Tuesday, October 09, 2007


In the United States, perhaps in other countries, each day of the week has a personality.

Monday: People hate Mondays. You see them, lining up at the coffee stand, trying to kick-start their weeks. People, after a weekend of rest, relaxation, prayer, sex, golfing, watching professional football, whatever, need to get back to work. Back to the grindstone. Me, I am a bit different. I rather enjoy going back to work.

Tuesday: This seems be the most misunderstood day of the week. Not as brutal as Monday. Not as noteworthy as Thursday or Friday. It is the least distinct of the days. And for me, sometimes Tuesday feels like a Wednesday.

Wednesday: Humpday. The middle day of the week. This is the middle of the week, not close enough to Friday to feel like it is close to the weekend, not anything but the doldrums of the middle of the week.

Thursday: When I was in college, this was my favorite day of the week. The clubs had the best live bands on Thursdays, and I often went out that night. It was even more fun than a Friday night.

Friday: The party night. The old Loverboy song was written for the day.

As we grow older, however, perhaps the days of the week change a bit. For me, I love to work, or at least go to work, and so I look forward for Mondays.

When I was growing up, I watched more television than I currently watch. And I don't even remember what day shows were on. I guess the weekdays the shows were on gave the days character as well. But that's when there were only three networks, when people watched the same shows. Now I don't know what people watch, other than Monday Night Football.

Me, I am going to work today. But it feels like Humpday.


kathi said...

It's Humpday minus one...

The shows I remember most from my youth; Dark Shadows...that's about it.

Favorite day, the first day of two days off. :) Doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's my favorite.

Leesa said...

I was thinking the same thing recently, especially since moving to Montana.
We don't really have any clocks in the house, and I don't really live to any schedule. So the days are really just same.
I have a fave show on Sundays so I remember it's Sunday.
But otherwise, one day is the same as the next.

Sue said...

I totally agree about Thursdays when you were in college -- we had the best times on Thursday nights in the local clubs AND on campus. The week now including weekends is just more of the same, work, work, work :( -- I don't even look forward to weekends anymore.

RWA said...

"Everybody's working for the weekend..."

Now that is an oldie for sure!

Ian Lidster said...

They did an industry survey a few years ago and found that Tuesday was the most productive day of the week. You're a fair distance from the last weekend, and it's too long until the next, so you may as well get your ass in gear. Makes sense.

Anonymous Boxer said...

I get the most phone calls on Tuesdays and traffic is always at it's worst. My favorite day is Thursday. Not sure why.

kathi said...

It's Wednesday morning, and I thought of you. :)

Leesa said...

kathi: Thanksgiving!

leesa: I thought you might be moving to Seattle.

ian: I think I saw that study. At least in the news.

boxer: I still love Tuesdays.

kathi: oh, thanks, sweetie.

Leesa said...

I go back and forth, hubs works in Seattle so we have places in both.