Friday, April 24, 2009

Random Friday #34

YouTube Video
I did not know about this one, but more than 120K people have viewed it. If you want to view something interesting, watch this. I am not going to say more about it.

Barney Miller
When I was young, I never watched Barney Miller. I have not watched it since, either. It was in the background sometimes. I don't know if there are re-runs with Barney Miller, but I remember the opening song and that's about all. Some bass riff.

Beautiful Video
I saw this video recently. It is called "I Thought You Knew". I love the lyrics, the voice, the cut-out paper puppets. It is just a fun video. But the only bad thing, for Shawn Pigott, is that I liked it. That spells commercial doom.

Medical News
I heard about a man who was growing a tree in his lung. There was a picture in the article as well, and I am feeling a bit sick myself. Apparently the guy inhailed the seed, and they operated, thinking the man had cancer. I breathe day in and day out, and I wonder what makes its way to my lungs. I am really weirded out.

The Harry Situation
I was looking at a tinyurl picture (someone twitted about one, and so I followed the link), and I thought, what kinds of pictures are used by tinyurl. Well, the pic was something weird – some type of mask uploaded by a comedian. I still don't get it. Well, I found a tinyurl that linked eventually to The Harry Situation. The subtext to this blog is "the true story of the rise and fall of the show you'll never see." It looks like it is a fake show, but I can't really tell.

I just saw a video about twitter that was so good. The best like that describes twitter: "randomly bragging at your unexceptional life." It is a bit of a knock-off of Never Ending Story, without the wolf that eats everything so that the nothing grows. Something like that. I have not seen the movie in ages (Never Ending Story). I wrote down the phrase "randomly bragging at your unexceptional life". I'll probably never use it because it sounds mean-spirited, but I like the phrase.

Oh, So Sad
You know, I was looking at what I have been writing, and instead of Random Friday, it seems a bit more like video Friday. Oh, so sad.

Happy Friday. Me, I am going to unplug the television, disconnect the Internet, and then read a book. A good book.


Under the Influence said...

Gross - a tree in the lungs! My husband inhaled some kind of rare fungus (we think he was exposed after going to NOLA shortly after Hurricane Katrina) and they also thought he had lung cancer!

Leesa said...

Under: Wow, I bet that was scary.

Xmichra said...

I have a friend who is blind, and she said she really wished she could look at miss Boyle so that she could hear what we hear. I asked what the heck that meant, and she said that although the voice was nice, it wasn't really spectacular.. not worth all the fuss at any rate. So she wished she could see her, to make the music that much more special. Kida made me think... are we only judging the beauty of her voice (although the talent is there) based on the opposite of her exterior?

I draw the line of my eco-friendly leaf turning to growing trees in my lungs.

LarryLilly said...

Chat rooms in the internet is a great source of the mind seeing first, then the ears hearing and lastly the eyes seeing people.

I used to inhabit adult chat rooms back in the mid 90's, icq channels kind of like the places you saw on Star Wars LOL.

You first read about people, words, text. If you were interested in expanding the online relationship, you then went to phone (voice), lastly if still more interest was there, in person. each had their own stopping point. But the true measure of what you "saw" was the thoughts and the inner person in words they used. Then the voice, and lastly the one area that lots of people rely on most and which is probably the worst judge of a person, the eyes.

I met several women that way, and I met my wife that way. And they ran the gamut but inside they were all still the person my eyes saw in text.

When meeting a person in real, there was what we called the 10 second compatibility rule. In the first 10 seconds, you knew if it would work or not. I knew of two other couples that failed the 10 second rule. Me and my wife obviously passed the test, and 11 years later its still great.

Leesa said...

Xmichra: I did not realize that the voice may sound different based on what we expect to hear.

Larry: very interesting. Perhaps that is a better way to meet, when you rely on the inside first, then the outside.

Xmichra said...

i forgot to ask = what book?

Ian Lidster said...

I loved Barney Miller. If you ever watch an episode, watch the one with the hash brownies.

Malach the Merciless said...

Susan Boyle is so HOT!