynical part of me thinks, "How wonderful. Indirectly, the radio station is supporting this, but, eh, they at least have to pay the bills. So I was a bit annoyed for a second, and then thinking better of it, until ….

It happens that the radio station has a personality there, handing out free stuff, indirectly aiding in what the talk show host is rallying against. More than moderately annoyed now. Anyway, I still listened to callers – they had some really heart-warming stories, some of them. Others had tragic stories. I think war is like that. There are some wonderful things regarding comrades. Horrible things as well.

Since I took the day off from blogging, I peaked at my comments. Not the words, but the number of comments. 21 that I have to answer. I read all of my comments and try and personally answer them. One day I was feeling rushed and made a general, "thanks guys" sort of comment, and one reader rode my ass for it. He sort of called me out, saying, "Hey, no individual answers." And he was right. He expected an individual answer, something I try and give each blogging day. And his comments are always, er, generally thought-provoking.

Well, I guess I better get answering. Have a wonderful day!


Mike said...

I was thinking of doing a post on the shopping off of all holidays anymore...but perhaps I'm bitter due to the fact that it was a 3 day working weekend for me.

Edge said...

Sometimes you get so famous you can't answer it all. The price of fame.


kathi said...

*just a side note that I don't think Mike should be able to comment until he can post his pic with his comment. :)

You've got a bigger heart and sense of gratitude than most. I'm thankful for you (and I love ya, too).

Leesa said...

mike: sorry about that, mike, I had the day off.

jef: more like infamous.

kathi: I agree about mike. And thanks for the compliment.

Mike said...

I see my picture just fine...and it may be a blessing if you don't...just saying.

Edtime Stories said...

never feel you have to answer my comments Leesa.

BTW I feel the same way about the way Memorial Day has been handled and I live somewhere where Memorial Day means something completely different, a car race.

jackt said...

More media outlets should take Memorial Day more seriously.

Leesa said...

I try to go back and answer people, but I forget most of the time. Is that part of blogging etiquette?

Leesa said...

mike: yeah, your photo is found at http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/4370/561/1600/me.jpg (and I can't see the image.

ed: for years, I remember Memorial Day as the car race you mentioned. My Mom is a big racing fan, believe it or not. Southern lady - loves racing.

jackt: I guess if we did not shop on Memorial Day, they would not push shopping.

leesa: leesa, you don't know blogging etiquette. Actually, if you don't answer their comments, you are obligated to send them tasteful nude photos of your self. Or so I have heard.

minijonb said...

"Actually, if you don't answer their comments, you are obligated to send them tasteful nude photos of yourself. Or so I have heard."

LOL!!! That's the funniest thing I've read all month! Thanks Leesa!

Grant said...

Thought provoking comment: w00t!

FYI - I can see Mike's profile pic.

And all of the holidays are exploited for commercial reasons. Still, as a vet I prefer Memorial Day to Veteran's Day. I don't get the latter off, and Atlanta thanks us by snarling downtown traffic with a fecking parade, which I hate. "Look - people walking by. And there's some more people. Wow, they just keep coming." >:(

nosthegametoo said...

I always find national celebrations that congratulate those who have contributed to the advancement of a nation inspiring. Memorial day, is definately one of those holidays.

And by the way, your fans are always grateful for personal replys to comments, but some of us know time is not always in abundance.

Ian Lidster said...

Sensitive, thought provoking and so true, Leesa. You are much more than just a very pretty face. Thanks for that. Often when I think of veterans I think of the 'free' ride that so many citizens take, which others make such huge, sometimes terminal sacrifices for the sake of their society. Good stuff.
As an aside I set up a link to your blog from mine. I hope you don't mind.

nikki said...

i was watching the history channel all day, watching 'band of brothers' and the other war stories. i think because we're currently embroiled in a war that is creating new mourners everyday, this memorial day is especially painful for alot of us.

i also spent the day basically giving tribute to the brave folk who fight everyday for our freedoms, and i know that wasn't enough.

Leesa said...

minijonb: wow, funniest thing in a month. And how long have you been reading my blog? Ouch, that hurts.

grant: I guess I am filtering out mike's pic.

nos: I have a random comment generator now so "no worries."

ian: I love when people link here. Thanks!

nikki: well said, and I would think veterans would appreciate your thoughts.

minijonb said...


I've only been reading your blog for about 10 days or so... and I haven't raided all of your archives yet... so I guess I've got some funny stuff to read once I get there.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I'm still playing catch up! A pile of work on my desk but no desire to begin it!!!


Leesa said...

minijonb: hey, nothing funny in the last ten days. Where did I put my ice cream.

stacy: I am with you!

Miss Scarlet said...

I have those days, too, where I'm so busy i can't respond to them all.

Anonymous said...

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