Monday, November 07, 2005

Killer Peach Fuzz

I read one of the best articles the other day from Georgia Peach. And judging from the number of people who responded, this blog entry resonated with many people.

Deep breath.

Those who have read my blog since the beginning know I normally don't use the P-word. Well, I like calling it a vagina. Clinical, I know, but that is the word I like using. But in this instance, I will call it the P-word. Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. I said it.

I sort of had to say it, because we are talking about "Killer Pussy." Click the link, and read the blog. It will be more entertaining than mine – because Ms. Georgia Peach wrote one heck of a blog entry. I normally don't taught other people's work (sort of anti-"look at me", aka attention-whore), but it is one funny and true entry).

Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. (Heck, I feel like I will climax before this entry is written.)

Like Georgia Peach, when I was in my twenties and early thirties, I thought I was – cough – very talented "down there." But the funny thing is that guys don't give extra credit for how killer our pussies are. Whether I just lay there – "done yet, hun?" – or am Ms. Freak, it makes no difference to a guy. He squirts and cums always. Some feminists say that God is a woman – not based on this little tidbit. Read that last part – he squirts and cums always. As reliable as old faithful. Okay, there are some medical conditions that don't allow some men to be old faithful, but there is a billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry making this right as I type this.

Back on the subject – killer pussy. Goodness, I love writing that word today. Pussy. Pussy. Pussy.

So for guys, all pussy is pretty much the same – heck of a realization, but there it is. I comfort myself in knowing that I give the best freekin' blowjobs in Savannah. I am sure my work number is on some bathroom wall somewhere – probably the courthouse with the types of guys I was seeing. Jees. Back to the subject at hand, so to speak.

We women know that not all penises are created equal. Now I have not gotten government money to field-test this idea, but from a woman's perspective, some guys are just duds (but they still orgasm; life ain't fair). I mean, they spew and all, but there is just not a lot of umph in their drive. Is that delicate enough? It's not that they can't locate the pussy; they just don't know really what to do once their head is buried in the prize. We all know the joke: "Why don't women cum more often. Answer: Who cares."

I freekin' care. I mean, on occasion after lovemaking, I have said to hubbie, "Is that all? Oh." Okay, I have said this twice – once because I was stupid, and the second time because I was frustrated.

Now, I have to believe that men want to please their women. When I was messing around, I would go out of my way for some nice, sweaty sex where the man knew what he was doing.

I find it so ironic that many women are good at doing their little pussy tricks (I deceived myself for so long as well), and men could almost care less. A little friction, a little moisture and most men are just orgasm-ing everywhere. Fill 'er up time. And men, who get theirs whether they are good or not, don't seem to know it is that important. It is like they enjoy the hunt – "gonna bad me some of that sweet tang this evening." (Note: I was that girl in school that said the word "sh-t, and it did not sound natural; typing that last sentence seemed the same way, a bit forced and unnatural.) They will spend lots of time setting up for the event, but once it is there, they figure "if I go really fast and strong, that'll be just dandy."

All, please head on over to Georgia Peach – her take on this is to die for.

Ladies, we are deceiving ourselves with our killer pussy – we really are. But I know some moves with my tongue that will make the one-eyed snake do tricks. It is just that "killer BJ" doesn't sound sexy and nasty at the same time.


Thomas said...

Actually, "killer pussy" is also known as "sugar walls", and many guys notice. Unfortunately, the guys who are into completely one-night-stand-no-strings-attached sex usually aren't the ones who notice. You have to be a conneseiur of vaginal fluctuations. Of course it also helps having learned that deep thrusts are fine and all, but more women like the quick, just-to-the-g-spot then back-to-almost-out thrusting. I've been beaten on my arms because the experience grew too intense for my partner for me to continue to MY orgasm.

Granted, having only one "in the flesh" partner may limit me somewhat, I do know that 7 thick inches works better than 10 skinny inches.

Georgiapeach said...

Ha! This is too funny. From one attention whore to another "I love it"! Thanks Leesa!

~Deb said...

Remember, a woman knows what a woman wants... (reason why I'm a lesbian) hehe, .....

