Friday, February 29, 2008

Random Friday #15

The other day, I found out that Mr. Whipple, of Charmin fame, died. Well, he died in November, and I found out here. The name of the blog is Wonderful Wonderblog, and when I looked at some of the entries – a lot of them have to do with people who have died recently. He has four February entries, two of which are about people who have died (Steve Gerber and Shell Kepler). Okay, I don't have a clue who these two people are, but I find it strange that someone with wonderful in his blog name has three RIPs that I noticed.

On Children
Every two or three months, I go to the Caring Bridge site and look at people's personal sites. My last link to them was Ethan Hoffman, and I have not been on the sits in a while. Ethan died in October 2007. I did not know the parents, but I followed some of their struggles. They have a slideshow on another site. Don't visit if you don't want to sob. One of the sites I used to visit was for someone who lost her dad. She wrote encouraging things to the parent's families, so I tripped over her URL a lot. Well, she has a lot of haters, because I think, most believe she turned her site into a personal blog. These sites are supposed to be about families going through life-threatening illnesses (mostly cancers). And most of the sites are for children.

I find it interesting that there are haters on a site dedicated to offering comfort. One of the first children I saw on Caring Bridge was Olivia, and I wrote about it a long time ago.

James Blunt
James Blunt has a song called "Your Beautiful", and every time I hear it, I bawl. A couple of years ago, several Caring Bridge sites (including Olivia's) had some video to the song or the song playing in the background.

The other day, someone was bashing James Blunt, and I piped up, saying, "Oh, I like him."

The guy's retort: "All that proves is that you have a uterus."

I felt insulted. I tried to think of a comeback, but I couldn't.

Mad Dog Mengden
Someone sent me a YouTube video, and it is pretty funny. Molly Ivins is a journalist (or humorist), and although the video is professionally edited, it is hard to believe this subject.

I am not from Texas, but I learned two things about Texas law:

1. Owning six dildos is makes one a felon, but owning five dildos makes one a hobbyist.
2. The State of Texas made sodomy a crime. Originally the senators just wanted to make homosexual sodomy a crime, but because it would probably be considered unconstitutional because it was discriminatory, so they made all sodomy illegal.

Oh, and after I watched the video, it suggested this video that is more audio than video (a gag phone call). Funny as heck.

Time Off Together
Grant and ~Deb have been taking time away from blogging at the same time. It is sort of like watching two co-workers leave for lunch at about the same time. First thought is that they are sleeping together. By "first thought" I meant my first thought, not yours.

TV with the Sound Down
The other day I was watching television, and my hubbie called (he was still at work). I turned the television to mute and then answered it. I was watching NCIS, and when talking on the phone to my hubbie, I realized that you could watch NCIS and still get the full impact. Mark Harmon is a hottie. I am not sure what the show is about, but Mark Harmon is a hottie. I have heard from reliable sources (reading the headlines from rags while waiting in line at the grocery store) that Mark Harmon is sort of a difficult guy in real life. Well, guess I should consider the source, because he is a hottie. Did I mention that?

Medical Questions
I posted a long time ago about something related to colon cleansing, and I thought about it the other day. I googled it at work, and I got a lot of hits. I mean, a lot of hits. And it seems like everybody is cleaning out their colons. Makes me wonder if I am alone in not cleaning myself out. Guess I need to work on this.

Word Verification
For Asian Porn, click here.

Okay, now that Grant is gone, I have an idea. I heard Grant say recently that he doesn't get spam and his word verification is turned off. Please, everyone, including lurkers, go to Grant's blog and place some spam. Say something very spammy. Oh, and if you can't think of something spammy, go here.

I wanted to do somethign for this very special day, "Leap Year Day," but I could not think of anything fun to do.


SSC said...

This has been my favorite Friday post.
1)I have one that I look at often. It I don't even think I have a word for it.

3) Love that song, yeah maybe because I have a uterus as well. Funny line, very funny line.

5) Oh they are?

7) I have heard different things on this. One doctor told me to do it because you can lose 10lbs and its great for your body. The other doctor told me it was a quack.

As Grant says: Just drink Green Tea.

Happy Leap Year!!!!!

Diane Mandy said...

Not doing anything special for Leap day? I'd say Grant will disagree!

Edge said...

I'm from the Republic of Texas so I have to clarify Molly Ivans. She is our liberal. She wrote for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for years and she is funny. Republicans and Democrats both love her. But very liberal. I guess that's how she ended up in Austin. Our own version of San Francisco.

Yes, you can't have all those dildos in Texas and yes sodomy was once illegal. A couple of years ago that law was changed. Think old conservative south when you hear this. We have a HORRID constitution that can't be cleaned out easily so all these laws are constitutional laws and always on the books.

