Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I love to watch people. I really do. And not just striking or beautiful people. I love to watch interesting people.

Over the past month or so, I have seen some very interesting people – full of wonderful shapes. At these times, it would be good to be a gifted painter. I would love to paint these people.

The first person I would like to highlight is a monster of a man. He is probably 6'5" tall, but what makes his shape special is that his lower half of his body seems out of proportion (larger) than his upper half. He does not have wide shoulders – as one would expect of a man his size. In fact, his shape reminded me of a pyramid. A smallish head and a big rump. I am not making fun – we are all different shapes and sizes, but it looked somewhat peculiar on a man.

The second person was a woman – and she had the smallest waist I have seen in a grown woman. I have seen pictures – drawings of Victorian women with corsets that had little middles, but this was how she was made, not forced with bindings and cloth. She was not a short woman – had to be a couple of inches taller than my 5'2" frame. But her waist – her delicate waist. I could not begin to estimate how small her waist is. She looked like one should set her on a shelf as one places a china doll.

The third person was another woman. I viewed her for quite some time in one of the squares in Savannah. She was sitting, eating lunch, and she had the most magnificent nose. It was the largest nose I have ever seen on a woman; maybe even larger than any man's nose. I am not sure. The face can sometimes deceive. It was long and the nostrils were elongated and as large as the nose.

The forth person – or forth and fifth person were both hugely overweight. I am not talking about one hundred pounds overweight. Lots of people are overweight (most people in the US, as I recall). But several hundred pounds. Perhaps almost 4 times my weight. I am not trying to be morose – but if you think of it, I wonder how people can sustain that weight. I have seen pictures in a psychology class – and from talking with others, they have seen the pictures as well. Nude women (they are male professors; I assume that men have the same problems, too) with tummies that nearly touch the ground. To not be able to exit a home upon death, some of these people. It is so foreign to me – I guess I am amazed, in a way.

Oh, how I enjoy looking at people. Wondering how it is to be them.


Sassy said...

I used to play a game with myself when I was sitting outside eating, waiting for someone...whatever reason I had at the time. The game was to find something attractive about each person that walked by...something unique, different from what we call conventionally beautiful. It's a really humbling experience.

Slut Betty said...

I'm with you... I love watching people as well... great entry!

Prata said...

Not to break thread and comment out of turn or anything, but something caught my eye here. You have my Reality out of Sync blog listed over here.

Wow. Thanks.

Storm said...

I find people fascinating. I love people watching.

Bert Ford said...

I can remember very few women who I could not find something physically attractive about.
I've been unfortunate enought to have dated a few that had no redeeming qualities other than their physical attractiveness.
That's Okay though. I like mean girls.

~Deb said...

I think each woman and man carries themselves in different ways. It's all about how you present yourself.

I have seen women, who are *very* overweight, who carry their weight beautifully; clothes are beautiful, they keep their hair nice, and their outfits compliment their shape. It's all about respecting your weight with clothes. Just because someone is overweight does not mean they have to wear frumpy large loose-fitted clothes.

I have seen beautiful skinny women as well. Some were stunning, and some carried theirselves in an insecure shy way... Each person is so different...each curve, the way they walk, their personality that compliments the exterior. It's just amazing.

I always people watch when I am in the mall having my coffee.

It's amazing how different we all are.

Great post!

ken said...

as a child...forced to shop with the family...ugh!!!!...i people watched in k-mart....even now..no longer shop unless for music or groceries...i love people watching....whether strangers, or my friends....the mnnerisms, the interactions...at work, especially at work as i am surrounded by talent extraordinaire...i love the entertainment, the mysticism of the diversity of those around me...i love the differences we all present, in body and in mind...you are the queen blogmeister leesa!!!

Bert Ford said...

Somebody might need to re-boot ken.
I think his hard drive is skipping.
Bless 'is heart.

ken said...

thanks bert...a reboot is defintely needed at times...love your choice of music....govt mule in memphis this weekend...as for my heart...blessed it is...

mal said...

I live in constant fear that I could become one of those people welded in their beds......

kathi said...

I love to watch people. I can go sit for hours sitting outside, having a coffee, just watching people walk by. Or, sitting in a park watching parents with their kids. Love to take pictures of people too.
Great post, one that many can relate to.

Yoga Korunta said...

Leesa, surely you are single?

Brea said...

I like to people watch too. I love to eat my lunch outside for that very reason.

Leesa said...

prata: I have started reading you; just don't disappoint me.

bert: Everyone has something special about them; guess you can say that is attractiveness.

deb: Good point; I recognize that as well, how we carry ourselves.

ken: I would think K-mart would be a great place to watch people.

mallory: Too funny.

kathi/brea: I, too, like to eat and watch. Sometimes I love eating by myself for that reason.

yoga: Married.