BUT----you have to COMMUNICATE with your man and tell him, "Hey, there's a lot more down there than just a hole!"

Seriously. Talk to them. They'll be more than willing to see your eyes roll behind that cute little head of yours!


Best of luck! Now off to Georgia's blog......

Mark said...

Damn, Leesa. All I wanted to do after I read your post was to eat some pussy...they are not all the same. How about we trade? You can give me a BJ to die for, and I will have you climbing the walls in ecstacy?

midwest_hick said...

Damn...I feel stereo-typed...some women have a'killer instinct' than others...and I gotta agree on the perspective ya give on males for the most part.....dammit.

nosthegametoo said...

You "nailed" it... so to speak.

You can't keep a man with sex; you're right about it being too similar. The pleasure and intensity of the greatest physical feelings/emotions (even for a man)don't come from the mechanics. A pretty face is nice to arouse the senses, but that doesn't last either. Ever seen a man with a hot woman that STILL cheats with loose AND ugly women?

My advice to any woman thinking about this issue: touch a man's heart with love, cause you'll never touch it with just your body.

But Lady... you got that KILLER post today for sure.

Zephalius said...

I'm with Deb. I'm very happy to have my partner (which, these days, is my wife) direct me, if it will end up pleasing her.

I'd add that while every pussy feels the same during intercourse, they are absolutely not the same during oral sex. They're like fingerprints, then.

ken said...

lord of mercy...let me open up leesa's blog again..this CANT be hers.....enough p word for a life time of your blogs..proud of you....just words..and what these words represent is where the mutual pleasure begins...great post by gp...just returned from weekend in memphis..tyler perry's play, MADEA GOES TO JAIL.....all should make the effort to see this play.....amazing!!!!!!! ken

jane said...

haha, pussy. it cracks me up when i hear myself say that word...makes me all shy.

and yeah, size does matter. ive seen a few that provoked me to double over with laughter (before I ran like hell of course).

Slut Betty said...

OK I'll be the one to jump in and disagree here (at least to some extent)... you know those "spreaders" doctors use to check a woman out "down there" hehehe... there is a reason they come in different sizes... and I'm sorry but some women are "looser" than others... I have been told by men that they can feel the difference between having sex with a woman who's had a child as opposed to one who's not... but the entry in and of itself was hilarious... just love reading ya Leesa ;-)

ken said...

rose is first wife...yep..two 12 year marriages....two divorces....5 years with my first had me thinking i was not a good lover....had a hard time finding the sides..smiling, true it is...i did think i must have a small one...soon realized....not me...she simply needed a stallion, not a lover.....

my second....said i was toooo big....had to make the passion quick, and after her explosion, i had to was not very bright...took a few years of counselling to realize i loved these women, but didnt have reciprocated passion....was committed, yet not returned from last have found the right fit.....size matters from both a degree.

Barney said...

Let me ask a question?

How many girls think that size matters?

Do you girls actually need a large cock to satisfy you or is it just a fantasy that you have?

How many of you have been with a guy with a bigger than average dick and found out it hurts?

just a couple of thoughts?

Slut Betty said...

Oh baby... LOL
I think you already know my opinion on the matter *grins*
Size DOES matter... but so does, knowing what to do with it!
Too small is disappointing... too large hurts and can ONLY be enjoyable to a degree...
YES there are other things besides actual intercourse... but nothing replaces it... if you don't have it in your life anything else is just "getting by"
And sexual fulfillment is SO MUCH MORE than just sex... I feel an entry coming on here LMFAO

Georgiapeach said...

Preach on Canadian...lmao. Your right on the money with that one!!

Doublebogie said...

I have to agree with much of what you said Leesa. I've heard many women complain about most of the "duds" they've been with.
In my "wild and single" days I came in contact with quite a few women,, and believe me, there are a lot of "dud" women out there too that have no clue on how to please their men or how THEY want to be pleased either. I however get the most pleasure out of trying to find out just what the woman wants or needs to "get off", so to speak.
Not all pussys are the same either and it's a wonderful experience to be with a woman who knows how to use it to satisfy her man and what she wants from the man in return to satisfy her.
Great post!