Friday, February 15, 2008

The Return of "Random Friday"

I have heard two people write or say, "I hate people who are not open-minded." I wonder if that is a close-minded notion, and thus the hater hates themselves and need some time with a shrink.

When I was in college, I met someone who was a prostitute. I was drunk, the rest of my friends were drunk, and we found her on the street. No, we did not employ her. She sort of wanted to scoot us away because she was "on the clock". That was random – I wanted to tell you that I have started watching a blog by someone named Justine Sane. She is not a whore. She is a stripper – and my story would have been better if I met a stripper when in college. But I didn't. I find the real lives of strippers fascinating. Sad, but fascinating. Anyway, Justine was saying that strippers without weird piercings make more money because older men (men with money) don't like them. The words Justine used seemed like she is mentoring her young friend.

Can you imagine someone being a "Stripper Life Coach"?

Super Tuesday
I have heard a lot about Super Tuesday. Some say it was last Tuesday, some the Tuesday before, and some say it is next Tuesday. I am so confused. It was so much easier when voters in the Northeast told us who to vote for.

Earlier in the week, I made a comment about a blog review. The review was short and crappy, and I just said that. There were three sites reviewed and each got a sentence. One site may have gotten two sentences. My comment was that people drop by and land on the last thing posted. Had I arrived on this site, I would not visit again because of the review that was barely a review. And then they attacked me personally, not my observation. I have known some pretty dumb people in my day, and you know, even not-so-smart people are right every once in a while. Imagine someone telling you, "Hey, your shirt is on fire." Instead of heeding the warning, you attack the person. "Hey, you are not a firefighter, you don't have the necessary skills to discern the difference between someone enveloped in flames, and someone with falling leaves on their body."

They attacked me, and then I said something else. Then some more attacks, and I decided I was bored with this already. I put these folks in the same boat as perpetual haters. Hanging around with them will cost you some karma, as well as contribute to non-fun drinking. I don't need it.

Smart Sex
When I was in college, everyone considered Harvard students the smartest. So when someone suggested I look at the blog "Sex and the Ivy", I figure I could learn a thing or two. What I learned was that even Harvard co-eds have sex, and some even write about it. Lena Chen, the author of the blog, self-describes her as "a blogger and freelance writer". I wonder what Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard president, thinks of this. The link is to her public Harvard email address.

Wana-Be Reviewer
I half-want to join with a bunch of people and review blogs. Give positive as well as negative feedback. Then I settle back into reality and remember that I am actually pretty darned busy.

Bitchin' about V-Day
I tell my hubbie he doesn't need to buy me flowers (he did) on Valentine's Day. But I never mean it. Lucky for me, he knows I am a bit of a liar concerning flowers.

Have a wonderful weekend!


グラント said...

Just for fun, you should become the uninvited critic. Randomly drop by blogs and rate them according to your own preferences. For instance, your blog has no naked Asian women, references to Satanism, or prophecies of doom about the Giant Atomic Chickens™. I give you 0 anal penetrations. (You'll be glad to know that I'm just going to stick with a text description instead of creating icons)

BTW, you mean "attack" instead of "attach". I wonder if that's Freudian? Do you attach yourselves to those who deride you? Are you one of those people who needs abuse to feel the relationship is valid?

Leesa said...

grant: that is kinda funny. And thanks for the attach/attack pointer. I always misspell that word.

~Deb said...

You should totally do the blog review thing...


1. You're an amazing and articulate writer. You know your shit. So, any critiques given by you would be extremely valuable.

2. Your bluntly honest. You don't beat around the bush and basically tell people what they want to hear.

3. I want you to hire me too! :)

See? It's a self-gratifying nature!

(Pssst - and thank you for standing your ground on that site...I would have liked to be at least insulted with some intelligent force behind it...but not likely with them. They're in for the 'shock value' of their crudeness. You know that!)

Re: strippers with piercings - you are SO right on that. Older men hate it - in fact it grosses them out...however, their "gross" or net, is usually on a higher scale than most young dudes trekking in for a night of nudity that they can't get anywhere else.


Makes sense.

Question: what does zaftig mean? Grant referenced to it and I can't seem to find out what this means............................

Sorry this comment was a bit long...too much coffee this morning as you can tell.


~Deb said...

1.(of a woman) having a pleasantly plump figure.
2. full-bodied; well-proportioned.


Oy vey!

Leesa said...

~deb: yeah, I looked it up before seeing your comment. And it is Yiddish. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

~Deb said...

Now that has me a bit vaklempt ...

Grant, care to explain?

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Yeah, I'm a liar too when it comes to flowers too...but unfortunately The PK just doesn't get it. Yet. ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw the stripper site out of curiosity. I almost couldn't stand listening to them.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm digging the randomness, Leesa.

I loved your first point. And I'm glad to read you got flowers even though you really didn't want them.

Leesa said...

~deb: between you and Grant, I am getting to know some new words.

stacey: I had to tell my hubbie twice, when he was younger and listened to me. Now I think I just scare him sometimes.

jef: I found it sort of sad, the whole vlog.

butt: yeah, my synapses are a bit crossed.

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