Friday, November 25, 2005

P(opping C)orn

You know, I started out today wanting to talk about a particular topic. Then I started writing about a safer topic. After a couple of hair flips and the scratchin' of my ol' noggin, I decided, what the heck, this is my blog. Bite my ass, if you don’t want to read about this. And as long as you are biting my ass, you may want to take a hunk of flesh while you are at it – because I am not timid about scratching and kicking myself.

I want to talk about porn. Now I am no prude – you sort of lose prudish behavior after you suck a co-worker's dick for the first time, or the first time you have to throw out your panties because of an incriminating cum stain. The guild is off the lily, so to speak. Oh, penises, cum. Wait, what was my train of thought?

Oh, yeah, porn is bad. That's it. And I hesitate to say this because I am guessing a lot of people are surfing for porn today. Big shopping day. Probably a big porn day, especially if the football games start to suck. You know, if the football games suck and wifey is out shopping, most men are going to want to see pictures of other people sucking. Actually, I am not sure if guys want to see women sucking off all sorts of penises. Oh, penises, cum. Wait, what was my train of thought?

Oh, yeah, porn is bad. That's it. Disclaimer: I actually know someone (related by marriage) that was part of the porn industry. She was a "model," and yes, I have seen her pictures. The whole family has. See, she was a shy girl in high school, pretty but shy. Pretty but not terribly smart. She entered the workforce at 18 with a high school diploma and a taste for expensive things (upbringing). Well, McDonalds does not give high schoolers a six digit income for being the fry girl, and she was a bit taken aback for how expensive it is just to get by. Even the Gucci knock-offs were a bit out of her range. So what is a girl to do? Hint: it involves poles. Yes, our sweet 18-yr-old starts stripping at a local gentleman's club. Stripping, penises, cum. Wait, what was my train of thought?

Oh, yeah, porn is bad. That's it. She starts out stripping (and, yes, family members eventually found out – even saw her strip). Now, I don't know much about stripping – although I am guessing it does not take many brain cells to do – but it is not necessarily as "clean" as I once thought. By 19, she is making boat-loads of cash. And she has friends – strippers – in the same demographic, making boat-loads of cash. Think of this – teenagers, lots of cash, lots of idle time during the day. Hmmmm. Well, then she got involved in drugs. Her choice, I understand, but drugs nonetheless. I am not a real expert on drugs, but with the drugs came seedy boyfriends as well. Oh, penises, cum. Wait, what was my train of thought?

Oh, yeah, porn is bad. That's it. So my stripper-in-law continued to strip for cash, but needed more cash to buy expensive drugs. And we are not talking about Claritin. So she starts giving "private shows" after stripping. And we are talking about more than lap dancing. More like lap lapping. And then she also gets involved in porn. I have seen pictures of this beautiful girl – and from the pics, I would not have guessed that she was in a drug-induced stupor when she was at the photo shoot. But for a while, the pics were on the web for anyone to see. More money, more drugs, more nudity. A sort of dirty picture is beginning to evolve. Now, after work she is sucking off guys in cars for $20 a pop. Oh, penises, cum. Wait, what was my train of thought?

Oh, yeah, porn is bad. Now I know, all of these are her choices. Baptist girl gone bad story. But every time I see a professional porn pic, I wonder what drug this girl is on, who she is sleeping with, sometimes for money.

And I am an enigma myself. I love writing erotica – but I am not selling it for drug money. I am not sucking off men in cars for money (ironically, though, I used to do that for free). Puts me on some moral high ground (laughs half-heartedly, indicating tongue-in-cheek comment).

And I don’t think there is anything wrong with HNT (half-nakid Thursday), or Bored Housewife's Braless Tuesday). Seems like harmless fun to this prude. I guess when I see a picture of a young woman spreading her labial lips so you can see her sweet spot, I wonder about her family, her decisions, her life. And I wonder if the porn industry is taking advantage of her. Addicts have a much harder time making informed decisions. And while her pussy may be pink, her soul may feel black.


Boris Yeltsin said...

Damn, you're a good writer!

Leesa said...

boris: thanks for the compliment!

~Deb said...

Leesa: I agree, you are a very good writer. I love the whole 'ending' or 'finale' of your paragraphs! ha!

Porn. In general, I feel it's a personal thing; personal preference to what each individual likes---or even if that person does not engage themselves in any porn.

In my own personal opinion---without being judgmental here, I feel that if you like porn, that's "okay"...but there's a fine line when you are out in the industry--whether dancing for money and doing private 'lap dances', you walk into a danger zone.

