Wednesday, March 12, 2008


When I first started blogging, I was very conscious about who was reading my tripe. Oh, look at that, someone with a Commodore 64 is viewing me with an unknown web-browser in Slovocia. Their ISP is, er, I can't pronounce it, and they clicked onto 20 different pages. They must love me.

And I would look and say, wow, I got 30 people reading me today. I knew them, and it was easy to know who they were, even when they made no comments. With a product like SiteMeter, it is really easy to do, even for the technologically disadvantaged. I even wrote a post, back in 1995, about the assumptions I would make about people who left me comments. You know, when I started out blogging, I was damn sweet. I seemed to care a lot about my blog – sort of like a new car owner who forces her husband to get out the turtle wax and polish her car. Do people even polish cars anymore?

Back to whatever I was writing about. Oh, yeah, I was writing about my readers. Where was I? SiteMeter.

Then, I noticed a comment one day from a blog I would frequent, saying, "Hey, there is someone from Savannah that reads me and apparently likes what I write." I never commented on his page, but I read it. I sometimes, believe it or not, don't have anything to say.

Well, that sort of freaked me out and I purchased some software that spoofs stuff. [Insert technical garbage here that people don't want to read.] It basically pretends my computer is in California or in other places because a series of numbers separated by periods. Yeah, that's as technical as I get.

So after purchasing said software, I also stopped looking at SiteMeter. I could tell, sometimes, even which building they were using the Internet from. I mean, it did not mean that they lived in the building, but at least they were jacking the signal. I decided my readers were entitled to their ananimity, too.

For a very short time, I became somewhat popular – I would get 30 or so comments per day, and it sort of freaked me out. I did not really want all of that attention. I would like to say that I started writing crappier posts on purpose. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. It is hard for me to tell. What I did not like was responding to the comments.

Comment: You said something really funny about squirrel poop today!

Leesa: Fuck you and don't come back.

Okay, anyone can write something funny to say about squirrel poop. It's just a nutty topic. But when you tell people to go away, most of them listen. The stalkers don't, but everyone else pretty much listens.

I have been trying to look for some good blogs lately, and I have not found any new ones that I look forward to reading. Part of it may be where I am at mentally.

But part of it is that there is part of the sub-culture of blogging, and there are very few women bloggers that I find interesting. Most are, well, for lack of a better term, bitchy. There are whole blogs which are written by women who are really mean. Edge-y, is what I think they are going after (no offense, Jef). I have better relationships with men – because men seem to be, in general, nicer than women. Anyway, to make up for this, I have gone out of my way to make blogger friends with women.

And it does not always work.

This blog entry was supposed to be about my readers, not me. Darn it, why can't I focus. Your loss I guess, I just have to write this. You are the one busy reading it. And there are a couple of readers who come here every day – and their blogs are written in other languages. Talk about amazing – I wish I could read blogs in other languages. And that requires work . . . so I don't see that happening any time soon.


Grilled Pizza said...

I know what you mean about women seeming bitchy but there are some women bloggers out there who are really interesting.
Have you tried any of these?

They all talk about their children which may not be what you like to read but they are all very different and enjoyable.

GP x

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

My "PK and I" stories have dwindled down to almost nothing's almost like I feel I've run out of things to blog about.

And you're right...I DID bitch today....but this has been a pretty bitchy week for me as a whole.

Since I had to make my blog private, I don't bother with sitemeter or check to see how many hits I have. There was a time, back in the day, when I'd get lots of comments but not anymore.

Still, blogging is terrific therapy for me. I've often said my husband is my best friend (which he is) when I get pissed off at my best friend, I can't bitch about it to my husband (and vice-versa), you get me?

So I blog instead...:)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You gave me some blog love AND we didn't have to use a condom! AND you commented on MY blog the other day. I feel so special!

On what you wrote. I've almost given up on trying to remain anonymous. I mean really, if you look hard enough you can find out enough about me. I don't have the following others have, but I'm glad for who I do have. I just try to make it a point to not talk about work or things work would get upset with and I'm sure they know all about me and probably have for years. I come in get my work done and people are happy ... I hope.

But I can understand how women want to keep stuff private. I got accused of being a stalker last week. It really hurt my feelings. I may like a site and tease a little of use some blue humor, but I don't stalk. And women probably should assume a certain amount of scrutiny.

I never knew blogging would be such a female dominated media.

**** huggzzz ****

( OMG that was gay )


Leesa said...

grilled pizza: I can't read Mommy blogs. Infertile nearly 40 year olds tend to be bitter women about children.

stacey: I did not know your blog was closed. Why the heck can I see it? I'm riff raff.

