Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Friday #33

Wonder Woman
I read the other day that people are tossing ideas around concerning a Wonder Woman movie. Megan Fox is one of the names being offered. I have never seen this woman before. Then I looked up the movies she is associated with. The Transformers? Is that really a movie. And the rest of the movies seem to be highlighting her body, not her acting talent (Whore, Jennifer's Body, and some yet to be filmed mermaid movie). I sort of hope Wonder Woman is better than a brunette who has a nice body.

Swing Blade
I never watched Swing Blade (this just did not occur to me - I read something about the actor from Ian earlier in the week). I think it came out at a time I had no money. And by the time I had money, I had seen so many bad BB Thorton impressions I passed on the movie.

Book Bloggers
I saw a post the other day, and it was really interesting. These book bloggers started out with about three visitors per day, and now they are more popular. My blog is not a book blog, but for the first time, I realized that there are different "blog communities." I mean, here are the different flavors I have run across:

1. Book Blogs. I just realized that recently. See above.
2. Mommy Blogs. I avoid those blogs. I am not a mommy, though I want to be one. These are just too painful, a bunch of mommy's complaining because they don't have enough time for baths and the reading of trashy novels.
3. Bitch Blogs. There are a few bloggers, more than a few, that could be called bitches. They are mostly "Sex in the City" chicks. They think they know everything, and occasionally tell the rest of us we are stupid.
4. Erotica Blogs. Self-explanatory. Is that a real word? Not the word erotica, but the other word.
5. Religious blogs. Interestingly, some of these blogs really are close-minded. Sort of like me.
6. Support blogs. People blog about sick children, cancer, all sorts of things. I even follow one of these blogs (a blogger whose child has Williams syndrome), but I do it because the woman is a terrific writer.
7. Military wife's blogs. An interesting sub-culture, and interesting to hear these women's stories.

Anyway, I guess blogging subcultures are interesting.

 Actress Eliza Dushku is baring almost all at the last series of promotional images for a new television science fiction series called Dollhouse.A Spy in the House of Love
You know, each television show has an episode name. Most of them we don't remember or even think is important. Anyway, Dollhouse's last episode name was A Spy in the House of Love. That name sounded familiar, like it was the name of a book or a play. Well, I googled it and got the name of a book by Anaïs Nin (published in 1954) with the same title. Anyway, the plot of the story seems to have been inspired by the book. Now, I don't imagine the writing for Dollhouse is very good (I doubt it will lack a season, so it will probably be on for five seasons). Perhaps the episode title is some way to play homage to Anaïs Nin. Or perhaps this is another exhibit that points to the fact that most story ideas are recycled, and we have not had an original story in a very long time. My guess is that the writers of this episode were reminded of the book after an episode of The Simpsons (The Ziff Who Came to Dinner).

Members Only
I read other people's profile in blogger, and what frustrates me to no end is that there are blogs that I can't get to because they are for invited guests only. I saw a blogger recently, let's call him Tim. He has a crapload of blogs that he is a member of, and guess what, it is by invitation only. Now I don't know if I want to be invited because I can't see the blog. They may be bad blogs, crappy blogs or good blogs. But I can't tell. Xmichra is another one with an exclusive blog. Who knows, Xmichra may be a doula and this site is full of birthing plans and videos of women having babies. That, I don't want to see. But if it is cool stuff, and let's face it, if we can't see it, it must be cool, I want to see it. I feel like I am 12 years old again, and girls aren't allowed in the treehouse.

Writer's Block
I never have writer's block, but I often have writer's mediocre output disease.

Happy Friday!


Sheen V said...

I understand the need for members-only blogs, but what I don't like is that there's not some sort of "request for membership" button. And then there's the "alternative lifestyle" category of blogs...

Grant said...

Megan Fox would be good for Wonder Woman, at least better than a previous suggestion I heard - Katie Holmes. I understand your issue about everyone discussing her body instead of talent, but Wonder Woman without massive boobs is just plain wrong.

kathi said...

