Monday, February 11, 2008

Random Friday on Monday

A long time ago, I said something like, I am going to start this random Friday post. And then I half-ass did it. Or is it, "I did it half-assed." Half-ass? You know, since I don't curse all that much, my sayings are sort of half-assed. Anyway, since I screwed the saying and the random Friday thing up, I think I will do a random Monday. A word processor and a Diet Dr. Pepper, and I am off.

Assumptions, Linearly
You know, I don't like a lot of what I write. When I write it. But if I look at what I write two years later, I think, "Holy crap. That doesn't suck all that much." And you know, in ten years, I am sure it is going to be some really great work. My writing is like wine. Unless it will turn to vinegar. That would really suck.

Because you know, you can't assume linear growth, because if you could, I would be forty-seven feet tall by now.

Writer's Strike
I know why the writer's strike is lasting so long. I am sure they are scanning blogs looking for material. Now they won't find any here, but I am sure they are piecing together material from blogs. They don't have to pay anyone, and you know, there material is sort of crappy anyway.

Life Lock
I saw this the other day from Life Lock (okay, I saw it on a blog, but looking it up on a site seems like work, and I loath work):

If your wallet is ever lost or stolen: We’re here to help! Just give us a call and a WalletLock Specialist will help you contact each affected credit card, bank or document issuing company, cancel those accounts and complete the paperwork and steps necessary to replace your lost documents*, including your credit/debit cards, driver’s license, social security card, insurance cards, checkbook – even travelers checks – at no additional cost.

What a wonderful service. Pretty soon con artists are going to enter the fray. Imagine having patsies send you their credit card numbers, insurance cards, checkbook info and the like. How easy would it be to steal an identity then? Yeah, I think like a crook.

Someone said that they have a fear of vampires the other day, and I chuckled. I can be such a bitch (I edit my bitchiness out of my blog-writing). MS Word is great for that. Anyway, I told her if I had one fear, I would love to have a fear of vampires because vampires are not real.

I sort of wish the Mac would have invented the PC. Control Alt Delete is so intuitive. Not. I get the Control-C for copy, and Control-V for paste (because the keys are next to one another). But so much more is confusing.

Lawyers verses Doctors
We have all heard funny things about doctors knowing more about sex than normal people. But we have not heard anything (I haven't, at least) about lawyers. I mean, that profession screws people over all of the time. Don't you think practice makes perfect. Also, if doctors are so good with the sex thing, why aren't there papers about the G-spot in the journals?

Happy Monday.


~Deb said...

If the writer's that are on strike are looking at blogs for material - they better come to this one!

Vampires: I'm one. Yes, the Christian lesbian vampire. Makes sense. Right before I PMS, I crave a steak - hardly cooked... DROOL in fact. I think there's something to it. In Louisiana, they have vampires there that practice rituals, however, I'm not sure if the "wine" they drink is real or not. (For a later Christian discussion of course.)

Did you know that Mac came out with this computer where it is PC capable? You can use both on the same computer. I'm a total PC girl - Mac's drive me crazy, however, they have a lot more creative stuff for musicians and artists - which totally makes me upset with the PC. :(

Anyway, GOOD MORNING! Wish I was down south - it is bitterly cold up here in New York!!!

Where's our Grant?

colleen said...

I love your random list posts. When I do mine on Thursdays I feel like a standup comic shooting lines out one after the other, a few of which are funny ... or funny videos.

I answered your comment about Hillary at Loose Leaf. I hope a good discussion gets started cause I vote in the VA primary tomorrow and I'm still not completely sure of who of the two I will vote for.

Edge said...

You know the g-spot is really the female prostate. Really ...

I hate Macs. I have to use one for work now and then. Absolutely HATE IT! Despite what people hear, it's not intuitive. What the flip is Airport? Ugghhh, ya that's wireless networking. Intuitive? My A$$. The iPhone and iPod are bolstering Apple and they know it. Their computers now run Unix - which you can get for free, and cost 3x as much as a PC of the same value. I don't see the lure. Plus, it's next to impossible to find software for the Mac.

Ok, sorry, I'm better now, rant off.


グラント said...

I think if there can be gods and angels, people should also believe in demons and ghouls and zombies. But not vampires, because that's just plain silly.

Leesa said...

~deb: loved your post today - sort of expanded on your comment from Friday.

colleen: I just think Hillary does not have a chance. And sometimes I really enjoy my random posts.

jef: thanks for the rant.

grant: well said.

kathi said...

No vampires? Now you're just talkin' crazy.

You know, that's a great idea for writes to surf blogland.

Leesa said...

kathi: yeah, I thought it was a pretty good idea.

Prata said...

Ctrl-Alt-Del was not meant to be intuitive. Should probably look that up. Mac's keyboard commands are not any more intuitive.

The invention of the PC is really kind of irrelevant to keyboard shortcuts. Both of them proceeded useful and real systems anyhow such as Unix. Any device can be programmed to accept certain calls from certain keyboard shortcuts if you know how to do that. It's a programming matter. PC != Windows. PC != MacOS. Very separate issues.

Prata said...

Oh..and OSX and Leopard are using a derivative of Unix not _really_ Unix. It's close enough though I guess.

I don't like Macs either; however, for reasons completely aside from the lack of intuitiveness of their software.

The iPod and iPhone are definitely the cash cows right now; however, I will admit that the designs for hardware at Apple is very pretty. But pretty doesn't mean usable...unless it's a girl...then you should use her right up until she says you gotta stop because it hurts. *blinks*

Leesa said...

I actually thought the old computers were usable. Green fonts on a black screen. Everything either type of parts of blocks.