Thursday, April 02, 2009

Twitter Impaired

I have a confession to make. I have a Twitter account, and I don't really twitter. I follow Deb and Ambeer. You know Deb, a writer and blogger. Ambeer (I can't remember her real name) used to have a blog that was pretty interesting (she is friends with Pete Wentz, I think, but I can't be sure; he is some band member, which probably means he sleeps late and gets laid often). She was a stripper (PC job description: exotic dancer). And I was going to tell you who else I follow, but you know, you can see for yourself. That's part of how twitter works. And I don't twitter.

One of the people I follow said, "i have to remember to update this thing.. im slipping out of the social network little by little it seems...." You can tell it is not me writing this because I use capital and lowercase letters, and I don't really know all of the shorthand. You see, I don't twitter.

I guess I don't know any of the short words because I don't have a Blackberry or other phone device that is sort of like a cyborg phone. More robot/computer than phone. If I had to use my thumbs to update stuff on twitter, I would know text shorthand. I get that 121 means "one to one", but why is 1174"nude club"? Are the 1s polls, and the 74 is a stick-finger stripper? I mean, if that is so, who has the time to figure this stuff out. You see, I don't twitter, and that means I don't understand text shorthand.

While typing this blog entry, I got a message from Deb: "How can you write a blog entry on Twitter? Not enough room! ;) Good luck." She was responding to my comment: "Writing a blog entry on twitter. How weird is that?" Of course, you could follow this conversation right now on twitter. All 6 people following me can, at least. This would be common sense to most, and I just figured this out. This is because I don't twitter.

I guess I would not be good at twitter, anyway. I mean, if I had the application running I could write random things, but I don't do random well.

"3rd trip to the bathroom this am; 2 much diet dr pepper or I am becoming diabetic"

"co-worker just left after giving me a memo; her perfume (stench) lingers – I hate that"

"@BarackObama. Can you get your presidential ass off twitter and re-write your budget? You can't expand healthcare and shrink the debt at the same time"

See, I suck at randomness. Oh, and Barack Obama has a twitter account. Lots of famous people do. And it would be better to make TheOnion a friend than for me to be your friend. There is randomness and humor in their twits. Again, if you have forgotten, I don't twitter.

I just am not that interesting and I have too much stuff to do than twitter. Twitter will fail. I mean, how many self important people with too much time on their hands are there in the world? Okay, there are tons of those people. Perhaps that's why twitter is so popular. See I don't twitter.


Under the Influence said...

Neither do I!

It's all I can do to keep up with my own blog.

74WIXYgrad said...

I am checking in. I don't "tweet" either.

No need to. I'm not famous.

Three blogs, a facebook account, which I use occasionally and a MySpace account I almost never use.

Only people who would interested in a twitter account of mine would be those looking for a cure for insomnia.

Deb said...

See, I have to disagree with you when you say you would make a "bad twitter". I think your twits are great. ;) I was hysterical when you wrote, "Writing a blog entry on twitter", knowing that Twitter only has 140 characters, and thank God because now facebook allows people to write novels for their status messages which I think is creepy. GET A BLOG if you're going to write something that fricken long, right?

But you-----think about it-------with the funny stories and INTERESTING stories, you can pose a question, make a statement regarding your posts, and attach your link to your blog. (Don't always attach a link to your blog 'cause then you're just doing shameless promotion type of stuff.)

When I first started twitting, I vlogged about it and I still think it's ridiculous, however it is kind of fun having the blackberry and sometimes taking funny pictures of whatever you come across or mentioning what you're going through while out and about. I will say that if you don't have a mobile device that links up with Twitter and facebook, then in my personal opinion, it's really not worth it.

Also, I usually only follow people who are interesting and basically not "it's all about me" type of postings. I cannot stand bloggers or twitters for that matter who base their every single living breath of air and twitter space about "ME ME ME". However, if it's funny and if they put some informative info from time to time aside from "ME ME ME", then I'm a follower.

I won't mention names but there is a blogger that makes me wanna bang my head up against a wall because of the "me me me" factor. Nothing about anything other than her assumption that people want to know ME ME ME. Ok, totally ranting on your blog today. I'm having an allergic reaction to antibiotics and the Benedryl is making me loooooooooooopy!

Keep twitting your twitter dahhhrrrrlinngggg! We'll be watching.


Deb said...

I might copy and paste my comment and post it as a blog.

Leesa said...

Under: Amen!

WIXY: "Tweet". That is the verb.

Deb: Funny, "bad twitter" should have been "bad tweeter". And it isn't all about him. It is all about me.

Julie said...

Deb, are you talking about Me Me Me? LOL

I don't get the whole Twitter thing. I'm on it, but I don't get it.

I have enough crap to keep up with as it is!

Deb said...

NO Julie! Not at all, but I do have someone in mind. I will keep my big twitted mouth closed for now! ;)

Leesa, I like "Twitter" better for some reason. I think it was because of your comment on my tweet. Umm...never mind.

You've inspired me to write about it. Thank you!


kathi said...

You know, I signed on twitter awhile ago and forgot all about it. Oh well. I barely have enough time to occasionally blog, check my facebook (mostly to keep up with my kids) and visit all my blog friend's blogs. Actually, somehow I've got facebook set up to where when people write or comment on my page it sends me notices on my cell...and that drives me crazy. I need to figure out how I've done that and turn it off. So, I guess I wouldn't be a good twitter or tweeter or...whatever.

Leesa said...

Julie: I tweet but I don't know why.

Deb: You are welcome. I can't wait to read about it.

Kathi: I don't even Facebook.

Deb said...

Well, you tweaked a few thoughts I had.

I can relate to Kathi's problem. I do know that a lot of people complain about their BlackBerry blinking wayyyy too much because they allowed Facebook to mingle with their mobile device. All you gotta do is go into your applications and change it. Make sure any email notifications aren't to the email that goes into your BlackBerry. Mine is calm, no blinkies unless I have a text. It's much better that way.

Malach the Merciless said...


Joe said...

I can't get into the whole Twitter thing either, but that's likely because I don't lead an exciting enough life. Lord knows I have the time to do it...

Leesa said...

Deb: I don't have a BlackBerry.

Malach: Yeah, twits.

Joe: You and me both. Not about the time, but about not having an exciting life.

Anonymous said...

There's a whole other language I would have to know too? Ok, this just sealed it for me! NO WAY!

Xmichra said...

besides the *i don't twitter* thing to agree on.. i am now going to have to look up why the 1174 is a nude club. i so don't get that!

Shirazi said...

Came from Deb and am following you now. May be I find some one who is interested in 'what I am doing now'?

Interesting blog.

Awake In Rochester said...

I use to tweet a lot, but now I mostly use it to stay in touch with my favorite friend, and to flirt with her. (shhh, don't tell!)

I like Twitter 10 times better then Facebook.

Prata said...

I used to twitter quite often. Then I came to a conclusion, there's IRC. Twitter is IRC broken into SMS like messages. Horribly useless to me. So I just spend my time in IRC. lol

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