Monday, April 27, 2009

Life's Sauce

The other night, I was eating Chinese food, and it was soooooooooooo good. I made a comment about how good the food is, and my husband said, off-handedly, "The secret is in the sauce."

Sure, there were fresh vegetables, and the chicken had no gristle. The presentation was pleasing, but the secret is in the sauce. It made the meal special.

I sometimes wonder if that is what is the secret to life in general, the secret being in the sauce. I mean, we construct our lives to be lives that work for us. Perhaps some feel that having lots of money is important – so they skimp on personal relationships (don't spend the time connecting to spouse, parents, children. Or others want a service-oriented life (think of the clergy) – so they put lots of effort into helping others. We focus on the large things (family, job, mission), just like a restaurant focuses on the different meats and vegetables.

But perhaps in life our overall outlook will color how fulfilled we are, much like the sauce can generally make even a so-so Chinese meal seem not only palatable, but something you want to order again and again.

Maybe in order to have a life worth living, one's overall outlook is important, much more important than IQ, EQ or beauty. I have known people who seem to never catch any of the breaks in life – they lose a spouse too early, are stuck in a dead-end job, or just are not that bright. But that does not seem to have as much of an influence on the quality of their life as their outlook.

I had a grandmother who figured out that the secret was in the sauce. If we were stuck in traffic for two hours because of an accident, and the mercury in the thermometer was dancing around 100, she would come up with a game to pass the time, and what could have been a disastrous car-ride seemed to be nearly as much fun as when we finally made it to the beach, where we could make sand castles, bury small children, or cool one's toes.

The secret is indeed in the sauce.


LarryLilly said...

As usual Lisa, a nice post from the simple sauce of life.

Under the Influence said...

Totally agree.

Xmichra said...

But the secret to the sauce, is there is no secret. (heisted from the all knowing Kung Fu Panda) ;)

nice post Leesa.

Leesa said...

Larry: And you misspelled my name? Or did you think you were writing to another blogger?

Under: Thanks, sweetie.

Xmichra: I sometimes wonder if "nice post" is someone walking on egg shells or if it was really a nice post. I appreciate the kind words, nonetheless.

Tim said...

Interesting post to start the week. I had to read it a few times before I decided to disagree with you. In a really good meal, the sauce can add the final bang, but if you start with a bad cut of meat that is under cooked or overcooked then the sauce will only cover it up for a little while. So as it is in life. If the person is just plain bad or is a negative personality, then the sauce will only cover it up for awhile. I think your grandmother's positive personality gave her the ability to create the special sauce she needed to keep you kids in the car happy.

Good start to the week.

LarryLilly said...

Leesa aka Lisa, I have soo many Lisa/Leesa's/Leasa's in my life, its hard to keep them straight LOL
I am just Spot as in baddogspot, aka pi-rant, LarryLilly

simple huh?

Ian Lidster said...

No question that the secret is always in the sauce. French haute cuisine is strictly about sauces. But, I like your life metaphor here, too.

74WIXYgrad said...

Without sauce everything would be too bland.

Some sauce is spicy, some is sweet. In other instances, the sauce is just there to bring out the flavor in everything else.

Leesa said...

Tim: Okay, you are talking about a rare exception. But an average cut of meat can be enhanced with the sauce.

Larry: Not that simple.

Ian: Thanks, sweetie.

WIXY: I like the different kinds of sauce to extend the metaphor.

Tim said...

just a different way of looking at it. That's all

LiLu said...

This is SO true. It's not the chicken, it's what you put ON the chicken that makes it. The spice of life, if you will. :-)

Sheen V said...

I agree!

Xmichra said...

I am not sure if it is egg shell walking for others. But for me, i generally won't tell you that this is a nice post unless i liked the post and have nothing really to contribute, other than my acknowledgement of like for the post.

heh. I should have just said, no, I meant it ws a nice post and i enjoyed it :)

Malach the Merciless said...


SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

I love this post, I really love this post. In fact I am going to link it to my blog I just wrote. This is so true! Thank you Leesa.

Leesa said...

Tim: and I enjoy different ways of looking at things.

LiLu: Yeah, everything does not have to taste like chicken with a special sauce.

Sheen: Thanks, sweetie.

Xmichra: I was still feeling a bit smallish when I wrote the first comment response.

Malach: the spice of life, huh?

SSC: You flatter me.

Deb said...

From the words of Bea Arthur, she said, "To do something you love in life is a beautiful thing. To be a success at it is 'gravy'." Same concept really.