Friday, May 08, 2009

Random Friday #36

Texts from Last Night
Delightfully Inappropriate mentioned Texts from Last Night, a site where people can post their drunk while texting texts. The funniest I saw was this text message: "I need to shower the guilt off of my thighs." A funny diversion for when you want to waste time on the Internet. I mean, besides wasting time on reading my stuff.

J-bunnies and Images
I laughed at a bunny quote on Grant's site, was going to share something j-bunny related, but then read Jay's comment and I was a tad disturbed. In Jay's comment, he saw the picture of a hot j-bunny, presumably became aroused, and then thought of Grant? Something is off here. I can't quite place my finger on what is off, but something is off.

Oh, J-Bunny-related thought is back in my head (J-bunny plus something being off). I was at the Jacksonville Zoo (nearest zoo to me is in FL, not GA), I saw a hot Asian couple - looked very European in their dress and both were so attractive. And then she speaks with a completely Georgia accent. My fantasy of sharing her with her husband completely vanished at that point. It was like watching a low-budget movie, shot in Asia, and then dubbed in the US by b-movie-type Atlanta talent.

I don't know why I expected some Asian-type accent, but I did. I felt a bit lookist, a bit racist at the assumption, and it ruined the zoo for me. By talking about j-bunnies, I guess I could grace this post with a gratuitous picture of a j-bunny, but I am a bit lazy today. Head over to Grant's site if you want to see a j-bunny (or read really funny blog entries).

Not Leaving Comments
I read a blog the other day that said, "… the stupid internet was down all damn day." I was about to leave a smart-arse comment (that is a smart ass comment with words spelled with additional us, like colour) about the Internet not really being down all day (there would be a big article in the print media about it, probably suggesting you keep getting your paper the next time the Internet is down). The person's internet connection was down. I did not make the comment because: (1) I did not want to appear like a smart-arse, and (2) I did not want to leave incriminating evidence that I read her blog. For heaven's sake, she wrote the phrase, "poop ear." Reading her was really grating on me.

Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton is a minor celebrity. There was something Miss-America-related in the news, and he was in the middle of it. He got all sorts of press for making a dumb girl look dumb. I know some people will say it was the answer she gave, but because she was thrown and paused and such, I think it was how she answered the question that was off. I thought all of the answers to the Miss America pageant involved world peace in some way or another. If she would have said, "I am in favor of world peace," and did not even talk about marriage in her answer, she would be Miss America. Of course, no one would know who she is. Now, she is second place and can probably broker a career in the public eye. And we still are saying she lost. Hmmmmm.

Things Left Unsaid
From what I can tell, Jasmine wrote something last year, an exercise to write down 10 things she wished she could say to people in her life. Lots of people started doing this, and I think Grant's post is the funniest (read: best). I have been toying with the idea of doing something similar – but the difference is that I don't want to say these things. Words can be powerful; they can hurt. And I just don't want to hurt people.

Well, this has been a long week. I think a bath is in my future.


Anonymous said...

I think if Miss California doesn't agree with gay marriage, then she can have that opinion, just like Perez Hilton can have his.

74WIXYgrad said...

"The internet is down" comment reminded me of when I was working at Wal*Mart(in the days before it became the Evil Big Box Store(tm)

I was working one of the front registers when a Customer Service Manager told me that credit cards may not go through since the satelite was down. I was explaining this to the customer, adding that I thought the satelite was still in space and I thought some equipment wasn't working. They loved it when I worked the front end.

Under the Influence said...

Will Perez Hilton ever just go away? What exactly is it that makes him "famous"? I don't get it.

While I didn't agree with her answer, I don't think she should have lied. I think the world peace answer would have been a great way to get around answering the question!

Deb said...

LOL @ washing the guilt of my thighs ---that is wayyy tmi. Is that like a Twitter for drunks?

Grant's posts have become increasingly borderline pedophile to me, however he can be a very interesting man, nonetheless, the girls on his website look like they're 12. His public love for anal sex and trying to post anal sex comments + references to sex with dead bodies on my blog are not acceptable. I can take a joke here and there, but there's a fine line between joking and overly obsessed with certain things. (Still love ya Grant - just worried boutchya'.)

About not leaving comments - I read many blogs and never leave comments only because either 1. I'm not knowledgeable regarding the topic or 2. I just have no comment other than to take it all in. I sometimes fly over here and read what you have to say, and sometimes, not leave a comment. Depends. A cheap comment is worse than no comment at all sometimes.

And that was my 2 cents for the day. I'm cheap like that. ;)

Advizor said...

Perez Hilton is only famous because he stole a famous person's name, ripped off the "gay man's haircut" from Ryan Seacrest, and because he will kiss-up to every lowlife celebrity in town. Though Ms. California didn't get the words to come out just right ("opposite marriage" anyone), I'm proud of her for stating her case. She is not infinitely more famous than the actual winner.

And comments? I leave a lot because I like to get them. But sometimes it's just not worth the effort because arguing takes too much energy.

Grant said...

I noticed your stalker returned yesterday. I was going to make a follow-up joke about her anal sex comment, but since you're being so nice to me today I won't even bring it up.

And all the models on my site are over 18. Since I discovered Japan has pinup models as young as 10, I started researching the ages of the models before using them. The latest ones are aged 29 and 27, respectively. I can't help it if Asian women don't age as poorly as you feckin' Westerners.

Xmichra said...

If I'm drunk, I assure you I cannot text.