Orlando Bloom: thanks for leaving your new telephone number. Now you can have your people delete your comment.

edge: Women have so many opinions, and in the blogging world, they can pretend that others care. That's why I think there are so many women bloggers. Yeah, I read more blogs than I comment on now-a-days. I have less to say now.

~Deb said...

Hmm, ... well it's very easy to get an anonymous proxy server - just look that up and you can easily hide your ip address without downloading anything.

As far as men being nicer to women, that's pretty much a given, since women are kind of catty towards one another - big "competition game"...but for me, that's not the case. I absolutely love women bloggers, and I also love my male bloggers, but with one stipulation: they must be interesting.

I'm an equal gender opportunity blog reader.



Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I sent you an invite long ago. I really hated going private...I LIKED "meeting" new bloggers. Now, they have to e-mail me and I have to send them an invite. it's a great big pain in the ass.

Diane Mandy said...

I tend to think people for more inspired to write a posts when they are angry, sad, lonely, etc. Happiness doesn't inspire comedy and satire as easily. It's always a breath of fresh air when I stumble upon a cheery and upbeat, that doesn't always try to employ sarcasm and complaint to be funny. You might like this lady from Canada.

She's one of my favorites.

Prata said...

*insert discussion of correct proxy terminology and interesting free proxy software that gets you back hacked for Windows here*

Never buy software that "anonymizes" you. 1. you are leaving information on a server somewhere..and in return you get your information sold to other companies. 2. There is no such thing as anonymity on the net. If someone wants to know where you came from...they'll find out. You can't hide. You can never ever hide..unless you're one of those people that does that sort of thing for a living. I'm just sayin'.

I've never been much of a female blog reader. I read Deb on err...that's it. I've been posting to my blog more..I finally (today) found something to talk about! Glee! I'm gonna go post that now..or some such thing...yah...whatever. =-P

Prata said...

After some careful self reflection..yes, I do like to play god....I'm an computing god..and you will bow to me...or you know...salute with the mouse or something?

Please? Well okay...perhaps not. ;)

Kitty said...

I guess you might call me a 'mommy blog' - I talk about the kids quite a bit, but not all the time. And I was infertile before I had them, so I understand your position - God, I was bitter too. I'd look at women with a zillion kids in tow, and think 'why? Why you and not me?' The pain felt by infertile people is, in my view, totally unrecognised and underestimated.

I used to check out Statcounter a lot (I have it on my page) but now I rarely look at all.

Take care. x

Ian Lidster said...

That blogger stalker thing is frightening. Have had it happen, so I know whereof you write. Anyway, as a moderately interesting and I hope 'nice' male, I am happy you and I interact. You are one of my cherished visitations.

random moments said...

I know what you mean about not finding any new interesting blogs lately. If would be nice if there were a site that showed you the newest blogs and what category of writing they were in - would save a lot of time at least.

I agree with you on the women bloggers and yet I prefer women's posts more. Maybe I haven't found the right male one?

Leesa said...

~deb: I hear you with the competition.

stacey: I forgot about the invite. Guess Blogger knows when I am signed in.

diane: thanks for the blog reference.

prata: I never thought of back-hacking. Yikes. And you had your blog down for some time.

kitty: I am happy for you.

ian: I really enjoy your blog, sweetie.

random: I thought ITTM was going to be that blog where I could find interesting blogs. But it is not. At all.

Angel... said...

What a cool memories...

Prata said...

Actually I didn't take it down..I had a dns issue that took a long time to get fixed. You see what had happened was, AT&T decided that they were going to rate limit my box because I run bittorrent, and so I lost connectivity for a long while. It was..most unpleasant. It should be back up and functional though..if you have an issue with it...let me know so I can rectify* that. ^_^

*Rectification will call for judicious screaming at technical staff for violating their TOS. Or something like that.

Steph said...

Most of my hater/stalkers are women. Go figure!!
Blogging is just like wanking in public. Nobody really cares about the result, they just wanna watch :P

Anonymous said...

I have a sneaky suspicion I have one particular reader from my past that reads my blog but has somehow hidden her ISP so that it shows as another city.

Are you saying you don't want us to read your blog? Just say F.U. Flat Coke if so. lol

Leesa said...

angel: thanks, sweetie.

prata: nothing after "I didn't take it down" made sense to me. All I heard was technical jargon. I am sure it makes sense to IT professionals.

steph: nice image.

flat coke: that was when I had lots of people reading and commenting. I am okay with it now.