Thursday, October 25, 2007


Holy crap.

I was answering my few comments this morning and found the following box below my name: "Email follow-up comments to" and my email address.

And I thought to myself, "holy crap." Did I say that? Did I?

When I was more active in blogging, this improvement would have been pretty cool.

You know, I sort of assumed that Google stopped supporting Blogger, focusing its efforts on YouTube. With the networks talking about YouTube "celebrities", it sort of makes sense. But just when you think Google is just keeping Blogger around without improvements, they go ahead and make tweaks.

Similarly, or perhaps not similarly, the US Government has "improved" Daylight Savings Time. Now, the United States has been doing the same thing concerning Daylight Savings Time for a heck of a long time. I did not want to look it up, so let's say that DST has not changed much since the invention of electricity.

Until last year. Then MS Outlook burped on the change, and people could not get to their meetings for a couple of weeks. Oh, and afterwards, the reason for making the change (saving electricity, energy) actually did not materialize. Turns out the change actually cost us money. And this year, we are doing it again. Wasting more electricity, heating oil and whatever, and we are getting ready to miss more meetings.

I sort of like having the time change in early October. And I am a bit afraid of that "Email follow-up comments to" box.


Prata said...

I'm lazy, what purpose does Daylight Savings Time serve? I mean other than making it seem as if we're saving daylight? lol

I follow UTC time anyway, but I was just kind of curious lol.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Oh good, I thought I was the only one that was kinda freaked by that email follow-up feature.

Anonymous said...

I hate DST - fecking government makes me get out of bed an hour early every day. But are you surprised they didn't reverse the change? President Bush does not strike me as the type of leader capable of saying "That wasn't the best idea - let's do something different."

- Grant

Leesa said...

prata: well, I think we should just work more when there is more light, less when there is less light.

boxer: it did freak me out.

grant: I actually think the reason we invaded Iraq, in part, to continue this DST savings change. Or at least that's what he will tell some 4th grade class in the midwest.

Ian Lidster said...

I don't understand why DST doesn't run year round. It would make so much more sense. And, if they just shifted everything an hour, it would save money. It would also give all of us an hour more to live. Hmm, or would it give us an hour less?

Joe said...

Not a huge fan of the whole DST change myself - nor, come to think of it, am I loving this whole "email follow-up comments" thing.

RWA said...

I think it was better with the earlier time change too.

And don't be afraid of the little box. It can't hurt you.

Chris said...

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kathi said...

I thought that it'd been there all along and I'd just now noticed. It never occured to me that it was new, I'm so use to being 'slow'. ;)

mal said...

I remember during the 70's oil crisis there was a period where we stayed on Daylight Savings Time year round. It made sense then. I am not sure why the fools went back to the old system