1. You can get a disease

2. You can get the crap beat out of you by some man who has resentment for women--or whatever neurotic thing he's going throgh.

3. You can easily get caught up in the drug scene.

All three are dangerous. As far as personal DVD collections...*cough~^~yeh, I have those...but it only stays within my cabinet.

Great topic, umm, I really can't relate to 'penises' as you know, it'll have to be attached to my beautiful girlfriend if I do go there. ;)

I'm wondering if "you're" a professional writer. Hmmm...

~Deb said...

By the way, I'm not into the whole HNT thing. I feel you don't need to prove anything to anybody---if you and your partner knows how beautiful you are. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I feel that HNT is basically a way of 'fishing for compliments'... BUT---that's my own opinion.

I don't judge anyone who does participate in HNT, in fact, it's nice to view "some" of them. ;)

Mike said...

Damn....I forgot my comment after reading Deb's last I agree on the HNT bit....I've seen myself w/o clothes on and don't wanna scare others. (Or perhaps I hate being ridiculed....meh)

As far as porn goes....really not my thing I guess....not a prude...just not my thing.

Leesa said...

Deb: I am not judging those who participate in HNT. Just not my cup of tea, though some very beautiful women do participate.

And I had an internet friend who would jack off on camera while I typed in an instant messager area. Back when I was doing all sorts of things. And it was exciting. But it was not healthy for me.

Mike: Deb has a way of making one forget their train-of-thought. She can be more enticing than penises and cum. And you know how I like . . . .

:phil: said...

Funny well written post. I know I got to your site through a 'mutual friend', not sure who. I can take porn or leave it. I've been through phases with it that have not been healthy let's say. The funny thing about the Internet (and TV for that matter) is that we have this wonderful tool (no pun intended) for education and information, and the biggest thing on it is porn. Go figure

Grant said...

I once met a group of women who were junkies and strippers (and even roomed with one - non sexually), but they were drug addicts first and strippers second. They never went further than dancing on the stage - no sex or private dances - and even got insulted whenever anybody assumed stripper also meant prostitute. They only danced because they wanted to shoot several hundred dollars worth of heroin into their veins every day and it seemed the easiest (and only) way to make that kind of cash.

~Deb said...

Now seeing a penis strapped on to you my dear...hmmmm....oh, wait, what was my train of thought? ;)

OMG!!!! Haha! My word verification is geezdeb! HAHAA!!! Oh it's the little things in life that make me laugh---I think someone upstairs is telling me to shut my dirty little trap!

Georgiapeach said...

Leesa this is a great post. I think about the same things too when I see a young woman in a "professional" (or raggedy bootleg) porn video. Oh, penises, cum, stripping, CASH, drugs. Wait what was my train of thought?
Oh yeah, I was saying that I have some of the same thoughts as you.
Yeah, when I see porn videos I see the young woman, and I think of all the reasons she choose to do the video. I often wonder if I could do the same thing. I do enjoy sex, I love money and a little extra curricular activities on the side aren't too bad. But then I realize that I would be spiritually, mentally and emotionally regressing. I wonder if some of these girls think about things like that while they are making the video. I am sure they do. Or better yet, I wonder if they think about the women like yourself who know the truth.

Thank God prudery is not dead! Prudness is needed to balance the world There are a lot of things that are better not said. Sex is definitely not one of I am a prude too. Really I

Doublebogie said...

Whew! Jeeez!
I used to like porn, but after reading that post I won't be able to get the vision of a confused litle girl, sucking and fucking for drug money out of my head.
Damn! Thanks Leesa!
I'm a male slut and I'll probably be back for another fantasy some day in the near future.

ladylongfellow said...

Great post! I have thought the same things...although I also think...who is smarter the one getting paid or the one not? lol

Many a "black" soul is walking around you during the day...they lurk everywhere...not just the porn industry.

It's about a making a choice...I suppose. Me personally I don't mind doing a pole dance but I don't want to get paid to do it as a career. Even though I'm not above using my sexuality to get something, I choose not to do so, to make a living.

KyuBall said...

I consider myself a connoisseur of porn, having viewed many hours of good, bad, and ugly men and women providing educational/instructional video instruction.

The reason I can still get it up for these fine films is because I can turn off my conscience for 10 to 15 minute "spirts". So to speak.

Seriously though, I had a stripper friend once, too. And she went down the same road as your stipper-in-law. The money can be too tempting and way too easy to acquire...if you've got the goods. "It's a sick world...thank God."

halo said...