There is, and never has been, anything mediocre about you. And I don't lie. :)

I'm as straight as they come and I'd do Megan Fox just from the picture, geeze.

Loved Swing Blade, but watching it once was enough.

Dominic said...

Writer's Mediocre Output Disease...

Is it contagious?

Deb said...

LOL @ mommy blogs. I have to say I was totally against them, but some of them are so fricken funny - when they are on the comical side. And book blogs lose me only because I can't place a bookmark, and also the fact you gotta start from way back in the archives. Tedious !!!

I like a variety blog, like yours. You get your money's worth! From politics, celebrity gossip, media, sex, money and erotica --- who could ask for more in a blog?


Enjoy your weekend!

Advizor said...

I also suffer from WMOD, it's not contagious, but I haven't found a cure for my particular strain of the disease.

It's interesting that you used the word "community" to describe bloggers. A year ago I would have disputed that choice of words, but I realized, as I started following blogs, that I keep seeing the same names again and again. These are not just fans of one site, Leesa has a group of stalker... eh.. followers that are always around, but I'm talking about connections between blogs themselves.

Everyone in the community links to each other's blogs, they quote each other, link to specific posts, even argue and debate within the comments. Sounds like a community to me.

And Megan Fox as Wonder Woman? A perfect choice. She's a passable action star, handles stunts well, looks great when sweaty, has a great body, looks super hot dressed in "professional clothes" that melt away revealing her inner Super Hero Persona, and believe me, Linda Carter did not set the bar very high on the acting front.

Xmichra said...

lol.. a doula huh? It is a blog that hosts pictures of my family, that's pretty much it. lol... I just have big issues with pictures of my kids out there for everyone to see. Most people are decient, but there are some real sicko's, and my kids deserve better then that.

I liked Eliza (don't know the character name), but the dollhouse was not my thing. Having them rip from Anais would just be another reason to hate that show as far as i am concerned. lol..

I used to belong to a parenting ring, or mommy blog community. But it pissed me off too often. Either you are an ungraeful wretch for wanting a time out from life, or you are a liar for always being on good mommy behaviour. Plus there are people with problems comparing them to each others problems like trading cards. I have big issues with this... we all have problems, we don't need to feel like assholes because we have problems that seem insignificant to "you" (not YOU, but the general "you"). GAH. anyway.

I heard that beyonce was supposed to be cast as wonderwoman (not sure if it is for this or some other movie). To me that is just so wrong... but I am one of those fanatical people who think a character should actually look like the drawn character. Don't eve get me started on the X-men. =P

LarryLilly said...

I wonder if WonderWoman, if it were made into a R rated, would discuss the new female condom I read about yesterday. I mean, if she is WonderWoman, that sort of thing should be included. Dont you think?


(would she have a wonderBra?)

Leesa said...

Sheen: I completely agree with you about the membership button. But only for blogs where they don't want truly closed memberships.

Grant: It also occurs to me that Linda Carter may have not been much of an actress either.

Kathi: Megan Fox looks great with the books in the background, huh?

Dominic: Not contagious at all.

Deb: Book blogs are about reading books, not books online.

Advizor: "looks great when sweaty"; how do you know that?

Xmichra: Pictures of your family? Oh, that would not interest me at all. Maybe blogger should have people categorize the blogs. Personal or family stuff, Alt Lifestyle, Better Blogs.

Larry: And you would think she would have a dog, like Wonderdog.

Gary Baker said...

I guess that I'll have to confess that I did go see the Transformers movie. I went in with rock bottom expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. It was the first thing that I had seen Megan Fox. She wasn't bad, as in I have definitely seen worse "first pictures" for women trying to be sexy. "Flash Dance" comes to mind...

Tim said...