-In Texas, it's against the law for anyone to have a pair of pliers in his or her possession.

- If a girl takes her shoes off in a car with a man and she's under 17 it's statutory rape.

- It is illegal for children to have unusual haircuts.

- A recently passed anti-crime laws requires criminals to give their victims 24 hours notice, either orally or in writing, and explain to the nature of the crime about to be committed.

- It is illegal to milk another person's cow.

- In El Paso, churches, hotels, halls of assembly, stores, markets, banking rooms, railroad depots, and saloons are required to have spittoons on hand.

- In Houston, it is illegal to sell Limburger cheese on Sunday.

- The entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas because it contains a formula for making beer at home.

Ya there's some weirdness, but according to law, most women here would be felons. Those personal device parties happen all the time, but you have to have them in a larger city. Small towns know EVERYTHING.


グラント said...

I'm willing to have sex with ~deb if it will save her immortal soul. I'm just nice that way. I wonder if she does anal.

Ironically, I have nothing nice to say and I never get hate comments. I rarely get comments at all, but with the exception of one person telling me to find Jesus about 3 years ago, they're always friendly. It must be my evil aura protecting me.

Tim said...

Great Friday Post... All over the map!

Not sure I get the sites like Caring Bridge. My little sister dies of cancer when she was 18 and hate thinking about the bad times but enjoy the good memories. Never even considered telling the world about it.

I hear about Mark Harmon alot when my wife and I watch NCIS. Guess I'm too busy pointing out the real hotties on the show.
Have a good weekend

Leesa said...

ssc: thanks, sweetie.

diane: I hope I make Grant's day.

edge: I was told that the pliers thing (In Texas, it's against the law for anyone to have a pair of pliers in his or her possession.) is only illegal if you have them in a pick-up truck. You cattle rustler, you.

grant: I think people don't want to hear nice things. Your blog is something people want to read, and I was sad when you quite blogging.

tim: there are women on NCIS?

Ian Lidster said...

God put the bacteria in our colons for good reason -- now, absolutely enough about that topic. Other than I once dated a 'colonic cleanser'. It kind of creeped me out when she described in waaaay too much detail her job. The romance did not flourish.

Sodomy is illegal in Texas, eh. Hmm, will have to think about that, other than some very rude jokes.

Have a wonderful Leap Year Day, dear.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

The guy's retort: "All that proves is that you have a uterus."

That guy is a fucktard....but I mean that in the nicest possible way. Now, just give me a sec to come up with a comeback......
"Well, if it wasn't for a uterus, your smarmy ass wouldn't even BE here."

Yeah, I pretty much suck at comebacks.

Great the porn link for Grant...THAT was funny. ;)

Angel... said...

Hi Leesa,

That’s a great post for Friday…

I love that song…”You are beautiful” very funny…I have a same as well hahah

Is this a leap year??? Hmmm

I don't think I'll even notice there was an extra day. But if given just to me, I'd probably go to dinner at a favorite restaurant in a town about 45 miles from here..

And Leesa for you sometimes doing nothing at all can be just as fun :-) hahah jst kidding

see you

グラント said...

I forgot to mention that in college (early 90's) I learned that, at the time, 32 of the 50 states had some form of anti-sodomy law on the books. They're old, mostly forgotten, and rarely used, but states rarely repeal outdated laws unless they make the news. There was a case in Georgia involving a man who got convicted for engaging in oral sex with his wife (if it hasn't changed, the Georgia law prohibits any sex but intercourse in the missionary position - the teacher said that was standard for most states). He was appealing the conviction, but the news never really picked up the story and my basic criminology courses ended before the ruling.

Leesa said...

ian: not sure I would want to hold hands with someone who cleans out large intestines.

stacey: thanks, sweetie. I love teasing grant, especially when he is busy.

grant: I think someone should write a book on sodomy laws. Maybe.

Flat Coke and Flies said...

I mentioned to a girl at work how I'd love to send a "Will You Marry Me" balloon to Mr Wonderful's work today--leap year day.

Good thing I don't live in TX, wonder what the law in TN is on 6 dildos?

Leesa said...

flat coke: not sure about TN and dildos. I wonder how many women actually use Leap Day to propose (in a serious fashion).

Kitty said...

Hi Leesa - thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours. Like you, the purpose of my starting a blog was to 'practice my writing' - I just never imagined that the blog would take on such a life of its own; or that I would form relationships with people who, for some reason, read and comment.

Like Arnie, 'I'll be back'.

Take care :-)

グラント said...

Almost kinda sorta related - Massachusetts considering repealing some of their blue laws: