Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leesa's Cube

The other day, I was reading one of Lauren's posts concerning a psychology game. You picture a cube . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah. You want to have sex with your psychologist . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah.

No, it is not like that at all. Hold on, let me go back and read the links - and pray that they make sense with what I want to write about today. If they don't make sense, I guess I will have to adjust what I will say (highly unlikely) or remove the hyperlink and make a bunch of stuff up (cough, cough).

Okay, I read the cube routine paper. And it reminds me of what I would think would be in those "How to Pick Up Women" books. You know, while it has never occurred to me to actually find one of those books, if I ran across a book entitled, "How Straight Women Pick Up Lesbians" I would buy the book. Not to read it and use it, per se, but because I would be curious as to the contents of the book. I mean, if Grant wrote "An Idiots Guide to Raising Atomic ChickensTM", I would read it, but I would not ever think of raising those birds.

Oh, a bit off what I meant to write about.

When I was in high school, I took a touchy feely class as a senior. It was taught by a teacher who never really left her hippie days. We wrote affirmation notes to each other to help build self esteem. We did trust exercises. And we did some psychology test where she described in an open-ended way us being somewhere, and we described it, described our actions.

I don't remember the test, but I am going to try and find it.

The only thing I do remember was one of the answers I gave (which is similar to the cube test in some ways) was shockingly accurate. The one question/answer I have remember asked us to describe a body of water and how we interacted with the body of water.

I described a very still and peaceful lake. The lake had not a ripple on its surface. It was so peaceful, so beautiful, so awe-inspiring. I was a bit surprised that there were no ducks in the lake, no fish striking the surface, no dragonflies grazing its calmness. And I sat by that lake and was completely in awe of the stillness, the beauty.

After we finished writing our answers, we would share them with the group, and the teacher would interpret them. The water part of the test was the bit about sex. Well, when the teacher got to mine, she said this indicated that I was a virgin, that though I was interested in sex, I had not experienced it. I was not afraid of it, but that it would be perhaps a more spiritual experience once I was involved with someone intimately.

Her description nailed where I was in my life sexually (I guess, years later, the body of water would be choppy, with a water spout working its way all over the lake). I was a bit mortified because there was a guy in the class I really liked (he had no idea), plus one of the hottest guys in school (he showed me more attention after this, probably because he wanted another virgin; he was hot and very sexually active).

Interesting how reading about "The Cube Routine" can bring back memories buried for so long.


LarryLilly said...

When I was in catholic school I would get slapped in the face quite regularly by the nuns, who wore black.

To this day whenever I see a woman in black clothing I dont think I am going to get slapped.

Interesting post. Your mind seems to have taken a road less traveled and has opened up some new areas of post stuff.

Grant said...

Touchy-feely class sounded more fun than your description made it out to be. It would be especially good if the touchy-feely class could be combined with the Asian-American club.

BTW, my body of water is filled with hot Japanese women and we're all having sex. Analyze away.

Leesa said...

Larry: Every time I see someone splashing in the water, I remember how I lost my virginity. That sounded funnier in my head than when written down in the comments.

Grant: You said "my body of water is filled with hot Japanese women and we're all having sex. Analyze away." I think that means you are waiting until you can find that special one who can serve you wonderful Japanese cuisine.

Anonymous said...

If I had read that in college I would have had to admit there was no water only a dry lake bed.

Xmichra said...

lol @ knot...

Interesting what these thing propose to know about us. I am of the 'analyse me' genre and am constantly doing messed up quizes in facebbok and blogthings to see how well a computer knows me. I seems to know a lot....

kimber the wolfgrrrl said...

I figure, trying to analyze myself is like trying to figure out a house's exterior colour by sitting in the basement. I'm too close to the source material -- but, truth be told, I don't think I want a stranger getting any closer, either.

When you said to describe a body of water, my first thought was of a glacier-fed lake in the Rocky mountains, surrounded by wilderness. The water is too cold to touch. Put into the context of my sexuality, it does make me raise my eyebrows and wonder...

Leesa said...

Knot: You are too funny.

Xmichra: There has to be a bit of science or pop psychology behind the surveys, huh?

Kimber: Oh, I love that analogy (about the basement and the color). And too funny about the ice-fed lake.

Anonymous said...

I just had to add I like sex. A lot.

LarryLilly said...

I lived on the east coast, so oceans were my water. I once had sex on the beach, and in spite of what the movies portrayed about sex on the beach, it hurts. I mean sand gets everywhere, emphasis on everywhere.

So while the ocean was my body of water, if it described my sexual pleasure, it also gave a healthy dose of pain LOL

Michael said...

I admit I've never had sex in the water, but that vision seems so nice...a calm water like that. Your first time must have been wonderful

Ian Lidster said...

Ah, those wonderful old transcendental hippie teachers. I worked with a few of them when I taught. They meant well.
Otherwise, my blog seems to have disappeared today and I cannot access it. Neither can anybody else, I understand. So royally pisses me off because blogger has given no reason.

Anonymous said...

All my attempts to have sex in water are for naught. I've tried showers, pools, rivers, hot tubs. H2O does NOTHING for me. I'm beginning to think it's mental.

Malach the Merciless said...


Leesa said...

Knot: noted.

Larry: You never want sex described as gritty.

Michael: Your blog has no posts.

Ian: That has happened to me on occasion. I still can't see it.

Knot: This was not really about having sex in the water, but that the part of our brains that thinks about pleasant bodies of water thinks about sex in a similar way. And sex in the water is not all that nice, anyway. Think about natural lubrications getting washing into the water. I had a failed attempt at 2am in a community pool.

Malach: Yeah, I liked myself better as a virgin.