Monday, May 18, 2009

Can't Sleep

I started writing this early in the morning – about 1:30 AM – and then drifted back off to sleep before I finished it.

I saw the following poem on a blog this morning:

Jean-Paul Sartre
Shopped at KMartre
An early-morning startre
Was good for his heartre

And the only thing I could think is "What wonderful literary artre!"

This weekend I had a few social engagements. I was making small talk with other adults, and there is something I tend to do that I need to change: I wrinkle my nose when people are reading literature I deem unworthy. I don't tell these small-talkers I disdain the literature they choose to read, but they can read it in my face. Damn nose-wrinkle. I guess I could Botox my nose and loose all feelings in my nose, but that seems a bit extreme.

I heard they are doing a remake of Footloose staring Hayden Panettiere and Chace Crawford (okay, it is a rumor). I don't remember much about the movie – except for a shirtless Patrick Swayze (or was it a sweaty Kevin Bacon). I remember the soundtrack more than the movie. Swayze was in Dirty Dancing. Duh, I can't remember my hotties anymore. Speaking of hotties, Hayden Panettiere is that vegan who can't be killed (the show called Heros; I have not been following the show, so who knows, she may even have been destructible by now). A co-worker of mine loves Heros, and I would watch so that we could talk about it. Spending an hour watching a show seems to be time ill spent, if it is only so one could converse with someone else.

I woke up from a dream about Al Qaeda. Apparent, I had special dream powers, and I was dreaming about Al Qaeda missions. It was all so very Cassandra-ish. I reported my dreams to the authorities and they laughed at me. Then the dreams came true and they started hunting me, figuring I was in on the plans. I was all screwed up though, because I was dreaming about India instead of Afghanistan.

Weird dreams. Weird thoughts.

Well, it took me nearly two hours to get to sleep. It is official, no work will I do today. I wish there was a couch in the conference room.


Jay said...

I watch Heroes but I didn't think it was that great this season. But, I'm committed, so I keep watching it.

It's weird that you would mention Hayden P and dreams cause I actually dreamed about her last night. No really. Actually, it's more like she was in my dream. Not really about her. It was totally random.

We weren't in Afghanistan or India or anyplace cool like that though.

Jay said...

Peee Essss: That superpower of being about to dream about terrorist attacks BEFORE they happen would make you a cool character on Heroes. Someone kinda already has that power, but not as detailed.

LarryLilly said...

I hate it when I wake up enough to be wide awake, but not effective while awake and simultaneously not sleepy enough to go back to sleep.

Yeah, your Monday will suceth longer.

Bunnylord said...

I've noticed a lot of geeky stuff in your blog, despite your assertions that you are not a geek. I think you just haven't come out of the closet. Admit it - you keep Iron Man comics and a Bat-cape hidden under your bed.

mrwriteon said...

I like it when Wendy watches a Patrick Swayze movie because I usually get to reap the benefits.

Interesting dreamscape and hope your sleepytime day is going well.

mrwriteon said...

Oh, and I have a weakness for girls who wrinkle their noses. I think it looks incredibly cute -- as long as it's not wrinkled in disgust.

Ian Lidster said...

Oh,and if it's not clear, Mrwriteon is just plain old me.

Leesa said...

Jay: I don't want to be a super hero; I just want a decent night's sleep.

Larry: You and I know it.

Grant: How is dreaming geekish?

Mr Write On: That made me smile, the movie thing not the wrinkled nose thing.

Ian: I had no clue. Looks like you and Grant are changing names here.

Xmichra said...

wrinkled nose syndrome.. indeed, a dead give away.

A remake of Footloose? I hadn't heard of that. And it was Bacon. in a town that wasn't aloud to dance. such a shame. good soundrack.

it makes total sense that the authorities would hunt you down for premonition abilities.

hope you can get some sleep.

Deb said...

I got a chuckle out of the imagery of you wrinkling up your nose to some bad poetry. That's priceless. :)

Patrick - yes, Bacon....hmmm....that guy rubs me the wrong way. Now no one has mentioned Jennifer Gray. I always thought she was incredibly cute.

Will we be seeing you on the next psychic detective program???


I've been having vivid dreams myself, oddly enough wrote about them too today. Not sure whether or not to analyze them or if they just mean nothing at all...who knows, right?

btsea said...

Best thing about Footloose was the theme song. Best thing about Dirty Dancing was hearing the oldy but goody, Deep Purple.

Leesa said...

Xmichra: Part of my dream makes sense, and part of it doesn't. I guess I am a semi-rational being.

Deb: There are those who think they can analyze dreams. I bet you get some of those comments.

btsea: I remember the Footloose songs better. I think I had the album (CD).

Under the Influence said...

I've been having WEIRD dreams!

And don't waste good botox on the nose - use it for what it's really for!

Leesa said...

Under: I have heard Deb is also having weird dreams.