Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Friday #37

Wasting Time
Someone sent me a link that showed some strange architectural structures. I thought they were really cool and all, but I did not want to send them to anyone else because it would look like I did not do any work all day. Son of a gun.

Don't Say Anything Bad about the Kids
Someone at my work is an idiot. There are very few things that you should not say to another human being. Calling someone's kids a brat is one of them. My co-worker does not understand the concept. In her own words, "I don't know why my neighbor won't speak to me. I mentioned in passing that her child is a bit of a brat, and she has not spoken to me since." I don't say bad things about people's spouses because I figure, if they sleep with them, they probably are a bit protective of them. But someone's own children? I think we are programmed to smite people who say stuff about our children. So why in the world would you call a child a brat, even if they are exhibiting brattish tendencies. (Yeah, brattish is probably not a word, but it should be.)

I give children a pass on most things. If they are brats, the parents probably had a bunch to do about it (I learned that from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a ground-breaking film on child-rearing). Also, aren't children trying to figure out the world? I mean, if I found some high schooler peeing in my yard because they were drunk, I might chuckle. I would not turn the hose on them. And if I knew their parents, I might make a remark that I did not need any weed killer in the yard at this time (or is urine a fertilizer, I really don't know). Why complain about kids when adults, after years more training, do stupid stuff all of the time? Oh, yeah, adults can hire lawyers.

Miss California News Conference
I heard a snip-it from the Miss California news conference the other day, and it sounded like a Saturday Night Live skit. Reviewing the clip made it appear moreso like a skit. A poorly worded skit, but a skit nonetheless. And the kicker, she will earn a hell of a lot more than I earn this year.

Slave Leia Appreciation Society
Bonniegrrl said the following on Twitter: "Slave Leia Appreciation Society on Flickr. You're welcome, boys (and girls!) - #starwars"

So I followed the link and saw a bunch of Princess Leahs. And I am sure that the picture above stimulated some men to think about some of these women kissing. Maybe not.

I was mildly disturbed by the use of slave in the Flickr group. Then I was concerned that

Top 10 YouTube Videos
I saw the top 10 YouTube videos. And the only one I have ever seen was the Girlfriend video by Avril Lavigne.

Onion Parody: Treasury Department Issues Recall of All US Dollars
I saw an Onion video on crappy YouTube videos, but it was not as silly/scary as the following one on the Department of the Treasury.

Happy Friday!


Grant said...

John Green? Never heard of him. I'll look the next time I go to the library.

Deb said...

It's like the post you did the other day about wanting to say things you shouldn't. Why people say what's on their mind is beyond me ---I mean, derogatory and unnecessary. If you don't have to live with the kids, then shut it. Just deal with it for whatever minutes or hours to maintain peace with the parents.

Those Leahs are quite interesting.

And Miss California, ---the best is, "I think I believe".... WHAT? The girl cannot put a sentence together. I hope her looks last her a very, very long time.

Anonymous said...

"Someone at my work is an idiot." - Just one? I have a few at my office you can have to make up for it.

And the Leia Appreciation Society is every man my age's dream. Three words .. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK!!!

I found it interesting that the rest of this guy's shots on Flickr were of squirrels and cats.

Sheen V said...

I've always found it interesting why the women dress as slave Leia. I mean, of all the various costumes that Leia wore in the Star Wars trilogy, women seem to dress as the slave much more often than not. They must realize how skimpy the costume is, and that most guys drool over them in it. Maybe its the "Look at me - I can be hottie in this costume" attitude. No matter the reason, I do like looking too!

Ian Lidster said...

Calling somebody's kid a brat, even if he/she is, will make you a perpetual outcast in that person's eyes. It's like telling your buddy you think his wife is a slut. Sometimes it's essential to keep your mouth shut, and follow the wisdom of Thumper: "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all."

13messages said...

I love that I know one of the Leias in this wonderful photo.

Nice post.

74WIXYgrad said...

Considering the fact that a child is a reflection on the parent, I feel that it's a reflection on the poor parenting skills on the one passing criticism on the child.
In other words, if you call my child a brat then your parents didn't do their job well.

LarryLilly said...

Those girls, not a single tattoo on any of them.

Go figure.

Gary Baker said...

I hope Ms. California makes money. Lots of money. And I hope the more she makes, the her detractors go after and increase her fame and earning power. I wasn't bullied all the time as a child, but got enough of it to have a great distaste for it. Perez and his ilk are bullies, pure and simple.

Malach the Merciless said...

I've got her in my head
At night when I go to bed
And I know it sounds lame, but
She's the girl of my dreams

And of course I'd do anything for her
I'd search the moons of Endor
I'd even walk naked through
The deserts of Tatooine

Princess Leia, where are you tonight?
And who's laying there by your side?
Every night I fall asleep with you
And I wake up alone

And even though I'm not as cool as Han
I still want to be your man
You're exactly the kind of
Alderranian that I need

But when you were available, I was
Drinking Colt 45's with Lando
I was hanging out in the cantina
On Mos Eisley

Princess Leia, where are you tonight?
And who's laying there by your side?
Every night I fall asleep with you
And I wake up alone

Leesa said...

Grant: Thanks for looking into him. A lot of people are impressed with him; I would love your impression.

Deb: I concur completely.

Knot: I don't understand why squirrels or cats; I did not look at the rest of his account.

Sheen: I have never understood why so many people though Leah was that hot, but it seems fairly universal for those who hit puberty before watching the film.

Ian: I understand completely.

13messages: Cool. Too cool.

WIXY: Sometimes I wonder if we only see a glimpse of what is really out there.

Larry: I did not notice. I wonder how old the pictures are.

Gary: I never thought of him as a bully. But you have something.

Malach: Thanks for the poem.