Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Friday #17

YouTube Christian
For some reason, I got to a new YouTube user named ZenithXLT. She starts out a video response to someone else. Apparently she has a dinosaur video which is much more interesting. After all, dinosaurs trump religion. Just think about Saturday morning: would you rather watch "The Flintstones" or "Davey and Goliath." I really don't watch a lot of videos any more, but I thought she was interesting. So if you like to hear other Christian viewpoints, subscribe to her (I am Subscriber #16). If I did a YouTube review, I would on her. But I got bored with that, and really, most of my readers could care less about YouTube. Plus I keep hearing about dogs on skateboards on YouTube, but I have not seen the video. I would love to see a squirrel on a skateboard.

She started her video with asking what you would rather have: (1) A human woman who may stray but come back to you, or (2) a robot girl. My response was easy: A robot man with multiple attachments. Well, that's how I started my response. I wanted to talk about determinism and Saint Augustine's views, but after talking about a robot's sexual attachments, I thought perhaps my credibility was shot.

Poor Wellesley
I saw a t-shirt the other week which read: "Glass ceilings were made to be broken: Wellesley Students for Hillary". Tuition for the 2006-2007 school year cost $32,384. Their alumni include Hillary Clinton (obviously) and Madame Chiang Kai-Shek (Wellesley ‘17). Sorry, but I don't believe Wellesley girls reach glass ceilings.

Behind Every Good Man . . .
I read the other day that Stephen King through away the first four pages of a novel that eventually became Carrie. His wife found it in the trash, said he had something good, and urged him to continue. Throughout history, you can find women who help make their husbands succeed. Dwight D. Eisenhower had Mamie, FDR had Eleanor Roosevelt, and Bill Clinton had . . . . Oh, yeah, we don't know if she is a woman. I want to start a new saying of first ladies. "She's no Dolley Madison." I don't think it will catch on.

Mercury Rising
From a news source: "Compact fluorescent lamps - those spiral, energy-efficient bulbs popular as a device to combat global warming - can pose a small risk of mercury poisoning to infants, young children, and pregnant women if they break, two reports concluded yesterday."

Moldy Bread
Many of you know I have OCD. While I hated when my peas touched my green beans (but I loved eating Chinese food), I used to eat moldy bread. Well, when I was growing up, we were very frugal. Being poor will do that to you. Not poor, but definitely below medium income. I picked mold off some bread today, but it was not because we are still poor. It is really good artesian bread, and I did not want to waste it.

Presents for Children
I have lots of nieces and nephews to purchase presents for throughout the year. I like to get them stuff that their parents would never buy them (they are semi-spoiled anyway), and I get bonus points for purchasing things which annoy the parents. This was easy when they were little: percussion toys did the trick nicely. Or a fluffy toy cat that meows annoyingly for that "dog family." As they get older, it is harder and harder to buy for them, with my somewhat unusual requirements. I got one nephew a farting book. That was not the name of the book, but it was all about toots. And not just human toots. He read it to his parents for weeks. Score one for Leesa. And I bought another book that is in the closet for when he gets a little older. A book on statology. I hope I am not remembered as the poopy aunt. That would sort of backfire on my master plan.

Bush – Clinton
I think the Bushs and the Clintons should intermarry and breed a whole new bunch of leaders of our nation. After all, after Hillary and Jeb, there aren't too many others we can elect and our nation is intent on keeping these two families in power.

I have been numbering my random posts. I wonder if I mis-counted, would anybody notice.

Molokai, Hawaii
Father Damien lived in Molokai, where he cared for lepers throughout his life. He gave them Catholic sacraments when no one else would. He caught leprosy and died. How many of us would risk our lives for strangers? Oh, firemen, police, soldiers, sailors, airman and marines.

All Thumbs
I hurt my thumb the other day, and I really did not realize that I needed it to type. I mean, howoftendoyoupressthespacebar?

Banana Splits for My Baby

ysabellabrave is a YouTube star, and she recently sang "Banana Splits for My Baby", a song written by Louie Prima. Louie Prima was a New Orleans (jazz) musician who started out a classical pianist. When someone asked Elvis where he got the wiggle, Elvis responded, "From Louis Prima, of course." I am a bit younger than that, so I remember him as King Louis in Disney's Jungle Book.

Banana split for my baby, a glass of plain water for me
Banana split for my baby, a glass of plain water for me
Dispenser man, if you please, serve my chick a mess of calories
Banana split for my baby, a glass of plain water for me


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Order me one of those male robots with all the attachments too please...;) You know, for those nights The PK has a headache or is "too tired".

And yes, Tabitha King DID fish "Carrie" out of the trash. At the time, they had ZERO money....the kids were sick and they had even had their phone turned off for non-payment. In order to get word to Stephen that a publisher actually wanted to publish "Carrie" when it was finished, they had to send him a telegram. (I'm a HUGE SK fan...does it show???)

And I do the same thing with my nieces and nephews too! :)

Diane Mandy said...

Offspring of a Bush-Clinton mix--- I shudder at the thought.

Anonymous said...

That chick looks like Chelsea. Louis Prima is radio GOLD!

LOVE him.


Leesa said...

stacey: you used "king" and "fish" in the same sentence. And because S. King did not have a phone, he had to wait until Tabitha got home.

diane: thoroughbred political marriage.

edge: I did not know that Louis Prima was that well-known.

Prata said...

I'd prefer the robot chick...less talk..more action. ;)

Lara said...

I didn't even notice you numbered your Random posts. Guess that answers that. :)

Leesa said...

prata: funny!

lara: yeah, I sort of started numbering them lately.

BetteDillinger said...

Hey! First time caller, long time listener.
Everytime I hear about Louis Prima I cannot think of why no one mentions Keeley Smith, who was kinda the Gracie to his George Burns. My parents were big band freaks (yay!) and I grew up with his music....and always thought she was such a delight. Damn, I know I sound like a Granny, but I ain't.

He also played with Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa....talented guy.

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