Friday, March 21, 2008

Random Friday #18

I was watching a YouTube video the other day, and although I rarely click their suggested videos, there was one by David Sedaris that looked interesting. Well, that led to one by Amy Sedaris, and then I wanted to see if the two were married, so I went on Google with Amy's name, and came up with an IMDB page for Amy, and the first movie on her list, Puberty: The Movie, where she plays the voice of Paulie the penis. I eventually learned that Amy is the younger sister of David, which was a relief. I mean, can you imagine how David would have felt, being married to a woman who was cast as a penis? This could be the twenty-first century version of the Oedipus complex.

Nena and 99 Luftballons
I saw a comment on a blog I read the other day about "99 Red Balloons." The high schooler said something about blasting this song on their car one day. Anyway, she indicated the festive environment was aided by the song. Of course, the song is about ninety-nine balloons floating into the air, triggering an apocalyptic overreaction by military forces. Didn’t know that was party music. And they are red in the American version, not the German version.

Blog Roll Cheating
A week or so ago, I went to one of my favorite blogs (I will not link to him/her because I want everyone to think it is you) and he/she took down her blog roll. I mean who takes down their blog roll? Oh, and I sometimes use her blog roll, and I sort of feel like I am cheating. Weird, huh?

Done with Education
I heard a college senior say that they will graduate in May, and that they are done with their education. That they no longer "will be a slave to their professors." Note to self: don't hire this person. Someone who thinks they are done learning. Isn't that part of life? After college?

Bunny Boiler
I saw this on YouTube. It is a show called Bunny Boiler, I think, in reference to the Fatal Attraction scene. I wanted to write something about it. But I really couldn't think of a whole post for this one. I know women are competitive, but not like the clip. We are a bit more manipulative than that. Oh, and someone sent me the clip on September 9, 2007. Yeah, I deleted another "draft" blog entry by placing the embedded clip on the Friday post. Yea, me!

YouTube Recommendation
On Friday, a long time ago, I would post twice, one for my normal Friday post (it may or may not be a random post), and a second post that included a couple of YouTube recommendations. Generally speaking, people did not like the YouTube recommendations.

So, I decided to plant random recommendations inside of my Friday post. Michael Inouye, otherwise known as minouye, is a YouTube personality who is somewhat popular. I don't know if he is very popular because not a lot of people make fun of him. He has started doing a weekly vlog that is wonderful – it is about politics, but in a humorous way. He did a four or five part series on some sort of computer game (WOW, can't remember what it stands for and am too lazy to Google it; I just know it is all-consuming and there are lots of levels) once that was fascinating. I think he took down those videos, perhaps because the subject of the video may have received unwanted attention.

Anyway, I think he does vlogs that are entertaining an inciteful.

I am just tired, and I have three days of Church to attend. A freakin' marathon. Yeah, me cursing having to go to Church. Too bad I just visited the priest in Confession earlier this week. I would have liked to hear his reaction.


Pittchick said...

WOW stands for worlds of warcraft, I think. I'm not 100% sure, but the Digg boys talk about it sometimes and I'm married to a computer geek.

TV de Plasma said...

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Leesa said...

pittchick: World of Warcraft, that's it. Had I guessed, I would have said World of Witchcraft. It did not sound right, so I was pretty sure the witchcraft word was wrong. Thanks.

tv de plasma: thanks for the spam.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I don't do church...sometimes I feel horrible about it, sometimes I feel like God is everywhere, not just a church. Somedays I don't believe in God at all. I'm a mess.

And I KNOW some people must think I'm a blog stalker...if they have a good blog roll, I'll pop in and out over and over to check new people out.

~Deb said...

Hey Leesa:

I never took down my blogroll, as I've responded to you in my comments. Sometimes, has technical problems, which results in the link disappearing. Then it's impossible for me to even visit my own favorite blogs, because I don't store them up in my favorites. So, it wasn't intentional, because I too, rely on that blogroll as much as you do! (ha) So with that being said, remember that if and when it's down, it's not me!

I love David Sedaris and how he reads his books - it's his voice I love and the inflection it has. There are great writers in this world, but most of them cannot "read outloud" very well.

Never knew that fact about the red balloon song!

Have a Good Friday and a great Easter! :)

グラント said...

I found some great Lent e-cards, but you took your e-mail addy off your profile, so you get nothing from me.

And I can definitely understand being through with education. Education is when you spend a lot of money and dance like a monkey for idiot professors who don't deal with the same reality as the rest of us in the hopes that they'll give you a piece of paper that can be used as a ticket to a better paying job. I'm through with education - I'll just stick to learning in the future.


Prata said...

Education is and always has been....a business. Hence, I refrain from school. I like the library.

I'm with you Grant.

SSC said...

Whats a blog roll?

Leesa said...

stacey: I know. I do it also. And I hate when someone has their blog closed. I always assume I am missing out on a heck of a read.

~deb: I did not really think it was you. I was frustrated when I wrote that.

grant: my favorite e-card's saying: "I believe I'm getting closer to God by spending a few weeks not eating M&M's" Other than the apostrophe being there when it shouldn't, I liked that one.

prata: education, back when colleges were going up around the turn of last century, were about educating a working class for the benefit of the elite.

ssc: blogroll is links to other blogs on people's pages.