I struggle with this one myself. I think to some degree porn empowers women i.e. Jenna Jameson. But I also think alot of women get into it out of necessity to support a habit.

Its a strange word we live in Babe. One of the reasons I participate in HNT is to help myself feel comfortable the way I look, as opposed to those big breasted flat tummied women in porn and magazines that society says is the standard.

kathi said...

I can't judge either. I've seen some porn, but mostly it just gives me a sad feeling. Doesn't do anything for me.

Boris Yeltsin said...

Put a permanent link to your blog on my blog. If you don't want it there, just tell me and I'll take it down.

Yoga Korunta said...

Leesa, when will you write a book?

Nova said...

Great post. I gotta admit, I'm never too terribly surprised when I hear about people in the sex industry having a substance addiction. As far as I know it seems to come with the territory.

Leesa said...

phil: blows me away that 10% of all video sales are porn. I am not rallying against it, but the real numbers are shocking.

grant: I sort of suspected that sis-in-law actually had an addiction first, but that's not how our family told the story. It makes more sense that way. What can I say, drugs are a bigger sin in our family.

deb: I'd strap one on for you, so to speak.

GP: After the AIDS scare, part of the porn industry became highly regulated. I am sure Jenna Jameson/Vivid is a lot different than the picture I painted.

2bogie: ha! And I thought you were sincere at first.

ladylongfellow: I know. When I was slutting around, I was giving it away when I could have been making serious money. I could have funded my 401K with the guys I had!

kyuBall: Yeah, I think we all (or most of us) have the ability to turn off our conscience. 15 minutes? Man, I bet you are a good ride.

Muse: Actually I have enjoyed your HNT pics - you are such a beauty. Almost to the point of being one of those blond bitch nightmares - you know, nice tits, blond, husband head turner. Almost to the point - I want to hate you, but can't.

boris: I am honored by the link. Thanks, sweetie.

Yoga: Deb and Bored Housewife are the literary geniuses. I am a hack, but thanks for the compliment.

Nova: I am finding out that addiction seems to be more rampant than I first thought.

Joe said...

As always, a witty, well-written, and insightful post.

I think your views on the porn industry are well-founded and not judgmental at all. While I'm all for porn, simply because it provides a quick fix, I don't often tend to think about the lives of the people involved in the industry. Your point at then end about the way that drugs impair judgment is a valid one.

Now let me get back to my videos...

TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

Wow, I like it, you are very good.

Monica said...

(coppied from the comments section of my blog....'cause I'm lazy)
I wondered about that, but figured it was just a coincidence......I live in a small world here, my 2 regular readers (ha...I said you guys were regular) are my 2 real life friends Nate and Erin....real life like as in they've eaten at my house....with their hands (which sounds waaaaaaay dirty, but it's not...really. I forget that others can come here. Not that many do.

Your post of late have been super, I've been fantasticly busy, so I have rarely commented on anyone's blogs but Erin and Nates (which I have posted to more times than he has thankyouverymuch)

Come back!

Advizor said...

I'm a big fan of porn. Seriously, I love women, and naked, beautiful women, are all the better... but... but....

now I have daughters, and they are growing up. My neighbors have daughters, and they are hitting puberty. My best friend's daughter is just about to be 18, and she's killer gorgeous. SO now what can I think about when I turn to all these porn sites?

They all feature women who are doing this "for the first time." While I know that these sites are bogus as far as being the "first time," there is, for every girl in porn, a first time, a loss of innocence.

The first time they take off their blouse for the "nice" boy from school. The first time they swallow their pride and take $20 for a hand job. The first time they let some horny businessman grope them in some nightclub, and then the camera's come out.

Each woman has a first time she undresses for a camera, a first time a friends finds their website, the first time their mother cries because she finds the same web-site. The first time she has to face her father and her sisters. The first time she realizes that she will never have a "real" job again because too many people have seen her suck some guy's dick on some fly-by-night website.

How can I see these women and not think about all the "firsts" in their lives, that will probably lead them to their "lasts." Their last real relationships, their last happiness, the last time they can meet new friend without being recognized as "that girl from the web." I can only watch porn when I stop thinking, when I stop caring. It happens more than I like to admit, but when I start thinking, I have to stop watching.

Aaron said...

Well... damn... and to think I used to look to Marcus Aurelius or Aristotle for philosophy >_>

Anonymous said...

I personally knew a girl who was raped and molested as a little girl, and that was why she became a stripper, and that's the reason shes not alive today. She was the sweetest girl, and the most loving person, but she didn't know what it felt like to really be loved, to have someone care for her like she needed so desperately.