Hi Leesa, Concerning this blogger you saw recently, let's call him Tim... Hey wait... that's me! I almost missed it staring at Eliza Dushku's picture. So, this blogger clicks the name Tim and sees a shitload of members only blogs that he thinks got multiplied by a devious site. Sooooo, they are all gone since I... I mean that blogger "Tim" couldn't get in either.. ha ha

Have a Fantasti weekend

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Ha I love reading your blog! As far as that girl I have never heard of her either. Thanks for getting that cleared up about that Tim guy. I thought the same thing and now I see why!

Xmichra said...


Advizor said...

Looks good when sweaty?

I know that from the picture on my cell phone, but she won't let me publish it.

You can check out...

Or, if you just want "Looks good when....(fill in the blank)You can go here any number of places that I can't get to from work.

And if you haven't heard of her, yet, just wait, she's in several projects over the next couple of years. Just any 15 year old boy and they'll be able to tell you.

Malach the Merciless said...

Wonder Woman needs to be about 6'2 and ancient beauty.

Anonymous said...

I did not watch Wonder Woman has a kid. It was a girl's show. Wonder Woman would not have been allowed in our treehouse! ;)

Leesa said...

Gary: I am shocked that you saw the movie. But guys like trucks turning into robots, I guess.

Tim: That's sort of funny.

SSC: Thanks.

Xmichra: I mean, I am sure you have a really cute family. I was not trying to offend. I understand you not wanting to place family pics on the web. Things are scary. I thought your Exclusive to X stuff might be deep-seeded thoughts that you would only tell your counselor. And then I would be interested.

Advizor: She is hot, I will have to admit that (sort of like Kathi's admission). She just has not done a project I have seen.

Malach: And she needs to know how to handle a lasso.

Anon: I liked Wonder Woman because she kicked butt (woman's empowerment). My dad liked her because of her boobs (he said shape, but I think that is code for boobs).

74WIXYgrad said...

First, let me apologize for not being around lately.

Now...Call me old but when I think of Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter will always come to mind, just like Adam West will always be Batman to me.

I also wonder where you classify my main blog?

Leesa said...

WIXY: I am not sure your blog can be classified. Like mine, it is full of a lot of stuff.

Julie said...

Oh crap. I hope I don't fall into any of those categories! If anything I might be a bitch blogger, but at least I'm a funny bitch! (Or so I'm told!)

Gary Baker said...

"Wonder Woman needs to be about 6'2 and ancient beauty."

You have to be careful about trying to be too historically accurate. My understanding is that Amazon women had the right breast removed to allow "unfettered" use of the long bow. (Ouch!)

david mcmahon said...

I think there was an Aussie model in the running for the Wonder Woman role some months ago - Megan Gale.

Awake In Rochester said...

I think that they should update Wonder Woman. Sure she should be hot, but she should also be well educated, and smart too. You know, have a little Hillary in her.

I don't really fit into your category list of bloggers. I'm guess I just a personal blog. My blog doesn't really scream lesbian, or Christian. For some reason I ended up with a good amount of writer, and Mommy blogs that I read. Although I'm not a mother or a writer. Go figure!?

Advizor said...

Wonder Woman with "a little Hillary"? That is a scary thought. WW fights crime with an invisible airplane and a rope of truth.

Hillary flies around in a taxpayer plane, and hasn't told the truth in years. Plus she's short and scary looking.

And, do you think for a minute that WW would have put up with Bill for a second? Remember, WW comes from the island of Amazons who enslaved men, took away their rights, and killed them when finished with the.

Wait, maybe they are JUST like Hillary.....

Gary Baker said...

If we really need to add a political dimension to WW, how about a little bit of lipstick and hockey mom? Or, failing that, she could be the trophy wife of an aging actor.

Leesa said...

Julie: I don't think you fall into any of the categories.

Gary: I had never heard that about the breast removal.

David: Looks like I found what you had said about Ms. Gale:

Awake: Not sure Hillary Duff is all that educated.

Advizor: Apparently fake bullets don't injure Hillary Clinton, a bonus.

Gary: I like my superheros to not look like the political creatures.