Thursday, October 11, 2007

Waiting in Line

The other day, I was waiting in line at a "quickie mart" that was not in my usual area. Actually it was across the border, in South Carolina. What can I say, I am a world traveler.

I normally would not have gone into this particular quickie mart – not that it did not look nice. It was just that there were more cars there then I would have expected. I am somewhat logical – not "Prata logical" but logical nonetheless. More patrons mean longer wait times at the counter.

I picked up my drink, a snack, and then waited in line.

Now I was a bit tired, not in my element, and so I was sort of zoning in line.

I moved my items to the check-out girl, she smiled, and said, "Hey, toots. I have not seen you in here before. You are a cutie."

Her statement sort of woke me out of my reverie.

"Excuse me," was the surprised reply I could muster.

"Sorry," she answers, "you are probably not a lesbian."

The rest of the conversation was not noteworthy, but she surprised me with her statement.

As I was leaving, the guy behind me was going to jump from her line to the other person's line.

She tells him, "Oh, no, you were not going to leave me for him. You stay right here."

I was out the door, so I don't know how the next conversation ended.

Not sure there is a point to this, but it was the most bizarre part of my day. Well, for days, it was the most bizarre experience.

I heard something the other day – that completely unlikely things happen to each person about once per month. I have a feeling this is my completely unlikely thing happening.


Sheen V said...

They were just probably bored out of their minds and wanted to have some fun with the customers.

RWA said...

It could be her way of making her mundane, boring job go by faster - or she might have really thought you were hot.

Is that so bad?

Anonymous Boxer said...

Hot is hot, right?

Ian Lidster said...

That's almost surreal, Leesa. But, at least it caught your attention.

Anonymous said...

I think that´s cool - more people should be like that. Quirky random and nice.

colleen said...

This is priceless!

Once in the same period of time I got called Ma'am and Man together.

kathi said...

I'm with you, that's just a bit odd.

Leesa said...

sheen: perhaps, but she was a flirt.

rwa: I want to think the hot thing. But I think sheen is right.

boxer: yeah, I guess so.

ian: it was a bit bizarre.

mr. z: it did make my day.

colleen: how funny.

kathi: sort of makes you want to believe in UFOs.

Sheen V said...

no, rwa is right!