Thursday, April 09, 2009

Internet Crap

At least once per week, I get a forwarded email that should not have been forwarded to me. Much of the time, the email contains facts that seem alarming (and are false). But sometimes it is something that most of us have seen . . . way too much.

I found this list somewhere. For better or for worse, here are a list of things that most "Internet savvy" people have seen at least a dozen times. Bad news for me; most of these things look new. There were some bonus items, and I did not list them because "Two Girls One Cup" was among the items. And that is just wrong.

01. Grape Stomp
02. Charlie Bit Me
03. Chocolate Rain
04. Dancing Baby
05. Post Secret
06. Charlie The Unicorn
07. Mentos and Diet Coke
08. Numa Numa
09. Peanut Butter Jelly Time
10. George Lucas In Love

11. You're The Man Now Dog
12. Yatta
13. Star Wars Kid
14. Bubb Rubb
15. The Flying Spaghetti Monster
16. Dramatic Chipmunk
17. Homestar Runner
18. GI Joe Pork Chop Sandwiches
19. Fail Blog
20. Skateboarding Dog

21. All Your Base Are Belong To Us
22. Winnebago Man
23. We Like The Moon
24. I Can Has Cheezburger
25. Barney Vs. Tupac
26. Shining
27. Cute Overload
28. Rick Roll
29. Lazy Sunday
30. David After The Dentist

31. Powerthirst
32. Christian The Lion
33. Bert and Ernie Rap
34. Lady Punch
35. Leprechaun in Alabama
36. Where The Hell Is Matt
37. Boom Goes The Dynamite
38. Breakdancing Baby
39. Drunk Jeff Goldblum
40. Scarlet Takes A Tumble

41. Sepultura - Refuse resist (cover) By Gauchos
42. Gay Mount Everest
43. Afro Ninja
44. Cop Shoots Himself In Leg In Classroom
45. Tron Guy
46. "Leave Britney Alone"
47. Laughing Baby
48. I'm the Juggernaut Bitch
49. The Chairperson Falls
50. Take On Me The Literal Version

51. Bill O'Reilly Flips Out
52. Don't Tase Me Bro
53. The Landlord
54. Breakdancing Baby Kick
55. The Pet Penguin
56. Ms. South Carolina Answers A Question
57. I'm F*#king Matt Damon
58. Will It Blend
59. Spaghetti Cat
60. Tom Cruise Kills Oprah

61. Little Superstar
62. Chad Vader
63. Pretty Much Everywhere It's Going To Be Hot
64. I Like Turtles
65. Who Needs A Movie
66. Jake E. Lee Shreds
67. Hawaii Chair
68. Aussie Party
69. Hitler Plans Burning Man
70. Flirting with Magic

71. Look At The Horse
72. Asian Backstreet Boys
73. Leroy Jenkins
74. Pinky The Cat
75. Monkey Sniffs Finger
76. Sneezing Panda
77. Prison Inmates remake "Thriller"
78. Techno Viking
79. Ask A Ninja
80. Best Man Trips and Ruins Wedding

81. Best Wedding Toast Ever (Amy's Song)
82. Kitten Surprise (how to break up a cat fight)
83. Katana Sword Infomercial Goes Wrong
84. Matrix Ping Pong
85. La Pequeña Prohibida
86. Angry German Kid (translated)
87. Evolution of Dance
88. Ok Go – "Here It Goes Again"
89. Battle at Kruger (lions vs. buffalos vs. crocodiles.
90. Daft Hands

91. Human Beatbox
92. Most T-Shirts Worn At Once
93. Zero G Dog
94. Cuppy Cakes Song
95. George Washington
96. Scary Maze Prank
97. Gay Referee
98. Tranquilized Bear Hits Trampoline
99. Reporter Gets A Fly In The Mouth

You can guess I just did not want to post anything today.


Deb said...

I had made the mistake of asking what two girls and one cup was. I can tolerate a lot but that was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my entire life. If you go on Youtube and punch into the search engine, "reaction" - you'll see a lot of people tricking their friends into watching one of these gross scenes and getting their reactions caught on film. I don't get it personally.


Xmichra said...

I think i will stay clear of these... I know I have seen a few, but have no intrest in seeing something that I cannot *unsee*.

That was a lot of hyper linking!

Deb said...

Most of these sites weren't like "Two Girls and One Cup"-----I enjoyed a lot of these sites she posted actually. :)

Leesa said...

Deb: I saw part of the video and was phycially ill after watching what I did. It was totally gross.

Xmichra: A ton of hyperlinking.

Deb: I have not tried a bunch of the sites, just passing them on when I don't have a lot to say.

Under the Influence said...

I do NOT want to know what "Two Girls One Cup" is and I definitely won't be checking out the reactions on YouTube.

Ian Lidster said...

2 girls one cup -- I'm with Deb on that bit of disgustingness. And here I was thinking I was broadminded.

As for the rest, damn it, Leesa, I just have to get out more because they're unfamiliar to me.

Have a wonderful Easter.

Malach the Merciless said...

Boring you inteweb people need to find a new 5 minutes of fame idiot.

Leesa said...

Under the Influence: I don't blame you at all.

Ian: I got the list from somewhere. I don't know most of them either.

malach: I will take that under advicement.