Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sick Day

Guys and girls are different. Men and women are different. We just are.

Case-in-point: when we are sick. I know, it is like 100 degrees1 outside right now. But even though it seems so hot, hubbie and I got some type of upper respiratory infections. Yeah, I know, I know, outside temperature has little to do with getting infections.

Anyway, I don't want to talk about bacteria and virus.

I don't think that married couples who are both sick at the same time should be allowed to recover in the same house.

Okay, one might think this is because my husband is a big baby when he gets sick. Well, that is only the half of it. I have the same illness, and I am supposed to take care of him because a uterus makes me better able to take care of him than he of himself when we are both sick.

Yeah, we both stayed home Monday. And it really sucked. Well, it sucked for me but not for him. He was waited on hand and foot by my sniveling, sick self. And now that we are both feeling a little better, I am kicking myself on the butt for taking care of him.

Yeah, Bible-thumpers, I know about "in sickness and in health". But the Bible just does not want me to strangle him in his sleep. It does not say anything about getting him juice, making sure he takes his medicine, fixing him toast. Actually, restraining myself from strangling him from my point-of-view seems extremely compassionate.

I sometimes rally to men's defense, especially when people are trying to use some out-of-date stereotypical tripe. Well, we have all heard jokes about how men are terrible patients. I just want to curl-up-and-die when I am a patient. I don't want someone looking after me – perhaps because I remember my mother taking care of us, even when she was sick. She looked so tired when she took care of us. So when I get sick, I think about my mother.

Well, I knew this blog entry has an end, but it just escaped me. Oh, and I went to work one day early so that I could get some rest. That's messed up.

1For our Canadian or European friends, that would be 37 degrees. Not as prosaic, but there you have it.


RWA said...

Wow. That doesn't sound like fun at all.

I'm glad you didn't strangle him, though.

Sue said...

I often wonder about that -- who the heck takes care of ME when I am sick. When I hear "honey, you do whatever you want today" I understand it means, AFTER you have cleaned, cooked and taken care of ME :)

Anonymous Boxer said...

there's really no question as to who the stronger sex is.

That is messed up - I hope you can nap under your desk.

Anonymous said...

It also says in the same breath of that verse of the Bible that "men, love your wives just as you love your own body."


Ian Lidster said...

May you both be in full health very soon. I guess my bonus in having a largely negligent mother when I was growing up is that I 'don't' expect to be waited on, either in sickness or in health.

kathi said...

Ditto edge. :) Love it when others comment for me.

Leesa said...

rwa: I would hate to go to jail because of an upper respiratory disorder.

sue: that's what I was saying.

boxer: each sex has its strengths.

edge: I guess I was just too stuffed up to remember the rest of the passage.

ian: I don't think all guys are like this. For sure, my guy.

kathi: thanks, edge. I mean, kathi.

colleen said...

In general: They eat more cereal, watch more cartoons, and grow up to be babies when they're sick. Many of them like to be watched when they work as well.