Friday, October 05, 2007

Random Friday #10

Jump Her Bones
When I was in college, I first heard of the phrase "jumping her bones." Intuitively I knew what it meant, but I also was unsure that I liked the phrase. It seemed so violent, to reduce one of flesh to one of bones. And, originally, I thought the phrase was ill-fitting. Men seem to have more to do with bones, in the vulgar sense, and the phrase has a slightly vulgar meaning. The following year, a girlfriend used the same phrase to describe jumping her boyfriend's bones. Equal opportunity vulgarity? Makes me want to burn a bra.

Burning bras makes me think of the woman's movement of the 1960s and 1970s. I have two immediate thoughts, not profound, but random: (1) I wonder if we would have chosen burning bras if the movement started now? Bras are damn expensive, and let's face it, some do without for non-noble causes. (2) Were bras supposed to represent men, who were "constrictive" at the time? Because bras are supportive as well, and a little bit of support can be a beautiful thing. Supporting a child, learning to read. Supporting a parent, who gave you so much. Supporting a co-worker, who just needs a shoulder, an ear and a smile.

And if feminism was more economic than anything else, we may have come along way, baby, but we have a ways to go.

In the state of Georgia, there is one football team that most people love. Yeah, I am talking about the University of Georgia. Well, people just call the university "Georgia." Now I don't have anything bad to say about Georgia. Well, actually I do, but I will leave that to some other time. What I don't like is for people who went to school elsewhere and pretend to be Georgia alumni. Well, they don't say they are from Georgia, but they have the bulldog paraphernalia and they went to school in someplace like Nebraska. I just want them to root for their school. It is not like they went to SCAD and are rooting for Georgia because SCAD does not have a team. What is even worse is when someone from let's say, "Georgia Tech", one of the finest schools in the country, jumps ship and then starts rooting for the Bulldogs.

Husband Crushes
I don't know if it is called a crush, but I can tell when my husband finds an actress attractive. Some of the crushes don't bother me at all. Farrah Fawcett, for instance. She was way before he met me, and, after that poster of her, most boys fell in love with her. Well, I think my husband's most recent crush is Julia Stiles. I mean, the other day, we were at a Blockbuster (I hate the store, I really do, but they are convenient), and he wanted to rent "The Prince and Me." We actually rented it, and after the first couple of scenes, the movie really lost momentum. His little crush on her bothers me – she is significantly younger than I am, she is blond, and she is hot.

You know, maybe Monday, I will finish these thoughts – at least the thoughts on husband crushes. It could make an interesting post.


T said...

The husband crushes random thought sounds like a fun one and hope you finish your thoughts. I have to admit to two... kind of, but my wife plays along since retraining orders aren't needed. ha ha

Anonymous said...

You've hit on a number of things that get me riled or make me think as well.

The whole feminism thing. All about equality .. stop asking me to mow the yard and change the flat tire and jump the battery in your car. All the equipment is in the trunk. Take care of it if you want equality.

I remember "jumping her bones". Kind of a funny phrase. I wish more women had wanted to jump my bones.

And finally, it pisses me off that people who have no connection with a school will wear the garb like they have been donators for years. Until you walk away with the sheep skin, dude, don't wear the colors. It seems that in Texas the entire Hispanic population enjoys supporting the university of Texas. And when some other team is hot they jump off the bandwagon and join the other sheeple.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I think NetFlix rules - between the mail DVDs and the stuff available online, I haven't had to go to a Blockbuster in years (and good riddance).

Also, the local UPS store is completely decorated with Tennessee Vols paraphernalia, which I think is pretty brave. Go Vols! I graduated from DeVry, so I can cheer for anyone.

- Grant

Prata said...

Have to agree with grant on the feminist thing. If you want equality, then be equal....what women want the illusion of pretend they are equal while being treated special. Oh yes, I have examples of this...=-P

Prata said...

Whoops..meant Edge..8was not paying attention for some reason I have Grant on the brain..I think maybe..he's cast a hex on me and is going to kill me in my sleep or somethin'.

Never healthy.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Aha! My husband had that poster in his dorm room...FOREVER.. and he has a little "thing" for Julia Stiles TOO. I can't figure it out - Farrah and Julia? They don't even look like each other.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Aha! My husband had that poster in his dorm room...FOREVER.. and he has a little "thing" for Julia Stiles TOO. I can't figure it out - Farrah and Julia? They don't even look like each other.

Ian Lidster said...

Husband crushes on actresses are utterly harmless. I, for example, am madly in love with Kathryn Erbe of L&O CI, and Dana Delaney, late of China Beach and now of Desperate Housewives. No, it's 'real life' crushes that are riskier.

Kat said...

The burning of bras was representative of freedom, as much from the rules of "polite society" as from the domination of men. It was a symbol even the simplest woman could understand...bras in those days were tortuous, ugly contraptions. I'll be interested in reading more about husband crushes.

Leesa said...

t: I did not have enough time to finish the Husband Crushes. Sorry. But I posted what I wrote.

edge: My mother fought against equality. She thought that would be giving up ground, and I agree with her.

grant: I have often wondered about Net-Flix.

prata: as I have said to edge, I don't want equality. I want to be treated better than that. But I do want fair pay.

boxer: must be something in the genes.

ian: I don't know who either of those women are. Funny. I guess I am out of step.

kat: I did not wear a bra "in those days." Just diapers. And I would not want to burn a diaper.

RWA said...

I want to hear what you don't like about the University of Georgia (don't worry, I'm not a fan).

Come on. Don't hold back. Tell me. An inquiring mind wants to know!