Friday, May 22, 2009

Not So Random Friday Post

I normally, at least for the last dozen or so weeks, have done random Fridays. It is a way to get certain ideas out of my head and onto paper. Ideas that don't deserve an entire post. I don't want to do this today.

This morning, I was reading blogs. And one blog had a cover of Mad Magazine (I never really understood the fascination with Mad Magazine; probably a Y chromosome thing) with a UPC symbol. Well, I made some comment that this symbol reminded me of a sit-com episode where they were trying to decipher the UPC symbol. I thought it was an All in the Family episode, and so I performed a Google search. I got bored before I could confirm this, but I did see Episode 209 of another show that did they did an All in the Family spoof that dealt with APC symbols.

What interested me more than figuring out the sit-com was that we live in a world where so much is online that it is a breeze to research almost anything. I mean, you won't get "the answer", all of the time, but you can get an answer.

When I was in school, we used card catalogs and books. Books and card catalogs don't really allow themselves to link to other resources. Sure, there are cards in the catalog that give a hint of a link, "see XYZ", but they don't directly link to other sources. With the internet, there is so much to link to, and you physically don't really have to touch any source. Your 1s and 0s touch the sources 1s and 0s, and you get an answer.

Another blogger linked to a Madonna video the other day. I often wonder if she did not wear cone's shaped bras, would we think she was more of an important artist.

Of course, I could easily Google Madonna to see 12 little-known-facts about the singer/artist in two minutes. Oh, and I could also see her videos, most of them. If it were still 1978 I would spend several hours in a library, not see any videos and perhaps find some of the same facts. Maybe.

I don't think we fully appreciate this.


Xmichra said...

closet geek =P

i very much appreciate this. I love the resources that you can find if you really want to know something. Only problem that I see is information overload (how much do we really retain? I know a lot of things from looking it up in the library because it was hard to do, so it stuck) and misinformation. So you need to know he reputable places to look.

I know i could probably find out the red bricks from that story, where they came from and what kind of bug crawled out. But i think it might ruin the story. so i leave it alone.

Bunnylord said...

I appreciate the easy access to bunny pics and porn. I grew up in the dark ages when we had to find dad's stash of Playboys if we wanted fapping materials.

Deb said...

I've never came to the point of having such easy access being unappreciated. The novelty has not worn off, and I do realize how hard it was to research this otherwise. The internet has been a source of much of my work, cooking, purchasing, and hell, today ---online grocery shopping to be DELIVERED! It doesn't get better than that and I know, without this type of easy access-----I'd be completely lost. Is it more of a question of too much reliance on the internet, more so than it being unappreciated?

LarryLilly said...

However, there is lots of wrong stuff online. See this URL:

It was recent, earlier this month, and it shows how false news can be spread, and in the rush to get lines out some journalists dont check first hand facts, since most people now accept the internet as written in stone.

Leesa said...

Xmichra: I struggle with information overload.

Grant: Why did I not think about the porn aspect of the internet?

Deb: I bet you appreciate it when the power goes off.

Larry: I had not heard the story, but that sort of helps my "getting an answer" aspect of the post.

Under the Influence said...

Worse than the card catalog was the microfiche. Damn, that thing was near impossible as a source of information!

Anonymous said...

I never liked Mad Magazine. So that rules out the male thing. I didn't like National Lampoon either. Nor do I like Woody Allen. Maybe those are all Northeast coast stuff most of which I find snobby and pretentious.

Leesa said...

under: or the microfilm. At least with the fische, you could easily zoom around to find something.

knot: I had friends who liked Woody Allen (and they were snobby and pretentious). Never pegged a magazine that had comics in it as being snobby and pretentious.

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