Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moving the Needle

I wrote today's post (below) last night. And as I wrote it, I knew it sucked. I felt that I needed to write it, but it sucked, nonetheless. It reminded me about a term that is used in the radio business, "moving the needle."

I heard this term on a radio show, a host who did not want people to purchase his show if it was purchased "just to move the needle." Meaning purchasing it just to put on a time where it was just to fill air, you know, like moving the needles of audio equipment (picture old-fashioned equalizers, but newer and much, much more expensive).

So my post was just to have a post for today. Sorry for that. You can scroll down and read the post if you must. But it sucked. Er, perhaps that's not the best way to hype my blog. I have never been much of a marketer.

On unrelated news, I have been tweeting on twitter. And I can see the addictive nature of it. Perhaps I will post about it.

I saw a tweet by johncmayer20, and one of his tweets, "seconds to remember...". John Mayer is a musician – and I guess most of you knew that. I didn't. When I was in college, I knew a few semi-famous musicians. All of them were talented, self-absorbed assholes. I prefer writers. But this guy seems okay, whoever he is.


Anonymous said...

Mayer, I love him. He's from the CT, which made me like him initially, I just have love for New England. But I digress.

He is a pretty self-absorbed, impressed with himself asshole. But he makes damn good music!

Deb said...

Why did you think that was a bad post? Because you wrote it at night when people were sleeping so you didn't get comments? That post was very interesting and informative. You are your worst critic. Even when you have nothing to's jam packed with goodies! :)

I'm glad you're tweeting though! I rely on tweets to remind me if someone has updated their posts, because I have the old version of blogger which doesn't do a great job of updating.

Under the Influence said...

John Mayer is a good musician and apparently really likes tweeting. I heard that's why Jennifer Aniston broke up with him - twitter addicition. Hear that from a friend, though, since I don't follow much tabloid stuff!

Xmichra said...

I liked your last post, but tend to shy awat from opinion of US politics. Not for any reason in particular. I guess I sort of feel like I don't get a say.

still not twittering myself. Again, no real reason.

I do not like Mayers voice at all. He sounds like he is constantly holding out.. very nasal. great thing about twitter though.. no sound ;)

Leesa said...

brown eyed girl: and he claims he was smoking crack earlier today.

Deb: Thanks for that, especially the tweeting.

Under the Influence: I wonder if he ever tweeked, "Fooling around with Jennifer". Is that known as tweeting or tweeking?

Xmichra: political posts are generally not very entertaining.

LarryLilly said...

a wise woman would install a blackberry up her vay vay jay and that way when her SO is "down there" he might stay longer as he would be sending out tweets while giving face.

I know, crude, but just an observation about self absorbed people.

Ian Lidster said...

That whole 100 days thing is just media hype and is largely meaningless. Considering what the man has had to deal with, I think he's done remarkably well. Certainly much better than his predecessor.

And, I don't think your comments sucked at all. I liked your assessment, and I generally agree with the grade you gave.

Advizor said...

We all write posts "just to move the needle" some days. It's like practicing the piano. Somedays you just have to put in the time...

But, I have never seen a "bad" post from you.

Leesa said...

Larry: Yeah, a bit crude.

Ian: I think the 100 days took on additional meaning when the Republican controlled Senate tried to move their agenda. Also, the honeymoon period lasts about 100 days, so a new president can propose a lot of stuff without baggage at 100 days. But yeah, in the grand scheme of things, it is about 7% of his time (and no, I did not due the math so I may be off a percent or two).

Advizor: You are too kind.

Malach the Merciless said...

I suck daily, isn't that what the internet is all about?

Jay said...

I think we all must be guilty of that , from time to time.

Leesa said...

Malach: Maybe that should be a slogan.

Jay: I have not seen you comment before. Welcome.

Anonymous said...

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