Friday, March 07, 2008

Random Friday #16

I hate typepad. I have commented on several typepad blogs in the last week, and although the comments show up, they give me some sort of error, faking me out and causing me to yell at my computer. And I don't do curse words so I sound like a twelve-year-old girl from the 80s. Current twelve-year-old girls can curse.

Remember the rule to wait 30 minutes after eating before getting in a pool. I would watch the clock like a hawk when I was younger. I would be shivering in my one-piece, damp enough for the wind to make goose-pimples all over my arms. Well, I have eaten right before entering a pool twice in the last week (indoor pool) and you know what? I did not cramp up and die. I wonder what other rules are for parental amusement.

OCD Behavior in Blogger
I have been cleaning out my "draft" posts in blogger lately. Some of them, I have deleted. I mean, who wants to read why Gore will beat Bush because of Gore's stronghold in Florida, anyway? Or how Britney is really a good mother, and the press just has it all wrong. I am sure her family loves her (and will not involuntarily commit her to an institution). Or how Joe must be gay because he is (1) working in Human Resources, (2) is not married, and (3) writes really well. I had a little crush on Joe a long time ago, but he stopped taking my calls and filed a restraining order. Well, it turns out that Joe is not gay. He just uses the court system to file frivolous restraining orders. Well, I am not clearing out my colon, but I am clearing out my drafts.

Men's Shirts
Why are men's shirts so darned comfortable? I am talking about plaid Oxford-cloth Button Down shirts. I mean, I am sure there is a fettish somewhere about putting one of these bad boys on right out of the dryer, wearing nothing but panties, walking around the house . . . er, I did not type that. I think someone is hacking in my word processor.

Word Processor
Why does the phrase "word processor" sound so old? Does anyone remember WordStar? Oh, to have gone to college in the 80s. I doubt kids today would know the history of the word processor. I still remember putting things in the word processor and either having half of my document underlined or placing everythign in bold text because the ribbon on the machine was fading.

Blog Catalog Rating

I got my first rating at Blog Catalog. I probably joined Blog Catalog over a year ago; not sure why, actually, so it had to be a long time ago. Anyway, I got my first "review":

Great site blog with great contents. Please come and visit my blog too and leave me a comment.

Rated 10 of 10 and a review that looks like spam, I went to see some of his other comments. More than half of the blogs he rated got the following comment:

Your blog is one of my favorites thats why I really made a point of my busy time to post a comment.It is very informative with great contents. Keep on posting. I hope you can visit my blogs and also leave some comments. thanks.

Oh, and I kept his punctuation as well. Who does not include at least one space after a period?

I don't really get the Blog Catalog site. A couple of my blogging buddies are there (~Deb and Mike). But I still don't get it.

Graphic Novels
When I first heard the term "graphic novels", I figured it was a novel filled with violence and/or sex. Not that I hear the term often, but I still get that impression. I am a bibliophile, and so I have tripped on booksellers who specialize in graphic novels. Now, in my head, I insert the replacement words "comic books" when I hear "graphic novels."

Oh, and I looked them up on Wikipedia, and apparently there is no pure definition of graphic novel. Makes my replacement even more warranted. And the pic that was part of the article I places besides this. "It Rhymes with Lust" I wonder what they mean, when they place a buxom redhead on the cover. I am going with "trust."

Dummy Test
Have you seen those Dummy Test ads? The link will open the picture but not the dummy test itself. I think clicking on the dummy test should automatically make you one. I mean, if a test can egg you one to taking the test for dummies, I think that confirms that you are a dummy. Yeah, I took the test. Drats.

Happy Friday!


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I SO agree with you on the mens shirts....soooo comfy!

And I blogged about work crushes today odd!

And I want to send you a HUGE thank you for the info you left on my blog yesterday with that link....that's EXACTLY what I was looking for! THANKS!!! :)

~Deb said...

BC kicked me out because I had an opinion that opposed to the cult-like crowd... I wasn't even offensive either! That place is a buncha' spam - VISIT MY BLOG! (ha) That's all your hear. Visit my blog and I'll visit yours. Sounds like a scene from when you were a kid trying to get a peek at little Mikey's Johnson back in the day, doesn't it? Sad.

Word Processor. I remember when my sister brought home this weird typewriter that had digital letters instead of the old fashioned hammer-like letter stamps. I just remember whiting everything out with the old typewriter. A lot of authors still do it the old way....

Anywayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, just stopping in to wish you a beautiful weekend!


Anonymous said...

OMG WordStar! We used to make fun of that at Microsoft when I supported Word. I wonder if they are still around.

And the men's shirts ... (quiver) so hot when women do that. I must tell my wife monthly, "Ya know, anytime you want to wear one of my oxfords ..." It never happens...


Anonymous said...

Leesa said...

stacey: I want to know if you get published. I won't ask for your pseudonym, but I would be curious.

~deb: I think I started at BC because of you and Mike.

jef: I don't wear the shirts as often as I should, but it is extremely nice right out of the dryer. And, there is a WordStar Command Emulator for Word. Oh, my.

Liquid said...

I dig you...


Angel... said...

Hi Leesa,

I like your post as usual...When I read your post its got me thinking..Wow its good my knowledge is increasing.

I like your rules..and also agree with Mens shirs so comfy...

see you,

グラント said...

I think no cursing or sex are also parental amusement rules. Also religion. Parents die! Who needs 'em.

And I've never found men's shirts to be that comfortable, but maybe that's because I haven't worn any women's clothing for comparison and we're required to wear a t-shirt underneath the button-downs, and frequently a tie.

Leesa said...

liquid: but I can't read your blog. Drats.

angel: thanks, sweetie.

grant: not sure I would want to wear a tie. Skirts are comfy. You ought to try wearing one!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I loved your post it was so interesting.

Tell me, how do you think you are coming a writer? Do you see yourself improving from a year ago?

Have you written anything and if so can I read it?

I have several personal friends that are published authors.

Have a fab weekend.


Advizor said...

I love women in men's shirts, in fact, so do a lot of people. It has a category all of it's on on FLIKR.

Leesa said...

zora: I have had a few short articles published, but that was years ago. Many years ago. I just hack around on here, playing with words. I do want to get serious about writing, but I think I am afraid of success. Or failure, I suppose.

advizor: thanks, sweetie. I had no idea. I posted something on the discussion of the site you mentioned.

Bella said...

I had to laugh about the whole swimming/eating rule thingy because that's what I was told growing up and you best believe I took it to heart!

Not sure I have ever mentioned it to my own children though (we have a pool).

Great blog!


Leesa said...

bella: thanks, sweetie.

Prata said...

Wordstar was okay. Word is a piece of garbage....I'm not exactly sure why everyone uses it. It's expensive..(as most word processing software tended to be back then but not so much today) and isn't backward compatible from version to version.

I wish people would use normal software that will still be readable or coded for to be readable in 20-30-40 years.

Right's only alternative is...semi-unformatted plain text (which is just fine for archival purposes really) and hard copies.

Anywho...WordPerfect has reveal codes...and that makes me happy. I don't use it though lol

Leesa said...

prata: Word was okay in version 5.1 (is that 10 years ago). I don't like MS Word, but I do use it.