Monday, March 03, 2008

Sunday Nights

You know, I hated 60 Minutes when I was growing up. The tick-tick-tick reminded me that Monday morning was just one sleep away, and I normally would have to start working on homework that I should have done on Friday, or Saturday. I mean, Friday afternoon is so far removed from Monday that you really can't really concentrate on school work that early. Saturday is the perfect day. No school the next day, no real responsibilities. Saturday is the perfect day. Sunday was compulsory church – not that I did not like church, but you know, when you have to go, it can be a bit of a chore. By the time you get out of your church dress, it is almost lunchtime on Sunday. A good day, but not the best day.

60 Minutes, for me, was not really a show. It was a signal that the weekend was almost over. We all view the world in our own way, and I see the world in patterns. Seasons are important to me, and so are patterns of the week. Mondays felt one way, Friday another. Well, growing up, Friday always included eating fish. Catholics don't abstain from meat on all Fridays anymore, but when I was growing up, that's what our family practiced.

Back to Sunday nights.

In the fall and winter, my father would watch football. He would watch the afternoon game, that, as I recall, was from 4 PM to 7:00 PM. We normally would not eat around the television, but occasionally, if the game warranted it (overtime), perhaps he would bend the rule on Sunday night.

My dad did not always watch 60 Minutes. He would when his father was visiting, but not on his own. He would leave on the television on through the start of 60 Minutes. The ticking, and then turn it off.

At that point, on regular weekends, I would start worrying. Generally we would have dinner, and I would try and eat really quickly. Dinner was always a family affair, each day of the week, but on Sunday nights, I would excuse myself to "do my homework."

My mother would always ask, "Oh, Leesa, you have not finished your homework for the weekend." Well, sort of a question/statement than an actual question, but she would say this every Sunday night.

I don't have homework anymore, and, you know, my husband does not watch football games or 60 Minutes. So this is more of a memory than anything.

Is 60 Minutes still around? The clock has been ticking for years, and I wonder how many 60 Minutes fans have not outlasted the television program.


Prata said...

My grandmother used to watch 60 minutes. I remember that little stop watch ticking was like my favorite part of the entire thing. I went and played with toys or read a book after it went off (the ticking I mean).

Kitty said...

I remember hearing that ticking sound for 60 Minutes - my father always watched it too. I don't think it's aired anymore. Mind you, I don't watch much tv, so could be very wrong.

Angel... said...

First of all thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

You know what my hubby and my Father in law used to watch 60 minutes.. and I used to bore everytime.. coz, i don't like to watch.

See you,

Anonymous said...

I have that same memory of 60 minutes. It would always be proceeded by a little blurb during the football game, "Following the game, most of you will see 60 minutes; those on the West Coast will see 60 Minutes in it's entirety."

Although I never watched it, that ad and those words bring back memories of really lazy Sunday afternoons.

I took care of my homework on Saturday if I could.


Leesa said...

prata: I love the clock ticking, too.

kitty: not sure if it is on myself.

angel: it seemed like a grown-up show, and I was having too much fun being a kid.

jef: wow, took care of your homework on Saturday. I could never have done that.

Angel... said...

Really!! Thanks for letting me know Next time I will try to watch and will let you know guys

Take care

Ian Lidster said...

Yep, 60 Minutes is still on and Andy Rooney is still alive -- he's 118 now, I believe. When I was a kid Sunday night was Ed Sullivan. At least one Sunday night the Beatles were on. That perked me up a bit for Monday, but I know the feeling.

SSC said...

Tick, Tick, Tick

You make me laugh, oh LOVED the comment on Grant's page you left. You are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

60 Min is still on...I only watch if they are interviewing someone whom I think is "COOL".

I agree that certain days of the week all have their own special 'feel' to them.

I used to do homework on Sunday afternoon when we got home from church. I would usually fall asleep then wake up and finish before church Sunday night.

Leesa said...

angel: I don't watch 60 minutes any more, but I would guess it is still on Sunday evenings.

ian: I love Andy Rooney. And I wrote a piece (that will be available next week) that is inspired by Paul Harvey.

ssc: thanks, sweetie. I think Grant is great.

flat coke: Church twice on a Sunday. Wow.

Angel... said...

Lessa,Thanks I will see...

Have a good day!