Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Costumes

As I was going to work this morning, I took a little extra time. It is Halloween, and most of my co-workers have school-aged children. Which means, when Halloween falls on a weekday, people are late to work. They are picking up fruit trays, shuffling their kiddos in costumes to their schools, arriving at work late. So I took my time going to work this morning.

On some morning show, they were talking about costumes. Apparently girl costumes are sexier than ever. And when I say girl, I am talking little girl. The only costumes they showed that were sold out were of the sexy variety. They were interviewing:

parents – women saying that they were looking for more "age appropriate" costumes;
store owners – describing arguments between daughters and mothers, and how fathers shrink to the back of the room, knowing not to get involved;
concerned citizens – saying girls are growing up too fast but costume designers are just giving the customer what they want.

When I was little, I was a cat. A lot of my girlfriends were cats. We were cats because we wanted to be pretty. You could be a witch – I can't remember a sexy witch at the time – but being a witch was to be an ugly creature. You could be a princess. Princess has a lot of plusses, but in the state of Georgia, it is normally a little warm for that costume. Being a perspiring princess sort of kills the effect you want on Halloween. Or you could be a cat. All you need is a black leotard, a set of ears, a pin-on tail, and a bit of makeup. Piece of cake. To feel pretty at relatively low design costs. Sort of a no-brainer, and probably why there were a lot of cats in the world in the last 1970s, early 1980s.

Now, I really don't know too many non-adults. I hate to sound like the type of person that says "kids these days." What I don't know is how our cat costumes were viewed. Were these costumes viewed as sexy at that time? Being a kid at the time, I have not a clue.

Me, I will be handing out candy. No black leotard. No tail. No clip-on ears. Well, I have to gear up for tomorrow, being November and all.


Prata said...

Gearing up tomorrow because of your pagan holiday? ;)

I don't hand out candy on hallowee, mainly because I'm home; although, I'd like to!

~Deb said...

What does it mean when you want to be a disgusting looking zombie? I've always been fascinated with the gory costumes---because Halloween was known to dress up to deter the evil spirits. How the heck are ya gonna deter the evil spirits if you're dressed up as a cute or sexy cat or a princess? Naw, I'll just stick to the yucky looking ones. Much more fun for me!

Yes, I make little children cry!

Happy Halloween sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I'm working late this Halloween, so I'm missing the whole thing again - I worked late last year. I'll bet the sexy costumes go over well in Japan - young girls could probably get strange men to buy them for the girls to wear.

- Grant

RWA said...

"No black leotard. No tail. No clip-on ears."

~scratches Leesa's house off his list of places to visit tonight~

Just kidding.

Joe said...

I can never decide if costumes are becoming more daring or if it's just me getting old and cranky. Most of the time, I lean towards the latter.