Friday, April 03, 2009

Random Friday #32

The Hailey Project
Someone just told me about The Hailey Project. I can't believe there are less than 1,000 subscribers to the project so far. It seems to have some good production value for YouTube. Not sure why it is not more popular. Guess there is limited masturbation opportunities (aka Lonely Girl 15).

Reduce Cancer Risk: Is Ihere Any Proof?
I saw something about cutting cancer risk. Here were the things one needs to do:

1. Don’t smoke (a no-brainer).

2. Limit red meat, alcohol, fat, and salt.

3. Eat fruit, veggies, and whole grains — lots of them!

4. Exercise regularly.

5. Watch your weight.

I saw the list, and this seems like something my parents would say. I get the impression that this is just common sense or order to stay on this earth longer. I read this on some "heath" site, but they don't list any studies.

Jennifer Aniston's Nipples
Last week I got a few comments about Jennifer Aniston's nipples (when she was on Friends). Apparently she was quite perky. I googled it, and it seems that others have noticed as well. I don't know if it is more disturbing that (1) I am still talking about nipples, (2) I am getting comments about other nipple-related events, (3) I never noticed Jennifer Aniston's nipples when I would watch Friends, (4) that there are people who splice together bits of TV programs that show perky nipples, or (5) I typed in "Friends nipples" into Google.

Almost 10 years ago, I saw a movie called Gattaca. Yeah, I was one of the two dozen people who saw the film. The movie was bad, but I really think the philosophical questions are interesting and made a viewer's interaction with the movie entertaining. So Gattaca was a movie that I did not think was well-done, but I enjoyed watching it because of the discussions I was having in my brain. Does that make it a good movie? Maybe not.

I can't believe I had not seen this video: Paris Hilton for President. I have not seen The Hills, Desperate Housewives, or Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Well, from the jokes, perhaps no one has seen more than an episode or two of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.


Anonymous said...

That list IS good! Taking it all in!
And the nipple conversation is CRACKIN' me up!!!!!!

Advizor said...

Happy Friday to all.

I think we are still talking about Jennifer Aniston's nipples, well, because they are Jennifer Aniston's nipples. Helloooo. It's the same reason we are still talking about the Mona Lisa, they are beautiful, enigmatic, and defy all understanding... How does she keep them that way all the time?

As for bad movies that are good? I'm a huge fan of bad movies that do something really well. Maybe they set the right mood, maybe the action scenes are great, maybe there is one scene that just makes me laugh so hard I pee my pants, or, maybe they just make me think about something new. "Eagle Eye" was like that, totally implausible story, but fun to watch and think, "What if...."

Tim said...

Random Friday Replies:

My father smoked 5 packed a day and did get cancer.... skin cancer. But his habit did keep me from at least one bad habit.
Jennifer Aniston... what is the big deal about her or her nipples? Don't get it... Courtney Cox's "pokies" are so much better...
Paris Hilton has as much sex appeal as the table she was sitting on.

Ok, I'm done. Have a fantasti weekend.

Leesa said...

Jules: thanks, sweetie.

Advizor: How come Jennifer A. doesn't do anything for me?

Tim: I didn't think either Jennifer or Courtney were wonderful. But you know, I don't go around looking at pokies.

Julie said...

Oh fine, you never talk about MY nipples.

Wait...neither do I.


Advizor said...

How come JA doesn't do it for you? I don't know. A true mystery. Courtney Cox, does absolutely nothing for me, nor do a lot of today's "hot" actresses.

Halle Barry? nothing
Jessica Alba? less than nothing
Gwenyth Paltro? On occasion

For me Jennifer looks approachable, Cox look scary, Pheobe was a loon, well, Elle McPhearson was still my favorite guest star. I just wish she could act.

And Julie? I'm sure your nipples are adorable.

Tim said...

Guess that's why we have uTube. Never really noticed when the show was on. Now here are video collections! crazy

Deb said...

My parents are in their 70's, drink, smoke, eat red meat almost every single day of their lives and they're healthier than some 25 yr olds. They're still out and about working and enjoying life to its fullest. I do believe that happiness, love and of course laughter makes you live longer and reduces cancer, but yes, I also tend to believe somewhat that food takes a part in this too. Everything in moderation, right?

I'm more entertained by Paris Hilton's video than Jennifer Aniston's nipples. She would have made a great president! lol

Xmichra said...

the haily project - i didn't find it interesting. looked like a high school drama class project.

Reduce cancer risk - i see those all the time too. only one i have seen was to dispell the myth about red meat:

Jenn Aniston: i noticed she was *cold* in a few episodes when i used to watch friends. made me buy a padded bra.
_ a side note... wow. I wonder how long your nipple-mail will continue.

Gattaca - cool movie I thought. sorta like seeing futuristic hitler world, with cooler science and less hailing.

clueless - i haven't seen any of those things.

happy friday :)

Sheen V said...

I'm one of the others that also liked Gattaca.

Gary Baker said...

Add me to the "I liked Gattaca" club. I'm fascinated at how often in real life, so many would rather place their faith in some kind of proxy for a person rather than evaluate the person.

Malach the Merciless said...

Stop showing my nipples on the interwebs!

btsea said...

Paris defines poutiness, and there is something cute about poutiness. But that doesn't mean she should be president!

richmanwisco said...

re: sure it just wasn't your Uma Thurman fetish kicking in?

Dr. Deb said...

I have this pretty bra with built in petals over the nipple area. Helps to keep the girls in place.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if the Haley project is just really stupid or a porn star's way to try to get into legitimate acting.

Awake In Rochester said...

The reduce cancer list has so much to do with diet & exercise... boring! Hey, I don't smoke, don't drink much, and I would have to consult a calender, the sun, moon & stars to remember when I last had sex. Sorry, but I need something...FOOOOD!

Jennifer Aniston has this pretty/cute mixture that I like so much. But I couldn't look at her nipples because Ross, Joey, and Chandler would kick my butt in...How you doin'? ;)

Joe said...

If I moved into the desk next to you, would you keep me amused all day with a running commentary like this? I'd make it worth your while talking to you.

Leesa said...

Julie: Maybe next week.

Advizor: She just doesn't do it for me.

Tim: exactly.

Deb: I think we would pay less in taxes with Paris.

Xmichra: Love the Gattica comment. Loved it.

Sheen: So you were the other person who saw Gattica.

Gary: You surprised me as well.

Rickman: Ethan Hawke was in the movie. Uma who?

Dr. Deb: nipples, nipples everywhere.

Knot: Why am I the only one who likes this?

Awake: I loved Joey and Phoebee.

Joe: I think these things in my mind. I don't say them!