Friday, October 12, 2007

Blogger Blahs - Random Friday #14 (Not So Random)

Blogger Blues
Okay, I have been sick for nearly a week, and I think I need some autumn holiday. I am not big into October holidays - I don't like scary stuff, so Halloween doesn't thrill me. I don't drink beer so Oktoberfest seems like without the beer it is just bad music. I don't get into Columbus Day - I feel no need to spread syphilis or conquer people I don't really understand.

Well, since I have been sick lately, I have been watching television. You know, I am not a big TV person, but when I can't sleep and need to be upright to breath, I revert to television.

Here is what I don't understand.

Everybody is sleeping with everybody, but the most disturbing part is that the head detective is sleeping with someone on his staff. This is an FBI job, and I am pretty sure there are rules against sleeping with one of your employees.

Grisham, the boss, is sleeping with Sara, one of his employees. Now I don't know what CSI's employment rules are, but I am guessing they frown on bosses sleeping with their employees.

Detective Mac Taylor, the head of the crime lab, is sleeping with Dr. Peyton Driscoll, a medical examiner at CSI. Now I don't know if they are in the same lab, but it again looks like boss-employee hanky-panky.

Okay, okay, I know it is just television, but what is sad is that no one seems to care or even notice. Bosses that sleep with their employees sometimes lack good judgement.

The Exorcist was a movie released in 1973. Although I have never seen it, it usually makes the list of ten scariest movies ever. It does not rely on special effects. It relies on the subject matter – the possession of a girl.

Well, I don't really believe in exorcism or possession. Not really. But I have read some things that make me wonder. M. Scott Peck wrote a book called "People of the Lie." Most of you will remember him for another book he wrote: "The Road Less Traveled." Apparently he has a new book out, Glimpses of the Devil. Christianity Today gave it a good review – but I just don't know about possessions. Some say postal workers and IRS employees are possessed. Others consider them condemned.

Taking My Medicine
Me, I heard of some type of recipe to cure myself. It has a lot of rum in the concoction. Not sure I want to take it at lunch today. But if it helps . . . .


Ian Lidster said...

Ah -- the Exorcist, Linda Blair's green-pea soup puke. A cinematic gross-out high point of its day.
Yes, everybody on CSI seems to be screwing colleagues. Screwing a colleague is not a good thing. I know from experience. Getting into a relationship with a colleague is even worse. There are reasons for such restrictions, and they are good ones.
Otherwise, I am so sorry you're still sick. May your weekend treat you to good health. And, in my drinking days I always believed rum worked, even if it didn't, after a while I didn't care.

Anonymous Boxer said...

First, I hope you feel better and find your own personal Holiday to celebrate this month.

As for questionable/unprofessional sex on TV.. I think Grey's Anatomy breaks ever rule within the first 10 minutes... weekly.

LarryLilly said...

I dont watch regular TV. I have no freaking clue about any of that.

I know that sex sells, even if its gratuitous. Actually, especially if its gratuitous.

Americans enjoy gossip and failed relationships. Even Republicans, have Ann Coulter, the feminine conservative from hell as a secret sex siren. Repubs dont get into sexual scandels, well when they do, like Senator Craig, only with other men. Democrats are always getting into someones pants, members of the opposite sex generally, repubs just get into others pockets.

I am glad I am a democratic leaning independent. LOL

I hope you get past the week, and get back to yourself again.

RWA said...

Do they have any television shows these days that DON'T have sex involved in the storyline in one way or another?

Somebody's always sleeping with somebody.

kathi said...

I don't watch any of those shows, and I can't think of any inner office romances on the ones I do watch. Oh wait, Pam and Jim on The Office!! Good stuff there, though. :)

The Exorcist, I've seen it at least 20 times. I only let my kids see it this past year, though I was probably 3 years younger than they were when I saw it...and somehow I'd talked my grandparents into taking me to see it at the drive-in when it came out. I still regret that. :)

Leesa said...

ian: yeah, screwing co-workers seems to backfire often.

boxer: nice to know that they break it in 10 minutes' time.

larry: dems get into others' pockets as well.

rwa: Judy Collins said that she writes about sex every 15 pages because that's how often people have sex. Which people, I don't know.

kathi: I still have not seen it. I was going to see it in college, but at the last minute, I chickened out.