Thursday, March 13, 2008

Client Number 9

I wrote this before Ms. Spitzer resigned yesterday. I really thought he would hang on for a few weeks. And I saw something a few minutes ago by minouye that covers this with a lot more humor, though he uses video (I would rather read the news).

For those of you who live under a rock, don't read this. It contains information that has been seen on newspapers, network news, heck, even YouTube. Everything is on YouTube, though, from balloon fetishes to Ron Paul commercials.

Here is the first few paragraphs that the Seattle Times led with:

When he was his state's attorney general, New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer once broke up a call-girl ring and locked up 18 people on corruption, money-laundering and prostitution charges. He ruthlessly investigated the pay packages of Wall Street executives and was so familiar with shady financial maneuvers that he rose to become the top racketeering prosecutor in Manhattan.

But in the end, it appears Spitzer may have been done in by the same behavior he built a career out of prosecuting. Investigators said he spent perhaps as much as $80,000 with a high-priced prostitution service over an extended period of time.

For those of you living under rocks, you can read the entire story. The Seattle Times story was the first one that came up on Google News; it may not be the most authoritative story out there.

Before the other day, I had not heard of Eliot Spitzer. New York is the third most populous state (I think: California, Texas, New York; maybe New York is two), and I had no idea he was governor. Of course, I am not an expensive call girl living in DC.

Here is what disturbs me about the story:

1. No formal charges have been made. It disturbs me for two reasons: (1) Normal citizens would have been charged by now, and (2) if no formal charges have been made, why even talk about this.
2. Buried somewhere is the fact that he is a money launderer. I know that sex sells, but this is the real big (time in jail) thing about what he did.
3. Silda Wall Spitzer, why the hell are you by your man's side. Skip the news conference and go on a binge. Stay in the room and drink to your heart's content. Now is the time, lady. Patti Page's hit (Stand By Your Man) does not apply here.
4. Most people don't get it. It is not that Eliot Spitzer was seeing a prostitute (across state lines, in violation of the federal Mann Act). It is that what he is doing is embarrassing, damaging to his career, and thus the perfect thing to blackmail the man with.

The last thing that bothers me (the potential blackmail thing) is the reason that people should resign. I don't know if he goes to jail if he can continue to serve as governor. Some would rather he be in jail; at least his wife knows who he is screwing.

I would love a job where I could say: I really don't want to deal with things at the office right now; things are getting too hot. I am going to chill with me and the family. Maybe Slida will wear the leather bodysuit I bought Kristen her ….

I really feel for Slida, though she probably knows who she married. Well, it is sometimes hard to feel bad for a Harvard-educated wife of a multi-millionaire. But there it is.

Most interesting factoid about the news: Spitzer is a super delegate who supports Hillary Clinton. Maybe that's why Slida was standing by her man after all.


Grilled Pizza said...

From yesterday

grilled pizza: I can't read Mommy blogs. Infertile nearly 40 year olds tend to be bitter women about children.

My apologies i'm a new reader and i didnt know!

Maybe i should stay away but didnt mean to upset you in any way.

GP x

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Great minds think alike...I blogged about the very same thing today.

How the HELL can she stand there at his side??? Makes me crazy. Is it the money? The power?

my mom and I were discussing it and she's liek "Well, they have three children together." and I said "Yeah? So what? That wouldn't keep me in a marriage if The PK did that to me!"

F that.

Leesa said...

grilled pizza: I did not mean to offend. I was just telling you I sometimes get bitter at women who have what I want. Sort of a flaw in my character, if anything. I was not offended.

stacey: Well, I don't know if she should leave him but I certainly think she should not be standing by his freakin' side. Isn't this two days in a row we have blogged about the same thing? Oh, and you know, I am a few days ahead of myself (the readership blog was written some time last week).

Grilled Pizza said...

Seems we both didnt mean to offend or indeed were offended so shall we just leave it there before it becomes something it blatantly isnt lol
Thanks for the comment, i am taking suggestions on possible horrible punishments i can dish out to husband at the mere mention of the word hormones!
GP x

Prata said...

To point 1: He probably has dirt on people...he was leading a very large operation. Do you really think anyone wants to sacrifice themselves for the "greater good"? No....not in politics they don't.

2. See above lol.

3. Now...this is going to sound mean, it's not meant that can delete or edit it out if you like..but isn't this a little hypocritical of you? Roel reversal...what good did it actually do. Where are you living at this very moment? Maybe I misunderstand what you mean in this point.

4. See point 1.

Mark said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with the Spitzer post. We don't expect people to be perfect, but if they get caught doing the same exact thing they have been crusading against... (and the list goes on).

Leesa said...

grilled: he has to learn, huh?

prata: I did not mean that she should leave him. Just not be there in the glare of the public lights, etc.

mark: as far as prostitution goes, I say, make it legal. But the money laundering, that's serious stuff.

Anonymous said...

1. Yes, the normal joe gets locked up and gets caught in the act. No charges means they are looking at EVERY angle to nail him and nail him good.

2. Yep, sure is and the feds will nail him on it.

3. He was her gravy train. If it keeps him in power to stand by him, then that's what she does to keep the money coming in. Besides, you don't really think they have a great sex life do you? He's ploppin' down big cash for call girls. I'm sure she has a hot garden boy on the side. Maybe she's already signed the book rights.

4. Ya, did any of his call girls get money out of this? I bet the one I've been seeing has signed the book rights as well, and a shoot in playboy and penthouse and hustler and Maxim ...


Mark said...

In retrospect, I should add that if Spitzer had merely had a long-time mistress or lover, I would feel differently. But, I feel that a man with power must be a real shit if he feel he has to pay a woman for sex. In a sense, he equates her with being a commodity.

richmanwisco said...

being a case under federal investigation, an indictment would need to be handed down by a grand jury. i have not seen anything in the limited press i have watched that said the case has been put in front of a grand jury as of yet.

what he's trying to do is to reach a deal that avoids all that. the resignation would be part of that deal. the curious thing about it all is that had the news not been leaked out when it was, then it could have made it all the way to indictment. let's just say that the guy who wanted to see spitzer crash and burn kinda shot his load to quickly, so to speak.

richmanwisco said...

but also what could be in play here is that the feds could be going after bigger fish, a.k.a. the mob. it's common practice to get deals from the lesser players (yes, hard to imagine here, but spitzer was only a john) so that they can gather more evidence to use against the ringleaders.