I had no idea what a j-bunny is. At least i have learned a new word for the day.

Sometimes i don't leave comments because i have nothing to add. I have at leas three sites that i visit daily that i hardly ever comment on.

Perez is swine. although i don't agree with runner-ups stance, she in just as entitled to her opinion. In my mind, that question was pretty loaded since it was a "what do YOU think about gay marriage". Pretty sure world peace couldn't be worked in there. Though I thought the same thing as you.

I have a list of things i don't ever want to tell people. I am pretty good at telling people the things i want to say.

long week indeed. enjoy your bath :)

Grant said...

And I have a question about the Miss Homophobic America contestant - has anyone confirmed that she would have been the winner were it not for her stance on gay marriage, or are we all just taking her at her word? I haven't cared enough to read beyond the headlines, but I wondered that when I first heard her make the claim.

Deb said...

Grant, I couldn't help but get the giggles at the comment I just rejected of yours! hahaa!!!! OK you are funny, I will give you that. Creepy, but funny. Now I'll just sit back and age a bit like a good Westerner should. ;)

Advizor said...

Ms. California was the runner-up, so most people assume that a few extra points in the interview section might have pushed her over the top to win the crown.

Leesa said...

Knot: Yeah, and she apparently did not realize that topless photos are considered semi-nude.

WIXY: Funny, talking with someone in a store about a piece of equipment miles in the air.

Under: She could have even given a humorous answer. It would have been better.

Deb: Grant's pictures do look a bit young, though I think they are all 18+. For some sites, I like to leave coments. And for other sites, I just read and then get to the next site.

Advizor: I would have docked points on Ms. California getting flustered. The answer, to me, was secondary. She needed to look good giving the answer, whatever it was.

Grant: I figure all of your pics are of 18 year olds. Years and years ago, I had a good friend - Asian actually - who looked 20 years younger than she really was. African American women also age more gracefully. Darned melonin.

Xmichra: Grant taught me the j-bunny word. I am sort of guessing what it is, actually.

Grant: Perez Hilton also made the claim, but it is self-serving for him as well. He gets to be the guy who took down Ms. California.

Deb: Grant is really smart. Sort of like that mouse on the cartoon who says, "I'm going to take over the world." The Brain of Pinkie and the Brain (I had to Google to get the answer).

Advizor: I think if she would have won, she would have to give the crown back because of those semi-nude pics.

~Just me again~ said...

Drunk texts can sometimes be very funny. I know my daughter does it and recieves them. But whats funnier was when she was on facebook while in Thailand, about 2 in the morning my time. And I was chatting with her, and I was drunk. Yeah her last words were, have fun in your drunkardness...boy Im glad you cant text me from there LOL.

Gary Baker said...


I'll throw in my two cents (certainly not sense) of a comment with a polite "I disagree." The point of disagreement was your statement "She could have given a humorous answer. It would have been better." That's a good way to avoid conflict, but it also leaves people to make up their own mind about what you mean. I think in America that has been done so much about so many things (gay marriage, race relations, politics, abortion) that when people come head on with someone who genuinely disagrees, a lot of them don't know how to handle it. Instead of acknowledging that this could be a good person that they happen to disagree with on a particular issue, there is a large tendency to say "Wow, if they think X on this subject, they must really be a monster on other things too." It's hard to keep a civilized discussion going on important matters when it quickly degenerates down to name calling.

America was making its greatest progress in civil rights when the discussion went wasn't just centered on how evil white people were or men were or Christians were, and people weren't cowed by names like "racist, sexist, homophobe, etc." I don't think it has served anyone well, and the only real chance of moving forward again is overcoming fear of conflict and labels.

Sorry about the soap box. You probably won't believe this, but I really am a very quiet person in person.

Leesa said...

Just Me Again: Every time I see a comment, I search my brain for your name. You frequent Deb's blog, but I can't remember your name.

Gary: It was a beauty contest. A beauty contest. If this was discussed on Face the Nation or some political debate, I guess I would pay it more attention. I really was not trying to speak intellectually on the subject. But it gives me an idea.

SHIMI said...

nice to be here

Julie said...

OMG, I love Texts from Last Night. My current favorite is a tie between:

He's so far in the closet, he's in Narnia.


Dude, just got a bummer.
A blow job from a homeless chick.

Gary Baker said...

Hi Leesa,

I agree with you 100%. It was a beauty contest, something which (no disrespect to the contestants) I always considered to be pretty inconsequential. The fact that an answer that some people disagree with on something of very little importance has stirred up such a mess is very frightening to me.

Ian Lidster said...

I'm loving 'needing to shower the guilt off my thighs.'

btsea said...

"If she would have said, "I am in favor of world peace," and did not even talk about marriage in her answer, she would be Miss America."

LOL, that would have been hilarious

Leesa said...

SHIMI: Thanks.

Julie: Ew. Bummer. Ew.

Gary: I think people just want to see a train wreck.

Ian: It was one of my favorite.

btsea: You are right.

Deb said...

I don't understand why if people have a different opinion, as far as homosexuality, that they should be bashed to a bloody pulp. I mean, all she said was that she believed that marriage "should" be between a man and a woman. This was how she was raised. This is her opinion, and for me, as a homosexual, I think it was very brave of her to stand up there and not be "casual" to the point of not voicing her true opinion. I have respect for someone like that. Takes balls. ;)

Leesa said...

Deb: I read that on your blog the other day. Interesting perspective. I think you have a better perspective than I do.