Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All Twittered Out

When I started on Twitter, I had a handful of friends, most of which I know from my blog. Either I knew they tweeted so I started following them, or they followed me which clued me into following them. That brought me up to seven or eight friends.

I also would follow a blogger a while back. She blogged, then she started creating YouTube videos. She was a stripper – er, exotic dancer. Her life was interesting. Ever since I was in college, I began to notice train wrecks; people whose lives seem more interesting than mine because of things they are trying to overcome. A friend-of-a-friend stripped her way through college. Well, that's not entirely accurate. She started stripping because she needed textbook money. And the money was crazy good. So she dropped classes to strip on more nights. Pretty soon she dropped out, was doing drugs, and I lost touch with her. She had some issues – an abusive step-father, and we sort of thought there was a sexual component to their relationship. Just guess work.

Anyway, this stripper reminds me of her, so I started following her and one of her friends.

Then I started adding famous people.

LeVar Burton
Mandy Moore
Ryan Adams
Jamie Candiloro

Okay, some are not that famous.

Then I thought, I am not sure I need LeVar Burton. I am not a rabid Star Trek fan (when I originally wrote this, I wrote "Star Wars"; talk about a non-fan), I just think he is cute. And then I thought should I twitforce (twit-divorce) him? But really, since I added him only a day ago when I was adding a bunch, is it a twitullmant (twit-annulment) because of the duration? Adding twit before another word is nearly as irritating as adding an "I" before a word. Oh, but I did add Wil Wheaton.

Melissa Gilbert
Kirsty Alley
Lucy Lawless
Lili Wilkinson

I have been reading the tweets of Melissa Gilbert. I knew she played Laura Engles on Little House on the Prarie, but I wanted to know a bit more about her, Here is what I found on Wikipedia: When she was 17, Melissa made the television version of the movie, Splendor in the Grass. She lost her virginity to her co-star Cyril O'Reilly on the last day of filming.5 And the footnote tells us that this fact was from E! Entertainment "Celebrity Profile:Melissa Gilbert," 1997.

John Green
Stephen Fry
Judith Orloff

Then there are the authors. That makes sense. They write books, songs, stories once phrase at a time. Typing 140 characters would be a bit of a joy. I have still not figured out twitter. But I have tweeted 50 or so times. So I have some experience tweeting. I still don't get it, but I participate in it when I am bored. Or when I want to eavesdrop on celebrities, or faux celebrities. If you are a regular reader and also tweet, let me know in the comments. I would love to eavesdrop on your tweets.


Grant said...

I haven't tried it yet since I barely have enough to blog about these days, but boredom may drive me to it.

Jay said...

I follow you on Twitter. I added you a couple of days ago. I don't follow too many celebs, but I do follow some media celebs, both political and sports. Twitter is fun though. It's like a slow motion chat room with people coming and going and replying whenever they can or feel like it.

Under the Influence said...

I'm a Twitter virgin. Not sure that will change anytime soon, but if it does, I'll let you know!

Leesa said...

Grant: I would follow you in a heart-beat. You have an interesting sense of humor and a great writing style.

Jay: I notice you started following me.

Under: Thanks, sweetie.

Deb said...

I never follow celebrities unless I actually know them in person. I mostly follow people I work with and bloggers, because I like reading their stuff. Some collect a mass of sheep on their list just to get their numbers up. Then you end up having a ton of tweets you don't give a rat's ass about.

Leesa said...

I follow a few celebrities, they can be interesting..
Sara Gilbert ( Melissa's sister) and Matthew Perry. Oh and Kevin Spacey is pretty cool.

I twitter under leesamaree, although it's rarely interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Twitter is good for people who want to tell you what they are doing ever second of the day. "I'm peeing," and "I'm wiping." Really ... I don't care. Some times it's fun though. Some people have some pretty good thoughts.

Kat said...

@KatEyes. I think that's it. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Advizor said...

My favorite radio DJ's are trying to find the most boring Twitter Feeds possible. I'm afraid that if I started on Twitter, that I'd be on the radio within days winning that contest.

A friend of my tweets all day and I'm so glad that my office blocks Twitter. It gives me an excuse to ignore his inane rambling However, I am now having conversations, via e-mail, about other people (Twits?) and their tweets.

~Just me again~ said...

I joined twitter a lil while ago, but found I couldnt get into it. What with facebook and blogging, I cant keep up. LOL

Tim said...

I am on twitter, but I still can't get into it. I use it to follow others, some personal but many are work related. I guess I don't think people are that interested in my every move, limited to 140 characters.

Mike Golch said...

Just stopped by to say congrats on the Award the Wixy Grad gave you.

Malach the Merciless said...

You tweeting twits

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