Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday

Okay, I was not going to post today. Today is Ash Wednesday, and it is a busy day for Catholics. We go to work, and at lunchtime, we go to Church, attending Mass and getting an ashen cross on our foreheads. Then back to work, and home. It sort of cuts the day short, and I don't really post on days when I have so much to do.

But I had an interesting experience today, and the experience just presented itself. When opportunity knocks . . . .

So after getting my ashes, I was motoring back towards my work. On the way, I passed a store that I had been meaning to visit in a few weeks. Being the good multi-tasker, I turned into their parking lot and entered the store quickly. Still on my lunch hour and late as all get out.

The store is, how shall I put it, a lingerie boutique. I start shopping, looking for something special. Not lingerie. Let's just call it, "cherry flavored." I grab the product – because I had run out nearly a month ago – and head to the cash register.

As I was getting out my credit card, the woman at the counter sort of snickers.

"Er," she starts, "I did not expect to see your type in the store today."

"My type," I respond, handing her my credit card, "whatever do you mean?"

"Religious," was the only response.

I was not offended – I saw this as a teaching moment. I tell her that religious does not mean sexless, and that I was buying it in preparation of Valentine's Day, for my husband. I further explained that St. Valentine was a Catholic saint. And I said something about him not being responsible for what happened in Chicago. When she did not get the reference, I thought perhaps I got the city wrong.

At least I was not buying a dildo.


Anonymous said...

Ehhhh go ahead and buy the dildo and throw in that God's first directive to Adam was to be fruitful and multiply ( have a lot of sex ). Basically, God said, "Rule the world and have lots of sex."

Who says religious people don't get horny? What's that crap about?

Maybe the follow up question would be, "So does that mean that perverts and heathens are the only ones allowed to have sex?"


Prata said... doesn't mean that only perverts and heathens have sex, but a lot of christian groups picket places that sell items involved in sexual exploits. They also are the main forces in having shops of that nature out on the outskirts of certain towns as I witnessed in PA.

Now, we all know christians get horny...ask some altar boys. Better yet, ask a priest or four. ;)

Sorry, I couldn't help that one...that's just humorous to me and was kind of wide open...not fair at all. So here's a question!

If the first mandate was to screw our brains out and rule the earth (which well I won't even get into the ruling part), then why do we have the celibate class within religious organizations? They are willingly disobeying the first mandate...aren't they? I mean...God said it right?

Leesa said...

edge: I wonder how many kids Adam and Eve had. Could not be just two boys. Gawd, I hope not.

prata: We did not always have the celibate class.

Anonymous said...

Prata: You're missing a couple of key elements to the story. God said that BEFORE the fall of man. And that changed the game plan. And celibacy is a man-made invention. Just read the book of Genesis - only takes 3 short chapters in.

Leesa: I wonder that myself. I think my minister did a series on Genesis. He's VERY knowledgeable and adds in all the archeology and such. I think, the reasoning is that there is a "good line" and a "not good line" both are listed but only the good are expanded upon. I'd have to spend some time with you pointing and all that so it may not be worth your time. But I do think there were other people not mentioned. Rather interesting thought.


Advizor said...

This post made me laugh because I was thinking about this exact thing. My favorite sex shop is on my way home from my bus stop. I pass it every day.

A couple of months ago I was asked to take on additional responsibility at my church. No problem.

But the other day, I was getting ready to go in, and I suddenly thought, "What if someone sees me coming out?"

Like most sex shops, one half is toys, lotions, oils, etc, and the other 1/2 is porn. What do I say to a teenager from church who sees me walking out? "Well Timmy, Mrs. K. really likes the vibrating double dong and our old one had just wore out. See you in Sunday School!"

I'm not sure if I should care at all, but it got me thinking about our expectations of others who we see as "leaders" and just how much we need to know about them. It's a good start to a blog entry of my own though.

Thanks for another great post Leesa!